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ODST Squad 68 5
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 13 November 2010, 2:13 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 5

Tom and Andy reached the ridge and looked around.
"Well here it is." said Tom.
"Deserted." Andy said, glumly.
"Sitrep?" Douglas asked over the comms.
"Trail's gone cold." Tom replied.
Suddenly Tom lost connection and there was a loud noise just as the ground started shaking uncontrollably. Douglas' Phantom soared overhead.
"Get aboard!" Douglas shouted as he activated the Gravity Lift.
Andy began to run towards the lift when the phantom was hit by some Anti-Air bolts.
"No!" Tom shouted.
The Phantom was on fire and swerved downwards uncontrollably. At the last second Douglas gained control and broke away. Suddenly a Wraith rounded the corner and shot at Andy and Tom. A few Elites were backing it up as well. The leader activated his sword and ran at Tom. Just as he was about to lunge, he was shot through the head by a sniper. Tom and Andy looked for the source of the shot. There, up on a cliff edge, was Zeph.

"Boom! Headshot." he said.
"Zeph?" Andy said.
"It's a distraction! Hide!" Zeph shouted at them as he slide down the cliff side.
He landed, put away his sniper and run towards them. He led them into a small indent of the cliff. There was another bang and a giant, purple leg smashed into the ground in front of them.
"Scarab!" shouted Douglas as his phantom reappeared.
"Get away Douglas!" Zeph shouted.
"You can call him Techie." Tom whispered.
Douglas opened his side troop door and Ivan jumped out, wielding a Plasma Turret.
"Look after them!" Douglas told him as he shut the troop door.
"Will do!" Ivan replied, running towards the others. A
A green bolt from the scarab hit Douglas right in the back. The Phantom flew away, badly damaged.
"The Commander is on the Scarab!" Zeph told them.
"I'll take down its legs and you board it and get the Commander!" Douglas said.
The Phantom came back again and with its main cannon, took down a leg. The Scarab buckled and the rest of the squad jumped into the back.

Just as Ivan got on the Scarab stood back up to it full height. The squad cleared the troop bay and then proceeded to the upper decks. There were some highly ranked Elites and Brutes waiting for them. Ivan opened fire with his turret and Andy fired off some grenades to disable any shields. Zeph climbed up to the next deck and provided sniper support and Tom sneaked away to the side to find the Commander. He reached the back of the Scarab and by the power core, being held by the throat being interrogated by an Elite, was the Commander. Tom sneaked behind the Elite and drove his knife through its back, severing its spinal cord. The Elite was instantly killed and dropped the Commander. Tom ran to him and gave him a quick check up.
"You OK?" he asked.
"Yeah." the Commander said.

"Andy!" Tom called. "We're gonna need some explosives over here!"
"Go! I'll cover you!" Ivan said.
Andy ran towards the core as Ivan and Andy continued to hold off the enemies. Just as Andy was going around the side, a Brute Chieftain landed in front of him and knocked him off of the Scarab with the blade of his Gravity Hammer. Zeph heard him yelling and slide down to help him. He was rewarded with a gravity burst to the chest, causing him to fall off as well. Tom and the Commander went round to investigate and were swung at with the hammer. They dodged and ran to Ivan. Ivan turned his fire to the Chieftain. Suddenly the scarab rocked and the Commander toppled backwards, off of the Scarab. Tom jumped after him. Ivan threw aside his out of ammo turret and ran up to the Chieftain. He grabbed its hammer by the handle, kneed it in the stomach and wrenched the hammer aside. The Chieftain roared angrily and kicked him away. Ivan got up and began punching it in the face. In the ensuing struggle it lost its helmet and began bleeding. It then knocked Ivan down.
Ivan kicked it backwards, grabbed its hammer and whacked it in the head with the hammer.
The blade ran right through, cracking the skull and killing it instantly. Ivan then jumped off.
Tom threw down a drop shield and everyone huddled inside.
"Come on Techie, you can pick us up now, we're safe!" Tom shouted.
"No you're not." came the reply.
On cue, a green bolt came from the Scarab, shattering the shield and scattering the squad.
"What are you gonna do?" Tom asked.
"Hit it." he said. "Right in the ass."

And with that he slammed the battered Phantom right into the back of the Scarab, destroying it and covering everyone in debris.