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ODST Squad 68 8
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 4 December 2010, 10:17 am

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ODST Squad 68 Part 8

The UNSC forces around the Covenant base had set up a temporary camp. It stored a small mobile armoury, a small garage to hold the vehicles as well as places for the troops to rest. The Commander looked around and saw all of this as he walked into the camp. He told the acting leader of Jackson's death and then set off towards the command centre to see what was going on. He found the rest of his squad. Zeph was sitting away from the rest of the group on the outside of the centre, polishing his Sniper Rifle. Ivan was sitting on an ammo crate watching events unfold. Andy was sitting against a weapon holder watching also. Tom was standing behind Douglas, who was speaking to someone on a screen. After a while the Commander figured out it was a high ranking ONI officer.
"…and here he is now!" the man on the screen said. Douglas and Tom reeled round and greeted him.
"What's going on?" he asked.
"I've been consulting my superior officer and he has decided that you will be the leader of the remainder of this operation. Not just the squad, but of all of the Marines here." Douglas replied.
"Well… We better get started then!" he said with a smile.

The entire squad, who were going to be the main attack force, where equipped with fresh ammo and supplies, and were given a worthy vehicle; an Elephant. Ivan manned the gun and the back and front were sealed up so only the turret and the top deck were open. The rest of the squad rode either in the bottom or on the top deck, with Douglas driving. There were several Falcons, Scorpions, Warthogs, even the odd Mongoose backing them up, as well as around 250 marines. It was a long drive to the base, and along the way they decided they would take out some of its defences. First up they would take out some off the anti-aircraft 'Tyrant' guns surrounding the area so that air support could get to them.

The Elephant stopped off as it would not really help in the destruction and instead the squad got into a Scorpion which lay within its troop bay. They opened the doors and Ivan manned the turret while Douglas drove. They took down the enemies surrounding the three guns which they had to take down and then got out to destroy them from inside. As usual they split up and Ivan, Andy and Zeph went for one, the Commander, Tom and Douglas for another, and a handful of marines for the other. They signalled each other and the run towards their respective guns to begin the attack.

The marines entered their gun and looked around. It was lightly guarded by a handful of Grunts, Jackals and two Elites leading them. The marines opened fire and were hit back at with bolts of plasma. Several marines were hit by they kept on going. Most of the Covenant infantry were dead and one Elite was badly injured. His fellow Elite was defending him but the marines wanted to finish their kill. A small group of them charged the uninjured Elite and distracted him while their leader ran at the injured Elite and finished him by stabbing his knife through the roof of its mouth. The distracted Elite lashed out in anger at the loss of his fellow and took down some marines. The others quickly finished him off however. Their leader inspected the core of the gun that they had to destroy while some of his men mopped up. The leader figured out what to do and directed his men to open fire on the shield covering the core. They did as they were instructed and shot at it. It popped and the leader tossed some grenades in the open core. He then shouted to run and the marines got out just in time to watch the gun explode into many bits. One down.

Ivan and Andy ventured inside their gun while Zeph waited on a cliff near the gun to give sniper support. Andy peered in and saw that there were some Brutes. Ivan ran in and took some down. Andy joined him and began to take some more down. A chieftain with a Gravity Hammer swung at Ivan, knocking him backwards and causing him to drop his Turret. He grabbed his Assault Rifle and shot at it. It run at him and swung. He grabbed its Hammer mid-swing and kicked it in the groin causing it to roar in pain and loosen its grip on the Hammer. Ivan took his chance and wrenched the Hammer from its hands. He then hit it with the handle with such force that its ribs cracked. Ivan took his knife and finished it off by slitting its throat. Meanwhile, Andy was getting attacked by the last Brute, a Chieftain with a Fuel Rod Gun. He was shooting rockets at it but it kept avoiding them. Andy was hit and thrown backwards and it moved in to finish him off. Suddenly it was hit in the neck by the blade of a Gravity Hammer. Its knees buckled and it fell over lifeless, with the Hammer still in its neck. Andy looked up to see where it had come from. It was Ivan. Ivan recovered his turret and shot the shield covering the core away. Andy shot a couple of grenades, as well as rocket for good measure, into the core. It exploded violently and threw Andy and Ivan into the wall. There was a loud beeping and Andy and Ivan began to run. Andy stopped and looked around just in time to see it explode and crush Ivan. Andy run to the wreckage of the gun and began to pull bits away to try and find Ivan. He called out his name but got no response. At that moment Zeph appeared, panting. He had seen what had happened and had come over to help try and find Ivan. He then joined in the search. Andy found his turret and threw it aside. It then occurred to him to look under where the gun had been so he began to dig. He found Ivan's helmet. He called out for Ivan again but got nothing. There was a loud noise that sounded like a person coming out of Armour Lock and an arm burst through the wreckage. The arm pulled itself up and, dragging himself out of the wreckage, was Ivan. Andy ran over to him and gave him his turret. They then joined Zeph and walked towards the Scorpion where they would meet the rest of their squad.

The rest of the Squad were currently walking into the last gun. They encountered no resistance.
"This aint right." Tom said in a worried tone. Just as he said that a Brute Stalker shot him in the back with its Mauler. He responded with his Shotgun.
"Douglas! You focus on destroying that core and Tom and I will deal with these guys!" the Commander ordered. Douglas obeyed him and rolled away, sending out a Hologram as he went. He took down the shield with his Assault Rifle and was about to go for the core when his helmet was ripped off and his mouth covered by an Elite in camo. It dragged him away with its wrist mounted Plasma Dagger pressing against his neck. It tingled but did not damage him. Tom and the Commander finished off the Brutes and turned round to see how Douglas was doing. They saw what was going on and the Commander ran to try and stop it. The Elite barked something in its language and lightly slashed Douglas' shoulder, making him grunt in pain. The Commander took the message and stopped. The Elite slowly twisted the blade into Douglas' shoulder which made him cry out in pain. The Elite laughed at his pain. The Commander threw his weapons down and shouted at the Elite to let him go. It ran at the Commander, still holding Douglas by the neck with one arm, and hit him hard in the head with the butt of his weapon, knocking him out. It then threw Douglas on the floor and kicked him in the stomach. Douglas winced and it laughed at him. It then violently picked him up by the throat and shoved him into a wall. It drove its blade in a slow, torturous manner into his stomach. He moaned at the pain. It then went to slit his neck but Tom ran up behind it, spun it round and stabbed it several times in the stomach. Tom roared in anger and slashed its chest before driving his knife so deep into its throat that his hand was in its jaws, choking it. It roared in extreme pain, threw up blood all over Tom's arm and then finally died. Tom kicked its dead body and screamed some obscenities at it. He then ran over and helped Douglas up.

"Are you okay Techie?!" Tom said in a concerned tone as he put away his knife.
"I'm fine. Finish off the core." Douglas replied. Tom took out his dual SMGs and shot at the core until it exploded. He then picked up the Commander and slung him over his shoulder. Douglas picked up the Commander's weapons and ran. Tom and Douglas got out just in time and the gun exploded. They met up with the rest of the squad and drove back to the Elephant in the Scorpion. Tom got the Commander conscious again and Douglas gave him his weapons. They then set off back by their small army of marines.

All guns were down, and they could finally destroy the base.