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Created and Consumed (Chapters 1-3)
Posted By: Zyrra-Chylde-Aisha<sadistic_psycho_bitch@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 May 2006, 10:30 am

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Writer's Note: Please know that understanding this fanfic requires a certain knowledge of the Halo universe, I know it's sorta pointless to tell you this, it being a Halo fanfic but some people who browse here are not Halo orientated. It is done in the style it would be as if in a novel, the Blurb going on the back of the book and the Prologue and other things at the front... makes sense no?
Please enjoy.



Look at me. I dare you to. I haven't been looked at since I reached the age, no I was not looked at, I was just used. So I dare you to deny me my argument, tell me I'm not a tool of the war, created and consumed in times of need. No, I'm not the Arbiter. Far from it....

... but I shall bear Arbiters, that is what they told me when I was recruited...

... too bad I believed them...



"You are one of our most treasured instruments..." he said to me in my crib, his soft hand touched my face lightly and I stopped crying. My fists opened into small four fingered hands and closed over one of the long slender fingers of the Prophet Sanctuary. He cared. He often would visit my crib at night after the other Prophets had left for their rest, "Long will you serve your kind with honour and dignity, but this demon, this... Master Chief..." I saw the concern glistening in his eyes, the giant grey eyes that cared so little for war, "... the Prophet of Mercy informs me that you are to grow into a champion. Truth disapproves of it. Regret, well... regrets it..." his warm smile washed me with happiness, "... I..." he hesitated, "... I will not allow it. I cannot. You are not to go to war; I forbid the thought of it. The Demon shall not have you added to his list of victories," he touched me on my chest and I squirmed, "Not you..."


Chapter 1

He left me alone and I began to cry again, why did he sound so sad? Why did he try so hard to keep me safe?

The days passed and he visited me less often, I didn't mind so much, the others of my kind would play with me, their little hands were like mine. Some just bigger than I, but never by much, we often wrestled with each other, laughed at each other, cried for each other. Never thinking of the future where we would fight alongside each other, laugh with each other, weep for each other. I heard this from my friend. He knew of the world outside of the City.

Weeks I endured, months, eventually years. I grew taller and a few said I was cute, I hated it, it made my face feel warm and they would laugh deeply at me. At this stage in my life I began to see more of the City, many more of my kind who wore colourful metal sheets on their skin which lit up when they pressed buttons. They were much taller than I was, their eyes were too high up for me to see usually, sometimes one would bend down and poke at me but never for long. I didn't like how they poked at me. I often cried at them.

I also began to see other kinds of beings, some were massive and if I poked their fluorescent skin, it wriggled. Others were my height and sounded funny, their speech was far less advanced, they often made me laugh.

Occasionally I would meet Prophet Sanctuary in the hallway and greet him, he spoke to me only briefly but he never told me what my future held, not even when I tried to ask, he just dismissed me.


Years after Sanctuary had seen me as a child; he came to me in the night to my bed where I lay soundly, not quite asleep, just lying there. I opened my eyes to him and felt his soft hand on my face again. I leaned into it and he placed his other hand on my forehead. "It is time..." he whispered, a tear falling from his cheek onto mine. His hands slid from my face and two elite guards took me by my arms, I remained silent, there was no use in screaming, nobody would come to my aide.

I looked back to Prophet Sanctuary, asking him, "Why? What is this Prophet? Why am I bound by these warriors so strongly, I won't flee, just answer me, why?"

He looked at me with a sad smile and reached out to me, "I had to, child, it was for your own safety, I couldn't let you go out there, not in this war..."


I was pulled away, "What war, Prophet Sanctuary? I have felt safe up until this day! What is so horrible out there that I must be ripped from my place in this City?" I called out but received no reply, no answer to my question.

The warriors who took me were dressed in white armour, the secondary guard in the Sanctum. Their cloaks moved like water over their broad shoulder blades, I slouched in their arms as a prisoner would, they carried me with ease. One turned to the other and spoke.

"She is young Nero, why has Prophet Sanctuary taken such interest in a mere hatchling?"

I raised my head to look at the owner of the voice, his skin was dappled with flecks of black and pebble grey, still I could not see his eyes. His jaws were scarred from top to bottom, no doubt from a fight in this so-called war.

The other replied with distain, "Do not question what does not concern you Gero, it is the will of the Journey that she be removed from the upper levels of the city. Truth has commanded every female of her age to be taken deeper..." he looked down at me momentarily then averted his gaze, "... to be kept safe..." he concluded.

I was unceremoniously dumped in a small enclosure about five by five metres, I did not like it... it was far too small and when I stood my head would come close to hitting the roof. It felt like being stuffed in a weapons casket and forcefully kept there. Again, I knew I could not call for help, I could not cry out to anyone. Nobody knew me.

I slid down into the corner of my enclosure and hugged my knees. The armoured caps on my legs reflected small patches of light around the room. I amused myself momentarily, believing that these were star spirits blessing me, but not long enough to rid myself of this new knowledge. I was trapped. Imprisoned for no crime.


Days passed, I was fed every few hours. Each time a new warrior, sometimes those known to me as the Kig-Yar, tapped on my cell plasma shield and cackled at me. I loathed these free creatures ever more, each time one visited. Once I actually flung myself at the door to try to kill one, only to find out that the plasma not only kept me in the enclosure, but burned bare skin.

As I lay in a bundle on the floor, the shield dropped and someone entered, his figure was silhouetted against the bright outer lights in the hall. He was larger than me by about a foot in height, he had to bend to fit in the room, he couldn't see me but I could see perfectly. He fumbled in the dark for me, I dodged his hands and slid around to the door, it was still open, I leapt and it reactivated, I struck hard and my skin seared wherever it contacted the plasma. I screamed in pain.

The shadow of the male descended on me while I shook on the floor, "Shhh... now that will teach you to try escape won't it?" he said smugly. He scared me, I pulled away when he reached down to touch me. Was this my fate? To be imprisoned and laughed at? An animal in a cage? "Relax..." he soothed. I shuddered as his rough, battle hardened palms touched me. They ran over my fresh burns and I flinched. "Relax..." he repeated and met his mandibles with mine. I could taste his breath, it made me feel ill, I tried to pull away but he locked his jaws with mine and forced me into submission.

He stripped me of my minimal armour while I frantically struggled for freedom... further memory of the Chambers... I can not recollect, I will not recollect... all I will say is this...

... this is the fate for each female of my kind. To be used by the warriors. To bare their young. To be their playthings for a lonely two hours...

This day I realised my destiny. I was to breed…


Many years and many children came and left me, I was thin and I hadn't seen light for... I couldn't remember how long it had been... but it was a long time. The door deactivated, signalling my doom. I cowered as the screams of other females reached my ears and curled in my robes to try to block them out.

"Goodness... you are quite the looker aren't you?" the voice was amused and arrogant. I refused to look at him. "What is your name?" he asked. I did not answer, I didn't know anymore. He pressed a palm to my forehead, "Why haven't you eaten female? It proves nothing to starve yourself, how will you help the Covenant if you are dead?"

"I wish I were..." I muttered, speaking for the first time in weeks, "... this is no life for a Sangheili..."

He chuckled and I became increasingly agitated.

"Don't just eye me like a piece of meat, warrior... do what you came here to do and be done with it... after all," I looked at him, "it's what I'm here for..."

His face hardened, "I have seen your past record, you haven't birthed for three cycles now..." he made a small smile, "... what would be the point in me having my way with you? You wouldn't have my children for me, you wouldn't willingly give yourself to me..." he crouched to look at me, cupped my cheek with his hand and scanned my face for any sign of weakness. I was broken but my spirit was not.

"I see..." he murmured, gravely, holding out a hand, "... get up, I wish to see you..." I narrowed my eyes; it was unnatural for me to be spoken to so differently, to be addressed so formally, he was up to something.

Slowly, I stood and he looked me over - or tried to.

"Agh, I can't see you..." he muttered, then thought for a moment, "... come with me..."

I was reluctant, this was new to me and he was beckoning me toward the door of my chamber, toward freedom. Outside, as his back and shoulder blades exited my keep, the chitter of one of the Unggoy patrol guards startled me.

"You be leavin' female to go to next one, yes? She not breed for Zealot Ado, yes?" its voice was shrill and high pitched, "We have lots of trouble with this one, she silent, she not fertile, she not make children for Covenant, she be killed soon..." the chitter became clearer as I edged closer to the doorway.

"Is that what the Covenant does to those who do not scream for help in the night while they're raped and violated...? Is this the will of the Prophets?" the male asked, scandalized.

"What? Will of Prophets? Psh, Prophets not bother with lower city folks like us. Down here, I rule." I crept close enough to the door to see the Unngoy puff out its chest. He saw me, screamed and slammed a small fist on the lock for the door.

Again I experienced hot plasma on my unprotected flesh, my robes burned, my skin peeled, I hollered in agony, partially blinded by pain and careered into the far wall. I slumped against the crete, cradling my bleeding and burnt left arm.

"Idiot!" I heard someone yell, "Vile creature! You will regret doing that!" the dying blue glow of the plasma was the last thing I saw before drifting from consciousness. The last thing I felt was warmth of a strong embrace, lifting me from the ground the last thing I felt, a soothing voice, "By the Rings... I'm getting you out of here..."

"You alright?"

Soft hands touched my face and I flinched, they retreated back to their owner.

"You're quite a spectacle, female. I understand your dislike for physical contact but I assure you, I have no intention to harm you. Now, here, drink this..." the male handed me a flask of yellow liquid, it was slightly carbonated and the bubbles hurt my throat like birth. I spat and coughed, glaring at him utterly.

"Why have you brought me here?" I asked, the sheer loathing in my voice made him recoil.

He leaned forward again, "I removed you from that cage and brought you out here..."

I could tell the room was much larger through the outed lights, it was far different than my enclosure, the door was not protected by plasma and it had things to sit on. I tried to get up but my muscles seized, my head fell back and hit the bunk with a loud and painful clunk. He laughed softly then began to dress my burns with antiseptic spray. It hurt and I yelped, kicking him in the stomach, he doubled over and coughed, stumbling backward into a seat.

Not going to harm me... what a load of fodder...

I managed the strength to stand, I would fight if I had to, this warrior would regret ever touching me and I would repay the Prophets for condemning me to this cruel fate. I saw a device on the counter and snatched it. My basic deduction was that it was some sort of live weaponry, it was lightweight and easily graspable around the handle, I eyed the male who showed no fear despite my sudden out lashing. I found a trigger and squeezed it, a small green glow erupted from the nozzle of the device and became increasingly larger, eventually my unsure hands lost hold of the vibrating mechanism and the green orb of plasma shot directly into the figure slumped in front of me.

Sparks showered my feet as the plasma shattered a personal shield surrounding the male; I stepped backward, charging the weapon again, "Stay away from me!"

He didn't advance or retreat, he just repositioned in the seat and looked at me, "I'm not going to hurt you..." he opened his hand palm up to me, "... give that to me, my over shields will only endure one hit like that, then it starts to hurt me..."

I aimed and hoped that I could keep it together. My palms began to sweat with fear. His overpowering calm made me think I was doing something wrong, something which guaranteed my failure in this little stalemate. "Open the door..." I commanded.

"Are you sure you want me to open it?" he asked calmly.

"Do it." I twitched the weapon to better explain the order, "Or this will hurt you..."

"Very well..." he stood and walked to the door, looking back at me, "Are you absolutely sure?" a small smile etched into his face made me hesitate.


He pressed some digits into the wall and the door slid open, dazzling my eyes with bright hues. I cringed and dropped the weapon to shield my eyes, the plasma shot harmlessly into the crete and the device landed with a clatter on the floor. I stepped back into the bunk, I couldn't see, it was too bright. I dropped to my knees and covered my eyes then the male closed the doors again.

"Don't want to leave then?" he asked, crouching beside me, his amusement was only just notable, "If you go out there, you'll be killed in cold blood. They will think that you escaped me. You only have these flimsy pieces of cloth and your own skills to protect your body, and neither are reliable in a dangerous situation." his hand lifted my chin so that he could look me in the eyes, "Please female, I don't want you to be harmed. Tell me your name..." he begged.

I looked away, "I don't remember my name..."

His face saddened, "Not even any name at all?" he came down further, eyes level with mine, "Do you know my name?"

I looked back at him, the Unggoy guard had called him something, a Zealot, whatever that was, "Zealot is an odd name for a Sangheili warrior..." I commented and he smiled.

"My name is Ado. The term Zealot is that which is given to a warrior of my status, I'm a high ranking commander of the Sangheili army."

"Ado..." I tested the name in my mouth.

"Yes?" he responded immediately and I was shocked. His full attention was concentrated on me.

"Uh, nothing..." I said quickly, then fiddled with my cloth robes.

He stood and walked to a small outlet in the wall, it had digits and I watched him key them in; top-left, middle-bottom, centre, bottom-right, centre, top-left. I memorized this sequence. Something told me I would want to use it later.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, producing a platter of cooked meat on a bone. My mouth began to water and I nodded, taking the platter and smelling the flesh over. He sat down across the room from me and watched as I tasted and tentatively began to eat the food and after a while he began to go about his own business within the room. "So what should I call you, seeing you have no name?" he asked.

I was half way through a mouthful of a delicious crunchy vegetable and found it difficult to reply straight away, in truth, I didn't know what to say and just stuttered on my words for a while. He waited patiently while I finished eating then asked me again.

"You need to have a name, it isn't right if you don't." He rested his elbows on the counter and began to tinker absent mindedly with a silver chain.

I still didn't know what to say, but I knew someone who would, "Do you know a Prophet Sanctuary?" I asked.

Ado's expression darkened, "No, you're not going to see the Prophets," he looked at me, "They will kill you, no, they will bleed you, skin you then kill you..." I almost regurgitated my meal when the thought of a skinned Sangheili flashed in my mind, he obviously saw my discomfort, "... I don't want you to be harmed..."

"Did I say anything about seeing the Prophets?" I retorted savagely, "I only asked if you knew of Prophet Sanctuary, if you do then maybe you can assist me, if you can't then... I don't know..." I was now frustrated, I was speaking to this warrior, one of high stature, with practically no idea of what he wanted with me or why he was so determined not to let me out of his sight. "Just tell me. Do you know of him?"

Ado scrounged behind the counter for a while then produced a small diskette, "This, female, is information on Prophet Sanctuary. Apparently he is disliked among the Prophets..." he grinned at me, making my face feel warm, "... friend of yours I presume?"

"I thought he was..." I said, "But then he shut me away down there... he told me... that it was for my own good..." I remembered something "Is there a war, Ado?"


It took hours for Ado to fully explain the war to me. To me it sounded like the Covenant had the upper hand, our fleets had taken various systems beyond the City including a place named 'Reach' it didn't surprise me in the slightest, what with the advances in our technology and our lack of weakness. Ado proudly explained in detail how he had led his troops to victory, crushing any Human forces between himself and his objective. I began to drowse toward the end of his explanation and my eyelids felt heavy over my pupils.

"Eia?" Ado asked. He had taken to calling me this Sangheili no-name until I had found my true identity.

"Hmm?" I lifted my head slightly, yawning widely and stretching my stiff jaws.

"You are in a dangerous position, if anyone sees you outside of this dwelling, you will be shot." He said bluntly, "You are not to leave here under any circumstances. Do you understand?"

I nodded, I felt like his care was genuine and that I could trust him. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to a soft bed, then placed me carefully down, being careful of my wounds. He touched his finger to my forehead and murmured a quiet prayer then addressed me, "Eia," I opened my eyes with great effort, "When you wake, I will be outside of my quarters. It is absolutely essential that you do not let anyone enter. I will have food out for you to eat, I suggest you consume all of it," he smiled warmly, "now sleep..."

I did as I was told. I let my eyelids fall and my mind ebb into silence, the low hum of the City's inner systems numbing my thoughts into blankness. I did not dream, I rested.


Chapter 2

I woke with a start, I had slept in a fair bit. As promised, Ado was not in the room and there was a plate of odd looking sticks on the counter where he had sat the night before. They smelled savoury and looked slightly brown in colour, I didn't touch them. I investigated the dwelling, running my hands over the smooth surfaces and testing certain things out. I managed to amuse myself with the same plasma weapon I had held to Ado's face. I became completely oblivious to my whereabouts.

"Oi, what are you doing in here?" an outraged voice sounded from behind me, I quickly ducked under the table and held the weapon up level to aim at whoever it was, "Get out from there! Up, now!" he was angry, "Make haste or I'll slay you female!"

I dropped the weapon and scrambled from the floor, I wasn't going to go back, not now, not ever.

"Come here. Now." he ordered, I bowed my head and obeyed, he was grasping a device which buzzed and flickered bright white and blue light, it looked dangerous. "What are you doing up here in the Commander's Chamber?"

"I..." I couldn't answer truthfully, he had saved me, I couldn't put him in danger, "I escaped..." I sort of lied, "I mean, I snuck out, followed him here, he had no idea I was tailing him..."

"I doubt that, females are clumsy, usually bearing, where is your child female?" I didn't like how he spoke to me.

"I bear no children for the Covenant; you incompetent snobs care only for yourselves, never for the tears shed for your stupid war!"

The blade was at my neck in a split second, "I dare you to tell that to the Prophets, female..." he growled in my ear, "Such a waste of flesh... you would make a fine mother for my children..." he exerted his Sangheili tongue and covered the side of my face with saliva, I wanted to struggle but the electric blue of the sword was already burning against my neck. "Walk.." he removed the blade and shoved me forward, "We're going to pay the Prophets a little visit..."

As soon as I was released I kicked out at him, my foot contacted with his chest and he was thrown backward a few paces, not enough, he threw the blade and it cut my chest, the remains of my clothing burned and fell away. I clutched the new wound and stumbled, he caught me and shoved me to the floor, tears streaming from my eyes, I coughed, I gasped, I couldn't breathe, a ruptured lung perhaps. He stood over me, he wasn't at all large, he was my height but his strength surpassed mine, as did his skills.

He breathed loudly and madly, "You will regret that..." he plucked a palm-sized ball from his belt and rolled in his hand, "... you will become a lesson for those other females down there, to learn, nobody challenges Morta Serracree..." he pressed a button on the ball and shoved it in my mouth, I shook my head to try to get it out but it was beyond my mandibles and I was having difficulty removing it, I felt it in my mouth, cold at first, then gradually warmer. It was an explosive. I still couldn't breathe. I tried to cry out but I couldn't. This elite was a killer, a born cold killer. I panicked, broken and lying on the floor of Ado's domain, the door opened then closed as the elite left me for dead.

It seemed like forever, those few seconds I relived my horrible life, the gentle press of Prophet Sanctuary on my brow, Ado's soft and amused voice, the touch of those who cared. Then it was replaced by screams, darkness, fear, oh yes, fear... I closed my eyes and prepared for the inevitable.

"By the rings!" I only faintly heard the exclamation, "Who did this to you Eia?" the orb was gently taken from my mouth and I heard a muttering something along the lines of, "Only mere seconds to spare..." I was carried from the room with haste and placed on a cold bench. Still I saw flashes of my past revisit me, my first child, stillborn, discarded as if it were a more thing, my second, she was female, I wept for her, she would have suffered the same fate as I, but no, she was destroyed and I was punished. "Eia..." the soft voice returned, "Eia, please, speak to me..." I couldn't, it was not my place. "Medic! Do what you must to save her! She must live!" I heard him say, "She means more to me than just a mere female from the dirty under realms of the City!"

"But... Zealot Ado-"

"I don't care if it's against the Prophet Truth's order! Heal her immediately!" he was hysterical, in pain, why? He clutched my hand, I weakly responded, a twitch as my chest was cleaned of my blood.

"Zealot, she is going into shock, you must leave us so that we can help her..."

"I will not leave my Eia's side..." he responded sharply, "You will heal her under my watch, do it now."

I drifted, my head was swimming, he squeezed my hand and begged me to stay awake, I could not. I let him go, looking up to his green eyes and attempting a smile, my conscious thought slipped into a dream state and I closed my eyes.




"Eia!" I was embraced tightly and I struggled for a while, then realised I was being embraced. "Eia I was so worried, are you alright?"

I took a moment to compute where I was and what was being said, I was dressed in new robes, the colour was hard to see under the dimmed lights. I saw the concern in Ado's eyes and to his relief, responded, "Worried? About me?"

"Yes! Eia, I found you in death's grasp on the floor of my room, why wouldn't I be worried?" Ado took me in his arms again and this time squeezed me a little too hard and I yelped, "Sorry." He apologised.

"It's alright, Ado." I said through gritted teeth, "Just promise me you won't hug me again..."

Ado agreed to these terms, I, thankfully, was allowed to rest. He stayed with me while I slept and I managed to drowse for a few hours, I hadn't slept properly for ages so this felt quite pleasant. Ado stroked my hand throughout my slumber and aided the Medics in my recovery.

I rested quietly awake for a few hours and Ado had fallen asleep beside me, I leaned over and placed his hand over his lap then covered him in a thermo blanket before heaving to my feet and walking to the window of my ward. The environment outside was filled with Flagships and Dreadnaughts, Ado had described these vessels in very little detail to me but I had heard about them during my time in the depths of the City. I shuddered at the thought of returning there.

The door opened behind me and Ado woke immediately.

"Zealot Ado Mortumee?" asked a burly Sangheili warrior, he had to have been at least eight feet tall and he had to duck to enter the ward. His armour glowed orange and red like fire through the darkness of the room, I had only seen this armour in one kind of situation, "I have come under the order of Prophets Truth, Mercy and Regret to bring you and your er… charge… before the Council," he looked me over once then directed his attention back to Ado, "Immediately."

Ado stood calmly and considered the warrior, "May I ask something warrior?"

He inclined his head a fraction; he obviously had some respect for Ado, "You may ask, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer your query."

Ado nodded knowingly, "So be it." He replied, not asking any question at all, he outstretched a hand to me and I walked forward, I figured I was in little position to argue at this stage, and we followed the luminescent elite through the dense passageways of the City.

I looked to Ado for some sort of inclination as to where we were being taken but he just stared straight ahead. I took it as one of those 'don't ask' moments and left it at that.

"Honour Guards…" Ado said after a while, slowing his pace from its usual regent swiftness to a relaxed stroll, "The Sangheili with the glowing armour, they guard the inner circle of the Council. Not many stand up to them. It explains why they're valued so highly by the Prophets."

"Zealot Ado Mortumee." I jumped and clutched Ado's arm; I had forgotten that the Honour Guard was still there, he was so silent in his march that he had completely drifted from my mind, "We are almost in the Council's Chamber."

"I have travelled these halls before, warrior," Ado responded courteously, "perhaps you should be addressing my charge?" There was no reply from the immense wall of flesh; he was obviously under command not to speak to me, "Will this take long?" I sensed a twinge of annoyance in Ado's voice this time.

"That all depends on the will of the Prophets…" there was no mistaking the elite's amusement as the doors to the inner Sanctum opened revealing the fully assembled High Council. Various collections of Covenant including the Unggoy, Kig-Yar and surprisingly, even some dregs of the Jiralhanae had come to attend.

"What is this?" I asked cautiously.

"This is what every member of the Covenant dreads…" Ado said; he didn't show any fear as the overwhelming chatter of the Sanctum engulfed us; he marched forward and stood before our three monarchs, silent and strong. I sided with him and he knelt before them, I mimicked his behaviour, lowering my eyes to the floor.

"Do you know why the Council has summoned you?" I recognised the young voice as Prophet Truth and chanced a look. I was met with a sharp slap between my shoulder blades with the end of an Honour Guard's staff and I yelped, Ado did nothing to stop the assault. I looked to the floor again, belittled and humiliated.

"I have my theories, honourable Prophet, but the exact reason remains elusive to me." Ado replied; his voice was unreadable, robotic.

"I had expected better from you, Zealot. Do not expect leniency purely because you are a commander of the Sangheili, you are quite easily replaced, I assure you of this."

"Honourable Prophets, I did not come here in search of forgiveness or leniency. I understand that you have the power to demote me of my position and feel that I am in no place to argue with your decision." Ado didn't look up from his deep kneel, "But I beg that you explain precisely the reason why both Eia and I were summoned before you do so."

I gasped quietly.

There were murmurings in the Council ranks, it obviously wasn't routine that the Prophets be questioned in the middle of a trial. Ado had agreed so graciously with their decision yet he asked a question which surely had to mean death. To my surprise, Prophet Truth laughed. It was a cold, amused laugh and a few of the Council added with their own nervous chuckle, a staff was brought to my chin and I was forced to look up. I obeyed hesitantly.

"You are the Eia..?" Prophet Truth asked. I nodded, not daring to speak. "You entertain this warrior do you not?" I automatically nodded, then realised it wasn't true and shook my head.

"Out with it girl, are you or are you not a plaything for this Zealot?" Prophet Mercy snapped, I cringed and gulped, the staff was still within swatting range.

"She is my plaything, yes." Ado interjected. A resounding murmur of agreement sounded from above us and a couple of Sangheili in silver crested armour nodded to each other, perhaps settling a past wager on the conditions of the trial.

"I see… and what was she doing alone in your chamber?" Prophet Truth recovered quickly from the interruption and the Council quietened.

"She was not alone, Holy Prophets, I am quite sure of that…" I could have sworn I saw a small grin etched in Ado's eyes at this comment.

Prophet Regret came forward, infuriated at Ado's arrogance, "Why was she in your chamber in the first place?" he demanded furiously.

Ado stood to his full height, the glee in his expression was unmistakable now, "I could ask General of the Special Operations Unit, Morta Serracree the same question…" there was an overall gasp of surprise at this new information, "… Isn't that right Morta?" he looked to one of the observation platforms where Morta stood, furious and embarrassed.

"She was alone when I found her! She kicked me!" he protested.

"Enough!" Prophet Truth ordered, Morta fell silent and Ado, obviously pleased with himself, resumed his kneel before the overbearing Hierarchs. Truth rubbed his temple and sighed. "This is obviously a matter of privacy, one which has been violated."

Mercy addressed the Council with open arms, "Fellow Covenant, these arguments between warriors, they cannot continue. They are pointless and if they proceed to become an issue within the Covenant we will be forced to resort to barbaric measures such as containing insolence and executing violators…"

I huffed at this, as if the Covenant didn't already resort to barbarity. Enlisting the help of the Jiralhanae was proof enough to falsify Mercy's statement.

"Zealot Mortumee," Truth addressed my protector, "You are hereby dismissed from trial."

"And Eia?" Ado pressed.

"She very nearly perished, so your Medic has informed me. Eia." He spoke to me softly.

I looked up in acknowledgement.

"You are to return…" I held my breath, please not the under realms of the City, anywhere but there, "… to your place in the Chambers." My heart sank, I shook my head.

"Prophet Truth! Please!" I begged, "I can be useful, I swear! I'll do anything to serve the Covenant, just please, not there!" I was not kneeling; I was on my knees, weeping.

"I see you have a voice after all…" Truth observed, "You are a broken spirit, Eia. How could you possibly be useful?"

"I'll fight." I looked up to him, "I'll fight for the Covenant. I'll fight for the Journey."

"This war has no place for a female warrior!" Regret exclaimed, "It is sacrilege and heresy to even think of it!"

"I believe in the Great Journey! There is no heresy in my heart!" I yelled, "Given the chance I would take a life for the Covenant! If you send me down there I will be unable to serve you or the Covenant!" I pointed to the floor, "Down there are potential warriors!"

"The children of the Covenant, yes…" Truth concluded and turned away. Ado dragged at my arm but I was not finished.

"No! Not the children! The ones who bear them! There are courageous females down there! You are blind Prophets! Blind!" I screamed, "Those females down there have endured more than ANY of these warriors up here could imagine, THEY are the true warriors of the Covenant! They are more than worthy of the Great Journey!"

Truth looked back to me and three Honour Guard staffs were at my neck, he waved them down, "What is your name?" he asked, "Who named you?"

"I…" I tried to remember back, back to my childhood, "I don't know Prophet…"

"Warriors have names; female…" he seemed satisfied by this comment, "You have no name."

The Council was silent; I walked right up to Truth, feeling the entire Covenant body inhale nervously, "Then award me a name…"

Truth considered me for a moment, grinned, then addressed the Council, "Brothers, this here, this female, is a prime example of courage and faith!" his voice resonated through the Sanctum, "She has endured physical torture, she bears battle scars already, she possesses no items of value at all yet she fights to protect which is dear to her! Tell me brothers; have we been so blind that the tears shed for our Covenant were ignored?"

I listened and watched Prophet Truth; his arms were open to the Covenant, addressing them as one. There were a few Sangheili close by negotiating the matter and already there were a couple more nodding.

He looked down to me, "She will become a great warrior for the Covenant…" he said soothingly, never had I heard Prophet Truth speak so sincerely to another before, I forced myself into a steep bow, "Eia…" looked up and took in each detail of his face, "I leave you in the care of this Zealot. I trust that you and Ado are already acquainted?" I nodded. The other two Prophets remained silent.

"Prophets." I addressed them and they all cocked their heads to listen in unison, "My name… what is it?"

Truth inclined his head and made a sweeping gesture over to Ado, "I believe Zealot Ado can help you in that respect, Eia."

I blinked.

"You are dismissed…"

With exhausted relief, I bowed again. The sleek crete floor of the City had never looked so pleasant before, nothing could dampen my spirit now.

"Oh, and Eia?"

I again looked up.

"I suggest you train hard if you intend for your fellow females to see the light of the stars again." I had no chance to respond, he had descended in the grav-lift before I could form words.

Beside me, as the Council filed out of the Sanctum, Ado sighed, "What?" I asked.

He led me from the chamber and back to his dwelling. My display obviously hadn't impressed him.


"Ado speak to me, you haven't said a thing since we left the Sanctum…"

He seated himself quietly and looked gravely at me.

"What?" I demanded; feeling alienated all over again. I folded myself into a seat opposite him and looked at him.

"You did something very dangerous today…" he said shortly.

"I know I did, and it worked, didn't it?" I replied, I hadn't expected praise but he could have refrained from scolding me at least.

"Eia, nobody faces the Prophets, never, it is a road that leads to Heresy. The Prophets disapprove of rebellion…"

"So you're saying I should have just rolled over and taken Truth's judgement like you did?" I laughed, "Please tell me you're kidding…"

Ado looked at directly at me and nodded.

I was outraged that someone who claimed to care for me had wished me to return to the depths of the lower City levels. I stood, turned and retreated to the crib which Ado had given me, kicking aside fresh robes which had been placed at the foot of the bed for me to wear. Inside it was the diskette Ado had offered me with information on the Prophet Truth, there was a note attached to it:

I believe this may hold the answers to your query, Prophet Sanctuary left this with me before he left to pursue the Journey with a squadron of mine, he said a friend may need it. I figure, since you know this Prophet more than I seem to, he meant this to be passed on to your hands.

I hope you find what you're looking for.


I saw another outlet in the wall; this one had a screen on the left hand side and it flashed when I pressed some digits. I remembered the sequence Ado had used when he had rescued me. Top-left, middle-bottom, centre, bottom-right, centre, top-left. The screen flickered once then displayed a menu, I pressed the disk into the slot which had now presented itself and it was swallowed with a quiet zip. I watched the screen come into life. Displayed was the face of Prophet Sanctuary, smiling the same way he had when I was a child.

"I take it that Ado has found you, young one…" he smiled, "he is quite the loyal one. I suppose you have a fair few questions about your history, quite possibly you have forgotten who you are and where you came from, what you're doing in Ado's care and what the future holds. This I can partially answer for you." It was a video recording of my oldest friend; it couldn't have been made long after I was taken away, he looked just as I had remembered him. "Your name is Zyrra Jiserraphira, you were born into my care by sheer accident for I found you upon the steps of my chamber when you were no more than a week old. I took you into my ward and raised you with the other Sangheili children, all male of course and on their way to becoming commanders, warriors, pilots and marksmen, you on the other hand, could not be kept quiet from the Council. You were found and taken from my care. I could do nothing." His face saddened and I reached out to touch a falling tear only to see it dissolve into the air, "I longed for you to become a warrior like your brothers, Jurdo and Doxo were always letting you into their games and I momentarily forgot your gender. You acted so naturally like a male that I started to believe that you actually were. This continued until I was brought back from my fantasy, when you were of the age, you did not become handsome, you became beautiful; your brothers noticed this and questioned me. When I explained that they had in fact, not another younger brother, but a sister, they began to drift from you; eventually they left for their training, I doubt that they'll even remember you now."

"I had brothers?" I asked the holographic image.

To my surprise the question was answered, "You weren't directly related to Jurdo or Doxo, they too were found, along with seventy eight other Sangheili children, over one hundred Unggoy babies, hoards of Yanme'e larvae, and those who had been caring for you, a roost of Kig-Yar which had been cast out by the Covenant." I almost collapsed, how could so many newborn and not-yet-born Covenant be collected so densely and not be detected by motion trackers? "Of course I took them in; I couldn't leave them out there, not in this war. I decided to take the role of the mother for these children, though, the Yanme'e larvae primarily cared for themselves and were recruited immediately, their natural ability to adapt and grow independently rendered me useless to them. You could probably detect which of the Unggoy were raised in my care; they learned their courage came from within, not from those who led them."

I yearned for Prophet Sanctuary to tell me more, more of my siblings, more of my past, "What of sisters? Did I have sisters?"

"You were the only Sangheili female; you weren't found with the children I rescued from the Kig-Yar. I don't know where you came from before that day, I'm sorry, Zyrra."

"Will I ever find you again, Prophet Sanctuary?" I asked in the hope that he would reveal his location.

"I require you to train, work hard and become one of the Council. I cannot tell you where I am at present, it is far too dangerous and I cannot place you in more danger than you are now. Ado is a fine warrior and he will care for you, I chose him especially for this task because I knew that he would not fail me. Zyrra, if there is one thing to remember, it is this…" a holographic hand reached out and touched my shoulder, I felt it, holographic images cannot make one feel, I realised it was Ado gripping my shoulder, "… you always have a place, remember where that is and you'll never be lost. Until we meet, Zyrra, farewell."

The screen blackened and the disk ejected from the wall. I stood silently for a moment until Ado squeezed my shoulder again. I blinked, "He was my mother… my father… why did he not see me? Why did he not try to get me out?" I whispered to him. I could feel the sting of tears beginning in my eyes again.

"He cared for you, Zyrra. He didn't want to send you down there." Ado soothed, "He was shipped from the City when he was found to be fostering Covenant children. He fought to have you saved…"

"Saved?" I asked.

"You were to be executed, that was the original sentence, his punishment for keeping you…" Ado replied, "I was there, I saw the trial, never had I seen Prophet Truth so furious, the Council was outraged that a Prophet had shown more than a formal relationship toward another of the Covenant."

I silenced again, turned from the wall and sat on the edge of the bed.


I looked to him.

"I will train you. It will be difficult."

I nodded.

"Are you prepared?"

"I have been ready to fight for what I believe in for my whole life, Ado. Do you really need to ask me that?"


Chapter 3

Months passed, I struggled to learn the basics of field combat but excelled in the hacking and strategic positioning exercises. I had to master them to become at least remotely familiar with the way the platoons under Ado's command worked, so I made that more of a priority rather than ripping the limbs off of dummies in the training yards. Ado wasn't disappointed in my alternate methods of battle, in fact some of my ideas he liked.

"So what you're saying is…" he began, sweeping his training sword over my head, making me duck, dodge and return serve, "… I should have my elites, the Molta, go in with the stealth gear…" he swiped again and I blocked, "… from the air?"

"No, what I'm suggesting is…" I swiped across and gashed his arm, "… we take the stealth gear and cloak our aerial assault teams instead…" I lunged, faltered and Ado caught me on his foot.

"Nice little plan there, Zyrra, but we tried that one already…" he held the training sword to my neck and I gulped, "… it failed miserably when the pilots lost track of each other and collided in mid-air ."

Of course, quite a few of my ideas flopped when it came to the technology part; I was only just beginning to learn it. "Motion Tracker failure?" I asked and redirected his blade away from my throat; he faltered and dropped me to regain his balance which allowed me to get back onto my feet, "I mean, if that were the case then it need only be retested, right?"

Ado smiled, "You think like a scientist, Zyrra. We did retest it, there was no malfunction in the Motion Trackers, the cloaking devices worn by the Molta teams are designed to be undetectable by radar, hence the problem!" He leapt for my waist; his sword was thrown aside, the exercise had changed.

I caught him by his arms and continued the motion, swinging him around and throwing him, unfortunately, he had gripped my wrists and I ended up falling on my stomach with him. Neither of us were armoured but Ado was heavy, I ended up flying a few feet in the air, landing and then skidding a little along the hard floor. I coughed, winded and wounded, and gasped for breath.

Ado did not apologise. Before I had started my training I had expected such courtesy when struck, but later learned that there were no apologies when one kills another, only duty. Today I knew better than to wait for my enemy to recover, I drew my blade and sliced Ado easily across his back. He screamed and curled in pain.

The door to our residence opened and I deactivated the training weapon, "Lesson's over Ado." I grinned and offered a hand to help him up which he took and pulled me down to the floor. I scowled, "No fair…"

"Is battle ever fair, Zyrra?" He smirked and walked to the door, leaving me to collect myself. I picked up my sword and propped it up on the wall where assortments of other training weapons were perched. After a few words with our visitor, Ado called me to the doorway, "Zyrra, this is a representative from the Covenant Battle Guild." He breathed; he was still a little exasperated from our exercise.

I looked out of the door and my eyes met with a broad shouldered elite, he was Ado's height but had to be at least double his weight in muscle mass. I knew this elite, I had been his entertainment on more than one occasion. I growled a greeting and made no effort to meet eyes with him.

"Zyrra…" Ado nudged me, "… be polite will you? He's going to be your mentor for the rest of your training…"

"Aha, I don't think so…" I snapped, then walked back into the room.

I heard Ado excuse himself and follow me inside, then a second pair of feet padded over the floor as well. I was close to furious that he was even allowed within fifty feet of me.

"Zyrra, you're being unreasonable!" Ado pursued me, "This elite can help you to complete your mission, to prove to the Prophets that the female Sangheili are worthy of battle!"

I rounded on him, "Ado, how long have you spent your life as a female in the Covenant?"

He was stumped by my out-of-the-blue question, after a pause he replied, indignantly, "None, why?"

"Exactly, none. You don't know what it's like to be raped, to be used, exploited, and brought to your knees by something you have absolutely zero power over!" I was breathing heavily now, "Ado, do you know what it's like to hear your fellows screaming, every second of every minute of every day? No! You have no idea! You're blind Ado!"

Ado didn't say a word; there was no warning, only the sharp pain of his steel knuckles meeting with my stiff jaw, I stumbled sideways and clutched my mouth. He approached me, "Don't assume that your life is the only tragedy in this city, Zyrra… some, like yours, have been far too horrible to tell in front of an audience, painful to relive…" he crouched beside me, "… you will train with this elite, and you will face your demons…" I looked up to him and he wiped some of the blood from my lower jaw.

"Should I come back later Ado?" the Mentor asked.

"No, I think we have something to discuss…" Ado took one look at my expression and calculated his chances; they were slim but obviously favourable enough. He sat beside me and introduced the elite, "Zyrra, this is Gura Mothanamee, Gura, this is Zyrra Jiserraphira…"

I folded my arms and nodded to Gura icily.

"I take it that you remember me, young Zyrra?" Gura chuckled, offering a hand to me, I didn't take it. He looked at Ado, "Very defiant isn't she?"

Ado huffed, "She has her reasons, Gura, Zyrra please; make an effort to at least be courteous!"

"Alright, I'll show him some courtesy when he shows me some…" I said, gesturing to Gura. Ado shot a reproachful glare at me and I retreated back to being highly unimpressed.


It took a while, but somehow, Ado managed to convince me that Gura was not going to make any attempts on my life or in fact anything close to what I was thinking he would do to me. He also agreed to stay and watch for the first few days of my training until I was used to how things worked, but after that he had to leave for a while, he didnt specify how long.

"Boys..." Gura addressed his elites, each were dressed in dark grey armour, I looked through the three lines, each were not much older than I, "... meet a new recruit, Zyrra."

A couple stared and a few jaws dropped, they obviously hadn't seen a female in warrior armour. I fiddled with my wrist guards nervously. I heard a couple of elites laugh and flushed with anger, I was just as capable as they were, how dare they think of me as any different...

I was pushed forward by Gura's strong hand and I took my place in the ranks.

"You each have been born into the Covenant as useless pieces of flesh..." Gura paced in front of us, "... you are still useless pieces of flesh..." he looked at me, "... and you always will be useless pieces of flesh..."

"I'll bet that Zyrra was born different..." muttered an elite behind me. Gura rounded on him.

"I'll bet she was soldier..." Gura grabbed me by my shoulder and shoved me into the elite, "You look at her and tell her what you're thinking right now..."

The elite stammered, "Er, Sir, I er..."

I was pushed back to my place, "This female is here, get used to it... All of you." he called out to his elites, "She is here under order of the Prophets, she is to be treated as equal to you, she will eat, sleep and breathe in the same barracks as you! She will train in the Covenant, with the Covenant, for the Covenant." Gura took his place back out in front of us. Ado seemed a little uneased by Gura's rough handling but did nothing, he was bound by the agreement that he would not interfere. "Ado, I expect you are needed elsewhere…" Gura said, it was neither kind nor with malice.

"I'll return for your report on Zyrra's progress, Gura." Ado replied before looking to me, "Good luck, Zyrra." He saluted me and then turned, I could feel his sadness but he daren't show it to the others, I tore my eyes from his form and reverted back to the hard and muscular body of Gura. Ado couldn't help me in these barracks; I had to take care of myself again. This time it would be different.


"Each and every one of you…" Gura walked slowly along the ranks, "… is a weapon of mass destruction…" I watched him, his pace was slow, important, he knew he was the only power in the room, "… your task this morning… is to defeat me…" he stopped pacing and sized up the group, each of us had only been in his elites for two months, but it had been enough for me to form a couple of rivalries, one most vicious was with my mentor.

"Hey, hey, Zee!" I was prodded between the shoulders, "Zyrra!"

"What?" I replied in an agitated whisper while Gura continued his pep talk. It wasn't usually wise to speak through his lectures.

"You gonna fight him again?" I could feel the eyes on the back of my neck; all three of them were there. Subconsciously, I rubbed my ribs where Gura had punished me for challenging him a week earlier; I had held my own until Jurdo decided to help me, that day I found out that it is impossible to wield two training blades at the one time as well as hold onto your wits. Between balancing out the blades and watching my opponent, I lost concentration, toppled and was crushed under his foot for over ten minutes while he explained my error, then for a further ten minutes he demonstrated which of the Sangheili organs were most important for survival. This meant that he shocked each into failure with the training sword one after the other until I was unconscious, or dead, I couldn't tell. I woke to the sounds of laughter, the burn of humiliation, from then on; I vowed to get Gura back.

I was prodded again, "Zee!" Ehle whispered, "I think you'll do great if Jurdo doesn't help!" a snigger the snap of a hard fist contacting with armour sounded from behind me, "Argh, oww, jees!"

"Ooh, don't cry now, Ehle, Gura might start to like you…" Doxo pestered, "He goes for those sissy kinds you know… easier to beat and all…"

As much as the pointless conversation would amuse me, I couldn't be associated with these three. Doxo was a wealthy elite, I had little place by his side. The Tahnamee family was rumoured to have bought their son into Zealotcy, Doxo denies of these claims, of course, and persists on being 'equal' to his peers. Jurdo, quite the opposite of Doxo, coming from the pod of Sangheili children my Prophet Sanctuary had nursed so long ago, my brother, he had forgotten me easily. He provides the idiocy for the three of them, honestly, he is stupid, there is no other way to describe him. And then there's Ehle, the last of the terrible trio. He provides the wit for their little group, quite the artist when it came to a blade but his skills with a firearm could quite well be compared with a blindfolded grunt… who had never held a weapon in its life… and no fingers to speak of…

For some reason, these misfits were still in the Covenant and still in the same damned barracks as me.

I watched the first of few to step up to Gura, I sighed in relief when they were thrown or dodged easily, ending the sessions quite quickly. If you lasted more than thirty seconds in Gura's ring, he was toying with you.

"I'll face him when I feel like it…" I said coldly, growling deeply when I heard quiet boos and hisses from behind me, I turned quickly, "If you lot want me to fight Gura yet again and fail to defeat him that's all well and good, but not until you three each go and face him yourselves!"

"Fine then, I will!" Doxo huffed, I shook my head in disbelief, there was no way he was serious…

"Jurdo will too, won't you Jay?" Ehle slapped him on the back.

Jurdo did a double take and almost fainted, "I'll what?"

It was difficult to believe that in some distant way, I could be related to these three…

"Jiserramee!" I flinched, never had my warrior name felt so much like a stab between the vertebrae, "Why am I looking at your behind and not your face?" Gura snapped.

"I know which I'd prefer lookin' at…" Jurdo crooned, I burned with fury and turned back around to face Gura.

"Jiserramee, I'm disappointed in you." I said nothing while he peeled my protective armour from my skin with his eyes, it was unnerving when he looked me over so thoroughly, "You lot, here. Now."

I walked forward and gripped my training weapon, even if I was to lose; I wasn't going to give Gura the pleasure of publicly embarrassing me again. I would damage him this time. As if by a switch, the trio behind me were organised and even civilised, taking a few paces forward then waiting for Gura's instruction.

Gura took my weapon from me and then threw it aside, "Weapons at the ready." He said audibly above the hum of High Charity's coolant pipes. I watched in horror as Jurdo, Doxo and Ehle activated their training swords and held them in preparation for battle. He was facing an unarmed soldier against three fully equipped warriors.

"Sir, this is an unfair bout, I demand I be allowed support!" I protested.

"Is war ever fair…?" Gura leaned on the wall and dropped his hand for the round to begin and I was stabbed thrice by my peers, once in my chest, once in my gut and a third time through my neck, had this been a real sword bout, I would have been dead almost instantly. There were gasps from the class as I was held there by the holographic blades, each was sending a strong current through my body, amplifying my pain and disrupting my thought.

Gura stepped forward, "This, warriors, is a prime example of where your expectations of the war fails. There is no right or wrong in this war, only us and them… if you are not one of us, you are one of them…" he pointed to me, the metaphorical enemy, "… enemies deserve no mercy, do not hand it to them for it will not be returned to you, a Human, a Heretic, they will see you and slay you where you stand. Fairness has nothing to do with it." I knew there was a lesson to be learnt by this but my mind was focussed more on the excruciating pain I was enduring, it was like birthing, my whole body was convulsing, squeezing, muscles tightening, my gut was seizing. I convulsed again and screamed in agony. Gura watched my muscles dying from the shock, my heart was pounding in my head, I grew dizzy. He wasn't going to be my salvation, my mercy, no, he was the arm gripping this three pronged blade…

I drooped, the blades impaling me were firmly held but the hands upon them were young and easily fooled, and they slid from my flesh as I dropped onto the floor. The room burst into applause and Jurdo kicked me to make sure I was out cold. That was his first mistake.

I took him by his foot and twisted it, this caused him to yelp, drop the blade and fall to the floor. I pressed my thumb into his neck sharply and disrupted his jugular, he struggled for a while but his body fell limp on the floor when his brain ran out of blood. Doxo stepped backward into Ehle, obviously surprised, and drew his sword again, neglecting to check for hazards and activated a gas canister in his haste. It exploded and threw both him and Ehle into the wall perpendicular to them. By this time I was on my feet again and I had claimed Jurdo's weapons as my own. I was at least in with a fighting chance now.

Doxo lunged, I evaded him easily, tripped him and sent him into the ranks, they all moved aside and let him crash to a stop between them, again, applauding the performance. I thrust the blade into Doxo's back, sending shockwaves through his heart; he twitched for a few seconds before losing consciousness also. This left just one of the three. Ehle. If I could get him away from his key weapon, I would do fine; unfortunately it wasn't so easy to separate this yin from his yang.

"So, Zee…" Ehle breathed, taking his stance, "… fair enough for you?"

I was exhausted, short of breath, but not beaten, "This is a war, Ehle…" I panted, "… fairness has nothing to do with it…" I flung my blade at him, just scathing his fighting arm, he cried out as the twinge surged down to his hand, his grip failed and I kicked the hold from his open palm. I then followed through with a second roundhouse kick to his chest, flinging him a few paces backward, then again, and then a third time, then I finished him with an upper cut to his jaws. I lost balance part of the way through the combo and was easily finished, myself, by an outstretched foot, I fell to the floor painfully and coughed in satisfaction. Gura's foot hovered next to my face, I expected him to crush my skull for even contemplating victory.

"You were a dead warrior, Jiserramee…" he growled.

"I am a ghost… of High Charity then…" I panted, "… neither alive… nor dead… but still pursuing…" I gasped for air as Gura pressed his foot onto my chest, "… if I must, I will kill my own, if that is what you want from me…"

"I don't want you to kill any of your own… I want you to get up and defeat me…" Gura grinned, and then stood ready, "This warrior, this weedy nuisance…" I felt a twinge of anger rising again, "… has managed to defeat three armed warriors, single handed!" he threw a blade to me and it clattered at my feet; "Watch and you may learn something…" he waited for me to get to my feet, "FIGHT!"

I heard the command; it barely registered before I lost control of myself. My heart stopped, and I froze. Gura would attack, he would step slightly to the left and he would lead with his right shoulder, it made perfect sense. I'd seen his technique so many times, why had I not spotted similarities in it before? I left my weapon where it lay and dodged around his blows, one after the other, swing, swipe, he became ever more enraged with each attempted volley. An opening, he left his stomach unprotected for a split second and I took advantage of it. A quick knee to his gut rendered him paralysed for a short period, allowing me to disarm him and twist his arm behind his back.

"Ngh! Jiserramee… you're going to regret this day…" Gura muttered.

"I'm sure…" I replied, "… but tell me Sir…" I tightened my grip, "… how does it feel to be absolutely helpless?" I received a grunt of a reply and shocked stares from the rest of the group, "Remember that feeling, Sir… that is slavery, which is what will happen to all of us in the Chambers, perhaps even you if we at all fail the Journey…" I began walking back to my barracks.

"Jiserramee! Get back here! I'm not done with you!" Gura demanded, a tad shaky from his quick defeat.

"Try training your pets rather than putting on a show for them…" I called back, "… they might learn something other than bitter cruelty…"


Writers Note: This is an incomplete story but I wish it that you please take the time to read this. I know there are some 'made up' things like the holo-training swords and the Chambers, hell even the fact that a female Sangheili even exists let alone more than one is a bit out there, but this is how I've written my story so please, let me know what you think.