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Battle For Blue Base: Part 1, Charred Sniper
Posted By: Ace of Spades9<stockgame@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 April 2005, 12:24 AM

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Battle For Blue Base: Part 1, Charred Sniper
Spartan Training Area: Coagulation
July 9th, 2629

Jonathan hunched motionless over his S3 AM sniper rifle. He looked back at the rest of his prone body, he was one of the many, the tough, the strong the red team and he was very proud of his dull red battle suit. And like his commander had taught him, he knew that his team was stronger then the blue dogs. The only problem with him being transferred from blue team was that he kept forgetting his new call sign, Leapfrog15. He looked out over the grassy plains and noticed a lone Spartan from Blue team running on foot to his base. Ha the blue guy, AceOfSpades9 didn't even notice him. Leapfrog15 zoomed in with ease at his enemy and his heart skipped a beat. Ace had a sniper rifle himself but his was a S6 AM rifle, far stronger then his own. He better take him down quickly.

Brad ran at an easy pace well aware of the Red sniper that apparently had him scoped, but he had a plan, Brad, AKA AceOfSpades9, was going to get this sniper's attention so he wouldn't notice BLUEdude2 trying to get the Blue Pig.

Leapfrog15 took careful aim. This was, of course his only chance to get the kill before someone else got the stupidly placed AceOfSpades. He aimed his crosshair over his head and out of the corner of his eye he noticed 2 quick flashes on the roof of blue base. HA by the time this guy reverted his flag would be long gone and the battle for Blue Base would be won. His red teammates always used lots nades.

-4 seconds earlier-

BLUEdude2 took careful aim he only had 2 rockets and he needed to get that red sniper before he could shoot Ace. Ace yelled over the Team Chat to Fire NOW! He fired the first shot and it cleared the tube quickly, but the slow moving rocket would still be a few seconds before impact. So to stop the red guy from dodging he fired his second rocket as well, but he spaced his shots out by just a second to make sure he would get the guy.

Leapfrog15 was about to fire when he heard the distinct whistle of a rocket and looked in the direction of blue base just in time to see a rocket flying straight at him. He got out of his prone position and jumped as high as he could. Just in time though, because the rocket missed him, but only by a couple of inches. He looked behind him as he landed safely on the ground to watch the rocket explode harmlessly on the wall behind him. Then it came to him. The dual explosions weren't Nads. They were rockets! And there were 2 of them. He turned around with seconds to spare and saw that black dot coming straight at him. He tried to jump. He really did, but he didn't have enough time and only made it about 3 feet off the ground before the rocket slammed into his upper thy. If he had survived the initial blast, which he didn't, he would have been killed soon after as he flew backwards and snapped his spine, smashing into the rocks behind him. He crumpled and fell into a deep crevice.

Leapfrog15 cursed as the words, "You were killed by BLUEdude2", flash across his screen and the camera zoomed out to show Ace crouching then standing, crouching then standing, over his scorched Body. Then BLUEdude2 came up, throwing away his spent rocket tube, policed his S3 rifle then began stripping his S3 ammo from him.

"Wow Leapfrog15 really leaped there didn't he!" commented Ace over the Chat line.

"Yeah, and that wasn't even the first time I charred a sniper"

The revert timer reached 0 and now Leapfrog15 was pissed. He charged out into the gulch ready to take his revenge.

Ace, being no Newbie turned to face the red base in time to see Leapfrog15 reverting from his Short slumber and stupidly charging up the hill toward the place were his body lay. Leapfrog15 all the while was screaming Ace and BlueDude's location over the Red Team's 'Team Chat'.

Ace Quickly silenced him with a well placed S6 bullet. It flew straight and true and pierced Leapfrog's stunned head. LeapFrog fell like a rock and cursed once again as, "you were killed by AceOfSpades9", flashed across his screen. He stopped for a moment and reconsidered running out into the open. He, Leapfrog15 was not going to kill Ace or BlueDude, instead he would win the match, to -for sure- piss off Ace and BlueDude by stealing the Blue team flag. Then the remainder of blue team would be furious at Ace and BlueDude. This was not going to be easy though, he would have to make, and execute a devious plan. Hey, this might even be kinda fun!

-To Be Continued-