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World under siege: Part two
Posted By: Aaron Bell<aaronbell41@msn.com>
Date: 30 June 2004, 1:54 AM

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Canadian and American marines double timed it as they ran towards the falling Phantoms, to kill survivors, and collect weapons, and engines. They only had a second to spot the flickering blue light the Grunt held in its hand drop to the floor onto thousands of plasma grenades.
Squad 34 stood at the top of the upper gate and looked down at their teammates disintegrate as endless crates of plasma grenades detonated destroying everything for 100 yards within the city. All around the city the same thing happened.
A lone marine stumbled through the debris and dust, the city looked like a vast battle field, littered with metal heaps, and craters.

"General there dead! There all dead!!! Everyone..." The exasperated marine sounded on the brink of insanity, watching fellow humans literally melt and vanish in brilliant luminous explosions would probably do that to you.
"Is it true?" Demanded the American General to a more stable marine.
"Sir, squads 36 through 300 are either KIA or MIA, the only confirmed survivors were the troops atop the walls. We estimate we have roughly 200 men."

"Are you telling me those purple-blooded freaks destroyed nearly all of our men, within our OWN city, in 30 seconds?!?"

"Yes sirrr...mercy God oh mercy!!" The marine said before breaking down into sobbing heap as he looked over the walls and saw the Covenant coming again with Banshees this time and even more ground troops.

"We can't stay in this city, we don't have enough men to defend it, even if all of our men we had left armed the turrets, we would still have well over 300 turrets unmanned. It would be suicide to defend it." Advised the American General stroking his short chin hairs.

"Well then, that's that...we must either move to the mountains or flee to the tunnels and hope we can hold the entrance until someone can bail us out." Responded the Canadian General.
"I think we should take our chances with the city, we still have immense amounts of intelligence here, we must destroy that before we leave, that is a must General!" Shot back G. Sutter.

"Yeah what is left to discover? They've glassed every Planet besides Earth, the have already conquered one and a half continents on this Planet, and as sure as hell we don't want to be in this city defending useless intelligence they probably already have discovered and mastered." Coldly replied G. Clarkson.
General Sutter looked as if he was going to strangle the Canadian General, but then relaxed and sighed.
"Okay then let's move out, signal the alert, by the way...how the heck are we supposed to get out of this city with thousands of Covenant troops pouring down on us from all sides?"
"Hehe..that's were project BESSY comes in handy." Chuckled G. Clarkson.
"These Canadians are crazier then I thought." Muttered G. Sutter under his breath.

The Canadian General ignored him and typed in several numbers on a keypad connected to his belt.
The city started to rumble as the Covenant tried to get through the walls with strange looking plasma beams that were extremely controlled and stable. Banshees flew overhead peppering the troops on top of the once proud walls. The men held their own, demolishing the light air-craft with Jackhammer launchers and concentrated fire.
Then, out of the bowels of the Earth below the city rose, project BESSY. An extremly odd shaped air craft, the figure was that of a Covenant ship but more like a football, and it was blue instead of the favorable color purple the Covenant used. It was sleek and looked like it had no weapons, but there were small bristles, only a centimeter in diameter were dotted along the surface.

"Now, for the best feature." General Clarkson laughed. He pressed a button on his keypad and the entire vehicle disappeared.
"That is impossible, we haven't been able to reproduce active camouflage yet!" Yelled G. Sutter.

"Who said it was camouflage?" Replied G. Clarkson. "This baby is like a humming bird, tiny jets all over it that can burst this mass of metal in any direction and speeds that cannot be tracked, spotted, or even heard. Let's make it quick, hop on board everybody!" He pressed another button and the ship reappeared.
The shaking marines quickly hobbled aboard the strange looking vessel and crawled up ladders to seats.
"What type of thing is this?" A brash American marine asked in a voice of disgust.
"This "thing" is the savior of your sorry ass son." Replied an engineer pressing buttons rapidly on multiple keyboards.
"Alright, I think were ready for take off. Lets go engineers!" They all felt a jolt of acceleration, and then the rear door opened revealing the cold arctic wind and white snow covered the ground.
"Congratulations , you survived traveling 1 000 miles in 2 seconds without entering slipspace. Thank you for being our guinea pigs, now let's move out and get ready for some good old ambush talaban style."

"What the heck is a talaban?" Muttered a Canadian soldier to the person next to him.
"Who knows? Must be some sort of famous technique that the people used back then."

The be continued...