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War of Attrition
Posted By: A Halo Fan...natic
Date: 26 November 2004, 9:44 PM

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This is a poem I wrote in my spare time and I hope you like it.

Every day we go out and fight,
And we hold our rifles ready.
Until our enemy we do sight,
And we struggle to keep steady.

This has become a war of attrition.
We are worn down every day,
As they assault our position,
Until we can no longer stay.

Each day more of us die,
And fewer can return to family.
From each confrontation we must fly,
For we hold on just barely.

Fighting along side each other,
Watching each other die,
We start to wonder: "Why bother?"
As we've done in times gone by.

Fewer of us return each day,
And more Covenant come.
We can no longer hold them at bay,
And now we can't go back to where we came from.

This war has gone on long enough.
We cannot go on any longer,
For this war has become too tough,
And the enemy has become stronger.

This has become a war of attrition.
And we are losing.