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ODST Squad 68 7
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 29 November 2010, 7:53 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 7

There were three spires and thus they had split into three teams; the Commander and a large squad of marines, Andy and Ivan, and Tom, Zeph and Douglas. Tom and Douglas also had to find out what they could about these new structures. And so they went towards the spires in a large convoy of Warthogs, Mongooses, and the odd Scorpion. The Commander was in the side seat of a Troop Transport Warthog driven by the aged marine. The rest of his small squad were in the transport bay. Douglas was driving a Warthog and Tom was in the side seat, with Zeph on the gun. Andy was driving a Mongoose and Ivan was in the back. As they approached the spires they heard;
"Team 1 break off!"
"Team 2 you follow."
"Team 3 go in last."
So the Commander went in first, then Andy and Ivan, and then the rest of the squad.

The Commander's Warthog approached the Spire. The aged marine put his foot down and the Warthog sped towards the protective shield. As soon as it was on the other side it broke down and the soldiers jumped out. In the distance, rising above some rocks, was their spire. They proceeded ahead and strangely encountered no resistance. "Hold back. This aint right." the aged marine said. Just then the Energy Sword-wielding Elites came out of camo and lunged. "It's a trap!" a marine cried as he was mown down. There were more marines than Elites however and they were soon beaten. One last Elite, the leader, lunged at the aged marine. The blade connected with flesh and the marine roared in pain. With one last effort he took his magnum and shot the Elite in the head a point-blank range, killing it. The Commander ran over and caught the marine as he fell.
"You're gonna be okay." the Commander said.
"No, I'm not."
"I never got your name."
"Jackson, Jeremiah Jackson."
Jackson ripped off his tags and gave them to the Commander.
"Beat the crap out of them." Jackson said as he shook the Commander's hand.
Then the hand went limp and Jeremiah Jackson breathed his last.

The Commander stood up and put the tags in his backpack and signalled for the rest of the troopers to move on. He was their leader now. They continued to the base of the spire and wiped out a few odd Grunts and Jackals which were scattered around and then went up the gravity lift and took out a few Brutes and disabled the outer shield. A Pelican swooped in and picked up the remainder of the squad and the Commander. Then some Longswords flew overhead and destroyed the spire.

Andy pulled the Mongoose into a wheelie and with a cry of "Yahoo!" he drove into the spire shielding. The mongoose flipped forward and catapulted Ivan out. Andy jumped to avoid being crushed and landed next to Ivan they got to their feet and continued on. They took down a few snipers which were hidden in the rocks outside of the spire and went on to the main structure. They jumped onto some rocks and looked over the clearing from a ridge. There were four Hunters surrounding the base, one on each side. They jumped down and attacked. Ivan mowed down and unaware one with its back to him straight away. Andy sent a rocket another one and they ran towards and opening leading to some ramps. Andy backed in and walked up to a platform at the top and gave supporting fire with his Grenade Launcher while Ivan stayed at the bottom. "You go ahead Andy, I'll hold them off!" Ivan said as another Hunter fell. Andy ran into a Gravity Lift and was sent up to the top. He was immediately tossed aside by a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer. The Chieftain raised the hammer above his head and was about to finish and off when Ivan came up just in time and shot the Chieftain to death. "Hunter's dead." he said.

Andy moved round to the control panel and rigged some explosives around the inside perimeter and the disabled the shield. He gave some charges to Ivan and told him to rig the outside perimeter as well. Ivan went to place them. As he went to prepare the last one he heard a "Bwagark!" as the Suicide Grunts activated their grenades. Ivan threw the charge on the wall and ran. The Grunts gave chase. Ivan grabbed his turret which he had leant against the wall and ran towards Andy. "Suicide Grunts!" he shouted at him. Andy finished rigging the charges and jumped backwards through a shield and onto the outside shield platform. Ivan joined him. Just in time a Falcon roared up behind them. Ivan jumped onto the bench and Andy got into a side seat. He took out a detonator and signalled to the pilot to move away. The Falcon swerved away an Andy activated the detonator. The spire and the surviving Grunts exploded violently. The second spire was down, and only Zeph, Tom and Douglas' spire remained.

Douglas sped towards the outer shield of the spire. As he drove along towards it he hit a rock and the Warthog was sent flying.
"Brace for impact!" he shouted as they flew through the shield and towards the ground. They landed and were flung out. Suddenly hundreds of bolts of plasma flew at them and they ducked behind the crashed Warthog for cover.
"How many are there?!" Tom asked.
Zeph looked with his Sniper Rifle and said;
"'bout twenty of 'em."
"Let's get them." Douglas said, readying his pistol. Zeph used his sniper and Tom went for dual SMGs. They ran at the Grunts and Jackals which were lead by a few odd Elites. Tom saw an Engineer floating overhead and went for it. He run across a rock and then jumped at it. He took out his Shotgun and blew it up. He then switched back to his SMGs as he landed. He engaged the Elites while Zeph took the Jackals and Douglas took the Grunts. Within seconds they had all been eliminated and the ODSTs continued up the path.

They came to the base of the spire and met a large battalion of Brutes supported by two Hunters. Tom went for the Hunters, Douglas for the Brutes, and Zeph provided support. Straight away Zeph killed two of the Brutes with a double headshot and Douglas shot down another one. It did not take too long to kill the Brutes but Tom was having more trouble with the Hunters. With the help of Zeph he had taken down one and was just finishing off a second. After cleaning up the last of the Brutes, Douglas ran to his aid. Eventually all the Hunters were dead and Douglas and Tom proceeded to the next floor. Zeph stayed where he was to support them. Suddenly some Elites came out of camo and attacked Douglas and Tom. Zeph took one down as soon as he saw it shimmer and Tom and Douglas went for the others. Tom took down several with his Shotgun while Douglas finished off some with his Magnum. After a while they were all defeated and Tom signalled for Zeph to form up on the platform. Zeph put his Sniper Rifle away and ran to them. When he arrived, Tom signalled that they should enter the Gravity Lift. Tom jumped in first, Shotgun at the ready, followed by Douglas, and finally by Zeph with his DMR. They came up and were immediately ambushed by Skirmishers. They were soon joined by some Drones and an Engineer that came in through the hole in the roof. Zeph engaged the Drones while Tom took the Skirmishers. The door was blocked so Douglas climbed the wall behind him and came to the control console. He took out some equipment and readied his TACPAD so he could study the structure.

Zeph was having trouble with the Drones as they were shielded by the Engineers and he could not land a headshot. Tom climbed up a small structure in the middle and jumped at the Engineer. He landed his knife right in its side and it exploded, throwing Tom into the wall. Zeph quickly wiped out the now unshielded Drones and helped Tom, who was upright again, with the Skirmishers. Most of them were taken down, but there was one who was hard to take down. It was extremely fast and agile and also had a short burst of camo every now and then. It wielded dual Plasma Daggers and wore the armour of a Skirmisher Champion, but in jet black. It decided to go for Douglas. Tom warned him and Douglas wheeled round just in time to see the Skirmisher jump at him. He blocked one blade with his wrist but the other one was plunged deep into his chest. He yelled in pain and punched it in the head. Zeph came round the corner and shot at it with his DMR. The Skirmisher blocked it with his elbow shields and jumped at Douglas again, slashing his left arm. Douglas roared and kicked it in the head, knocking it over. It skidded across the floor and hit a wall. Douglas put his foot on its chest and shot it in the head with his Magnum. He then collapsed in pain.

Tom ran over to him and took out his medical supplies. He applied some Biofoam to the slash and it healed up quickly, but it took him longer to fix the stab. Eventually he fixed up Douglas' wounds and sat him upright.
"What was that?" Tom asked.
"I don't know. I'll send the data to ONI." Douglas replied.
"Are you done with the spire?"
Douglas walked over to his equipment and after around a minute he put all his equipment away and deactivated the shield. A Falcon picked them up and a MAC round ripped through the spire, destroying it.

All the spires were down, and the attack could begin.