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ODST Squad 68 6
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 20 November 2010, 11:14 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 6

Tom coughed up blood as he reached for his shotgun. He looked around but there was nothing but fire and smoke. He coughed again and felt like the smoke was choking him. He need clean air or he would die. He felt around on the ground and found his helmet. He holstered his shotgun and tried to take his helmet. It was stuck. He moved closer and saw that it was buried. He brushed off the rocks and dust on the top and pulled it out he turned it around and shook it to clear the dust and then, with the last of his strength, put it on. He sealed and gratefully breathed in the fresh supply of oxygen. He flicked his helmet torch on, and began searching for the rest of the squad.

He found the Commander lying face first in a rock pile. Thankfully, he still had his helmet on. Tom turned him over and felt his wrist. He was alive but unconscious. Tom made sure the Commander had all his weapons and then picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. He then went to see who else he could find. Suddenly there was a loud noise. Tom wheeled round, dropping the Commander and taking out his shotgun. There was a pile of rubble which suddenly exploded as Ivan burst out. Tom put away his weapon and Ivan took over carrying the Commander. Yet again they set off to find the rest of the squad.

Zeph pulled himself out of the dust and tried to get up but couldn't. His arm was stuck. He tried kicking the rock that was pinning it down off but he had no luck. He switched on his radio and sent a message to the rest of the squad for help. Tom came to a large piece of wreckage and, leant up against it, was Andy. He was moaning and coughing as he held his stomach. Ivan ran to see what was wrong. Andy's stomach was full of shrapnel. Ivan called Tom over, who came running. Tom laid Andy down on the ground and took out his medical supplies. He fixed up Andy for a while and then helped him up. Ivan grabbed him and helped him walk. They continued on.

Tom received a distress signal and traced the source. There on the ground, pinned beneath a boulder, was Zeph. Ivan placed the Commander on the ground and handed Andy over to Tom. He then grabbed the boulder and with a grunt he lifted it away. Tom gave Zeph a quick medical check and then helped him up. Zeph could walk on his own so helped Andy.
"Everyone…" said Tom. "Except Techie."
They then tried to contact Douglas on their radios but got no response.

Douglas opened his eyes and looked around. He was a mess. He was covered in dirt and blood. His helmet laid beside him, dented and his armour was in any better of a state. He tried to move but pain ripped through his body and he coughed up blood. His TACPAD had shattered and was flickering. He used it to place a beacon and the lost consciousness.

Tom received the beacon and got excited.
"I'm getting a distress beacon!" he said excitedly. "It must be Techie!"
"Let's get him" Ivan said.
"No." Tom replied. "You stay here with the unconscious and wounded. Zeph, you come with me."
"Sure." Zeph sighed.
Tom and Zeph left Andy and the Commander with Ivan and set off to find Douglas.

Zeph saw Douglas' helmet and nudged Tom.
"Techie! Techie! Are you alright?!" Tom called.
No response came. Tom ran over and found Douglas.
"This isn't good. He's in a critical state!" Tom shouted frantically.
Tom then took out his medical supplies and did what he could. Zeph radioed Ivan and told him to bring the others over. Ivan told him that the Commander had come to and was uninjured. Zeph told Tom and then leant against a rock. In a few minutes Ivan appeared with the Commander and Andy close by.
"Commander! How are you?" Tom asked.
"I'm fine. How's Douglas?" the Commander replied.
"He's stable."
"Good. We'll stay here a bit so Douglas and Andy can recuperate."
"Will do."
"Tom, look after them. The rest of you, take a rest."

Douglas slowly opened his eyes. Tom was standing over him.
"Tom?" he said faintly.
"Gently, Techie. You took quite a bit of damage."
"How long have I been out?"
"Couple of hours."
"Am I battle-ready?"
"Almost. You probably could fight, but I want your wounds to heal a bit more."
"We're getting something on the radio!" Andy said.
"What is it?" the Commander asked.
"It's a friendly base, not far from here." Ivan replied.
"Needs some help. Asking for Squad 68 specifically." came Zeph's voice.
"We'll chase it up in a bit, when Douglas is a bit better. Give me some more Biofoam!" Tom said.
Douglas then fell back out of consciousness.

Douglas got up, found out he could walk and got his armour ready. He had a quick talk with the squad and then got his helmet on. The squad got their armour and weapons ready and set off on foot towards the source of the call for help. After a while of walking they came to a partially destroyed base. There was a large Covenant ship crashed in the side and there as burning rubble strewn about. Douglas ran ahead and tried to open the front door. Zeph found a way up to the roof and Tom came to back up Douglas. Andy, Ivan and the Commander waited behind them Techie got the door open and Tom took out his shotgun and looked around.
"Deserted!" he said, lowering his weapon.
"Let's go!" the Commander said.
Zeph came down and followed them in. Douglas shut the door behind them, enveloping them in darkness. They all turned on their night vision and torches.
"It's quiet…" Andy said.

Suddenly Douglas was tackled to the ground and had a Shotgun pointing in his face.
"Get off him!!!" Tom shouted.
"Detain them!!!" someone said.
There were gunshots and shouting.
"Get off of me!" Ivan shouted.
"Jones, Smith take him down!"
"Get them squad!" the Commander shouted.
"Get the hell away dude!" Zeph yelled.
"STOP!!!" came a voice.
Suddenly bright lights were in Douglas' face.
"He's an ODST! Get his helmet off."
A rough looking man yanked Douglas' helmet off and pulled back his hair to reveal his face.
"Identify yourself!" said the man. He was a high-ranking marine with grey hair, a cigarette, and a magnum pointing in Douglas' face. "Well?"
"ONI Officer Douglas of ODST Squad 68."
"And your friends?"
"The rest of Squad 68."
The marine looked shocked and helped Douglas up, giving him back his helmet.
"I'm sorry, we're just very nervous and we had to check."
"You've got a funny way of checking, comrade." Ivan said.
"Cool it Ivan." The Commander said. "Now. You called for us."
"Yes I did, now come with me to the briefing room."

In the briefing room was a holographic map showing the base the Squad were supposed to be destroying and the shield installations surrounding it.
"What are those?" the Commander asked.
"I meant to tell you Commander." Zeph said. "Those are the shield spires I spotted."
"They protect the enemy base." said the marine. "They've been giving us trouble for quite a while. We heard you had a mission to destroy the base they are protecting. We wanted to help you and take down those Spires. We have many men, vehicles and weapons at your disposal. Please help."
"Very well." Said the Commander.

And with that they began to plan their attack.