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ODST Squad 68 10
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 24 December 2010, 2:32 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 10

Douglas was sitting on chair speaking to a large screen. On the screen was his superior ONI Officer. He had just finished giving him his account of what happened. Douglas was in just his bodysuit and was covered in bandages. The ONI Officer gave him some news to tell to the rest of the squad, congratulated him and then the screen switched off.

It was Christmas, and in-keeping with tradition there was a small holographic tree in the centre of the leisure area. The Commander was sitting on a table filling in some paperwork. Tom was sitting on a chair eating and helping with the paperwork and Zeph was standing over by the weapon racks, polishing his Sniper Rifle. Ivan and Andy were sitting on two chairs, chatting. Douglas walked in and coughed, causing everyone to turn around.

"Good news! We have been upgraded to a special unit for ONI. We are still ODST Squad 68 but we will be working for ONI and the UNSC and we will receive some special armour." he said.
Just then a crewman walked in carrying some armour. Five more came all carrying armour.
"Here is your new armour. It is based on the ODST Armour but is modified. It has energy shielding and is stronger. It can also be customized to your liking. We have here the base armour and if you follow me you can pick your customization." one of them said. The squad put on their base armour and followed the crewman to the armoury.

Andy picked a blue-visored EOD/CNM for his helmet, a CQC right shoulder, a Grenadier left shoulder, an ASSAULT/SAPPER chest, two UA/NxRA utilities, two UA/BUCKLERs on his wrists, and Grenadier kneepads. He picked the primary brown and secondary brown paint scheme.

Ivan picked a black-visored GUNGIR/CBRN helmet, a SECURITY left shoulder, a GUNGIR right shoulder, a COLLAR/GRENADIER[UA] chest, two UA/CHOBAM utilities, two UA/BRACERs on his wrists, and Grenadier kneepads. He picked a primary brown and secondary black paint scheme.

Zeph picked a black-visored Operator/UA/HUL helmet, a Sniper left shoulder, a UA/Base Security right shoulder, a TACTICAL/PATROL chest, a TACTICAL/SOFT-CASE utility, a TACTICAL/UGPS left wrist, a UA/BUCKLER left wrist, and FJ/PARA kneepads. He picked a primary black and secondary black paint scheme.

Tom picked a silver-visored CQB helmet, a SECURITY right shoulder, a Mark V left shoulder, a COLLAR/BREACHER chest, a TACTICAL/TRAUMA-KIT utility, an ASSAULT/BREACHER on his left wrist, an UA/BRACER on his right wrist, and GUNGIR kneepads. He went for a primary brown and secondary brown paint scheme.

The Commander picked a normal-visored ODST helmet, ODST shoulder, and ODST chest and left the rest as it was. He went for a primary grey and secondary grey paint scheme.

Douglas went for a black-visored Recon helmet that was made especially for him by ONI, some ODST shoulders, a MULTI-THREAT chest minus the grenade belt, his old TACPAD on his left wrist, a UA/BRACER on his right wrist, a TACTICAL/HARD-CASE to hold his pistol and other important items on his right utility, a TACTICAL/TRAUMA-KIT left utility, and FJ/PARA kneepads. He went for a primary black and secondary black paint scheme.

Andy got a Grenade Launcher and a Rocket Launcher. He then picked up his Armour Lock, a pistol and his knife. Ivan got a Spartan Laser and an Assault Rifle. He then picked up his Armour Lock, a pistol and his knife. Zeph grabbed his customized Sniper Rifle and a DMR. He then picked his Active Camo, a pistol and his knife. Tom picked up a Shotgun and two SMGs. He picked up his Drop Shield, a pistol, and his kukri. The Commander picked up an Assault Rifle, a Magnum, and his knife. Douglas picked up an Assault Rifle, an SMG, his pistol, his custom-made multi Armour Ability, and his knife.

Everyone was fully equipped and the squad were ready. They had their names, emblems, and other insignias sprayed on. Then some received promotion. The Commander stayed as a commander and had his rank sprayed on. Tom was promoted from a Captain to a Major and had his new rank sprayed on. Zeph was promoted to a Sergeant, Ivan to a Gunnery Sergeant, and Andy to a Corporal. They then had their ranks sprayed on. Then they moved to training where they learnt how to use their new energy shields as well as the changes from their old armour.

They were then congratulated and debriefed by their UNSC superiors and Douglas' ONI superior. They were told that they would be allowed a week of rest to get used their upgrades and to recover from their wounds, and then they would be straight back to work as the new ODST Squad 68.