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ODST Squad 68 9
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 17 December 2010, 11:11 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 9

The Elephant trundled towards the base with an escort of around 10 Scorpions, 10 Mongooses and 30 Warthogs and Falcons. There were some Longswords and Shortswords flying overhead for aerial support. They were closing in on the base. Suddenly, out of the horizon, came some enemy forces. There were 5 Wraiths, 5 Ghost and 10 Revenants and 5 Banshees. Within a few seconds the forces clashed. Immediately a Banshee was shot down by a Scorpion that was then destroyed by a Wraith. Ivan ran up to the turret and opened fire. Andy climbed into a Grenade Turret he had salvaged from a semi-destroyed Falcon and joined in. Andy took down another Banshee and Ivan made short work of a Wraith. Douglas hit a Ghost head on destroying and crushing it. "Zeph, get up top and give some support!" Douglas shouted. Zeph obliged and took down a Ghost and a Banshee simultaneously with a skilfully rebounded shot. A Gauss Warthog took down another Wraith while a Rocket Warthog destroyed a Banshee. A Falcon engaged and destroyed the last Banshee. A Longsword swooped in and dropped a small bomb. Two Wraiths, three Revenants and four Ghosts were taken out and another badly damaged Wraith was displaced by a Scorpion. The other two Revenants were taken out and the remaining five retreated.

Douglas and the Commander surveyed their remaining forces. One Falcon, Two Warthogs and 3 Scorpions had been destroyed and about 15 marines had been killed and a further 10 injured. The injured were picked up by a Pelican and taken away for treatment. Once all the guns and vehicles were ready, the battalion moved on with the Elephant at its head. As they climbed a ridge in the distance they saw the base. The Longswords and Shortswords swooped and destroyed the guns defending the base but not before a few were taken down. The battalion then charged full speed all guns blazing at the base. They were immediately attacked from all sides. They were heavily outnumbered by countless vehicles including a Scarab. Most of the air support was destroyed and the rest was busy trying to take down the enemy ships which had engaged them. "Scarab!" Tom shouted. "We're outnumbered!" Douglas shouted. "Incoming!" Zeph yelled. The fuel rod cannon of the Scarab hit the Elephant in the side, setting it on fire. "Drive and get to cover!" the Commander shouted at Douglas. "Mayday! Mayday!" Douglas shouted into the radio. "Any remaining friendly forces in the area please assist!"

Almost instantly some air support came along. And then, coming out of slipspace, appeared a Frigate. "This is UNSC Frigate Bristol reporting." The Bristol then fired a MAC Round right into the heart of the Scarab, making it explode violently. "Now what?" Tom asked. "Look there is a small lightly guarded service entrance there. We could slip in and destroy the base from the inside." Douglas replied. "How would we do that?" the Commander asked. "If we get in and find the power room we can blow the core. That will take the rest of the base with it!" Douglas replied. "Let's do it then!" came the reply.

The Elephant quietly slipped away from the rest of the battalion and went to the side door. It stopped and Tom and Douglas got out. Zeph climbed to the roof and silently dispatched a few guards. Tom and Douglas then took out the remaining guards and lowered the shield door. Douglas ran back into the Elephant and drove it into the small hangar. Tom followed turning the shield back on as he got into the Hangar. "Right Zeph, Andy and Ivan you stay here with the Elephant and me Tom and Douglas will find the room. When I radio you come to our position and Andy can plant the explosives." the Commander said. So they split up and set off to find the room. Douglas stopped in the corridor and kicked the wall. He then shot the corners and pulled of a panel. He fiddled with wires and tapped his TACPAD. There was a beep and a holographic map appeared on his TACPAD. He explored it and then highlighted an area. "That's where the core is." he said. "And how far away is that?" Tom asked. Douglas zoomed out a long way and pointed at a faraway corner of the map. "Oh." Tom said.

Douglas rifled through the grunts lining the hall as he ran down it. The Commander was running behind him shouting orders, and Tom was bringing up the rear, running backwards shooting with his dual SMGs. "To the right here!" Douglas shouted a he checked the holographic map on his TACPAD. "Left! Right! Keep ahead!" Douglas shouted. Suddenly he stopped and looked around. "Dead end!" Tom shouted. "It's not a dead end! It's a shortcut!" Douglas said as he chucked an explosive on the wall. The squad took cover and Douglas pressed the button on the detonator, destroying the wall and clearing a path. "That has halved our journey time!" Douglas said happily. "Well done Douglas! Lead the way." the Commander said. So they set off down another purple hall.

They came to a small room which was filled with Elites. "Is this it?" Tom asked. "No. We're almost there. If we can just sneak past these guards…" Douglas replied before being cut off with a gasp as he hit in the shoulder by a needle. Tom jumped at the sniper and shot it with his shotgun. Suddenly all the guards were alert and attacked the squad. "You 'okay Techie?!" Tom shouted. "I'll be okay!" he shouted back as he took out his pistol to fight. Tom jumped onto the wall and rebounded, flattening an Elite and stabbing it in the head. He got up with his SMGs at the ready and mowed down a couple more Elites. The Commander shot down a few with his Assault Rifle and Douglas dispatched some with his pistol. Douglas finished the last guard by driving his knife into its neck and the room was clear. "Are we there yet?" Tom said, rather impatiently. He looked tired and his armour was scratched, dented, and covered in blood. Douglas looked at the Commander's armour and then his own. The Commander's was slightly scratched and had a dent in it. Douglas' armour was the most badly damaged. It was scratched all over and the top layer of his bodysuit was ripped in places. He was covered in dents, had lots of blood, including his own, over him and he was leaking Biofoam. He paused for a second to tap his TACPAD and then lead the others away.

Finally the group came to a large door that was covered in red light indicating it was locked. Douglas shouted and kicked the door.
"Ivan, Andy, Zeph, come in." he said into his radio.
"Reading you loud and clear Techie." Andy said over the radio.
"Alright move in, we're gonna need Ivan." he said.

Douglas was sitting on a crate, idly fiddling with his TACPAD, and Tom and the Commander were slumped against the door when Ivan, Andy, and Zeph rounded the corner.
"You found the NAV-point then?" Douglas said, looking up.
"Nice to see you too comrade!" Ivan laughed.
"We got stuck at this door." Douglas said.
"Is there some kind of opening mechanism?" Zeph asked,
"Not one I can find. Must be for security." Douglas replied.
"I say we blow it up!" Andy said enthusiastically.
"No. You need to save your explosives." Douglas sighed.
"What do we do then?" Ivan asked.
"Well that's where you come in Ivan. We are going to break it down!" Douglas said.

Ivan lifted a huge crate up and ran at the door. He hit and bounced off causing a small dent. The others helped him on the second attempt and they caused a bigger dent. Eventually after three more attempts the door had almost collapsed in on itself. Ivan got out his Spartan Laser and shot right at the centre of the door. It was blown off and the team stepped in. They had come to the core room. It was a large chamber with a bright light coming from a large amount of machinery in the middle. Strangely, it was empty. Andy ordered them to start placing explosives in various places around the core while Ivan carried in some crates to be used as cover. Andy rigged them all up and turned round to get to cover. Instead he was slashed by an Energy Sword. And then the stealth Elites came out of camo with a smile.

The squad immediately engaged the Elites. Tom ran to Andy and protected him by shooting any curious Elites with his Shotgun. He was trying to speak. Tom told him to be quiet and took off his helmet. Andy was coughing blood and had a look of extreme pain on his face. Tom administered some Biofoam to the wound and then bandaged it up. Andy managed to splutter; "Protect the explosives!" Tom relayed his message to the rest of the squad and they moved into defensive positions. Tom put Andy's helmet back on and helped him up. He then threw Andy over his shoulder and ran to the crates. He put Andy in cover behind the crates and then went to join his team. Most of the Elites were gone except for a better armoured one who was probably the leader. The leader broke away and kicked away Douglas who was protecting the explosives and then slashed at them. Tom jumped on its back enraged and drove his knife into the roof of its mouth. It fell backwards and the Elites were finished.

With the help of Ivan and Tom Andy hobbled over to the explosives.
"Will they still work?" Douglas asked anxiously.
"Yes but the detonator won't work. Someone will have to detonate it manually." Andy said.
"But who?" Ivan asked.
"I will." Andy said.
"No." Douglas said. "I have Armour Lock and you are too injured anyway."
"Ok. Good luck." Andy said.
"Thanks." Douglas replied.

The squad was all ducking behind cover apart from Douglas who was standing next to the detonation panel. He pressed the button. There was a massive bang and a thick cloud of smoke covered the room. There were several loud crashes as the room began to cave in. "We have to go!" the Commander shouted. "Not without Techie!" Tom replied. The smoke cleared and there Douglas was, popping out of Armour Lock. Ivan slung Andy over his shoulder and the squad ran. The entire building was collapsing around them. "Back to the Elephant!" Douglas shouted. The rounded a corner and were about to enter the hangar where the Elephant was waiting when the ceiling caved in and blocked their path. "Now where?" Tom shouted. "There is another hangar with some spare vehicles!" Douglas replied as he tapped his TACPAD. "Follow me!"

They ran through the halls and found it increasingly harder to run and breathe as the base collapsed around them and the smoke got thicker. Just when they felt like they were about to drop down they reached the hangar. There stood, the only vehicle left, a captured Falcon. Douglas threw himself into the cabin and shouted; "All aboard!" Zeph and Ivan got on the turrets and put Andy on the bench, while the Commander and Tom sat on the two remaining seats. They managed to pull up just in time as the building collapsed around them. They all cheered as they reached the open sky.

"Frigate Bristol, you still there?" Douglas said over the comms.
"Reading you loud and clear!" the Frigate replied. "Nice explosion, we could see that from up here!"
"Can you send some Pelicans to pick up other friendly survivors and then some Longswords and MAC rounds to finish the job?" Douglas asked.
"Of course!" came the reply.
The squad watched as the requests were carried out. Then the Bristol radioed them.
"Well done. You did it ODST Squad 68!"