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ODST Squad 68 4
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 6 November 2010, 8:25 pm

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ODST Squad 68 Part 4

Ivan and Andy were walking around for a while when they came to a small came to a small building. They decided to explore, should any friendly, or indeed, enemy, forces be lurking in it. They activated their VISRs and walked in, weapons at the ready. Ivan led the way, kicking anything in the way. They eventually came to what was once the communications are of the base and Andy yoinked his helmet off and laid it down on a nearby table that was littered with radios and such equipment.
"We should try and get these working." Andy said. "See if we can get anyone on the comms."
"Good idea." replied Ivan. "But do you know how to get these working?"
"I could at least try." Andy retorted.
"OK. Just don't blow anything up." Ivan laughed.

Douglas had docked the Phantom after they had been searching for a while and was fiddling about in the troop bay. Tom was sat leaning against a wall, playing with his Shotgun absentmindedly. Douglas had taken of his helmet and it now lay discarded on the floor. He was looking around in some circuitry which he had accessed after opening a panel in the wall. He was digging through the wires and then for some reason hit the wall and sunk to the floor.
"What's the matter with you?" Tom asked.
"The communication facilities on this are rubbish!" Douglas replied.
Tom slipped off his helmet and shot Douglas a puzzled look.
"I'm trying to use this Phantom's comms to contact the rest of the squad." Douglas explained.
Tom turned back to his Shotgun and Douglas hurried off to the cockpit. Before he went he closed up the panel and picked up and put on his helmet. He mucked around with the controls in the cockpit and tried to get some communication going.

Andy had been working on the comms for about 10 minutes when he finally poked his head up and shouted enthusiastically; "I've done it!" Ivan, who had been leaning, arms folded, against a nearby wall, looked at him in surprised. Andy pushed some buttons on the main console and the radios crackled to life. He then sent out a call to the rest of the squad. They waited for a while when suddenly a crackly voice came back through;
"This is the Commander of ODST Squad 68. Any members of the squad who are receiving this please respond immediately."
Andy quickly grabbed a microphone and tried to respond. Ivan came over to see what was going on.
"Commander?" Andy said.
"Who's that?" came the response.
"It's Anderson Brown and Vanya Gargarin of Squad 68."
"Andy, Ivan! Where are you?"
"We're in a small abandoned base." said Andy and, pulling up a holographic map, told the Commander the co-ordinates.
"Good. I'll try and get to you."
There was then a yell and a burst of static.
"Commander? What's going on?" Andy said worriedly.
"Ambush! I'm somewhere around…" the Commander said before being cut off. Andy quickly traced the point of origin and copied this information as well as the recording on to a memory card. He took it out and put it somewhere safe. He then turned to leave and look for the Commander when he was stopped but the sound of another voice crackling through the radio.
"Hello? Is anyone receiving? This is Douglas of ODST Squad 68? Does anyone copy?"
"The newbie." Ivan said.
"Douglas? This is Andy and Ivan. Where are you?"
"We've commandeered a Phantom. Do you need transport?"
"Send me the coordinates, we'll be right there."

Douglas had finally got the Phantom comms working and had picked up Andy's signal. Andy read out the coordinates and Douglas pulled up a map. He located the coordinates as well as their current location and set off to find Andy and Ivan.

Andy shut down all the comms and put his helmet back on. He then led Ivan back outside just in time to see Douglas' Phantom coming in to land. Just as it came in close it was hit by a Wraith shot. Douglas quickly opened the Grav Lift on the underside and Andy and Ivan were pulled into the ship.
Tom gave Andy a high five and nodded at Ivan.
"Nice of you to join us." he joked.
"We've got a problem." Andy said grimly.
"The Commander…"
"The Commander?" Tom butted in.
"We spoke to him. But… He was ambushed."
"But we got his last recorded coordinates." Ivan said.
"Give 'em to me." Douglas shouted from the cockpit.
Andy went into the cockpit and handed Douglas the memory card.
"I saved the coordinates and the conversation on there."
"Thanks." Douglas replied.
He put the coordinates into the controls and then put it on auto-pilot. It was a long journey, so he decided to follow Andy into the troop bay to chat to the rest of the squad.

They had been chatting for a while when Tom raised a point;
"You need a callsign Douglas."
"Doug?" Andy asked.
"Nah." Douglas replied.
"What are you good at?" Ivan asked.
"I dunno."
"You're quite the techie." Tom said. "Hey wait! That's a good one. Techie."
"Yeah I quite like that." Andy said.
"It fits." said Douglas.
"Techie it is." said Tom.
Just then they arrived at the coordinates.
"Andy, Tom you look around and see what you can find. We'll will stay here and look from the skies."
"Sure thing, techie." Tom said to Douglas.

Douglas opened up one of the side doors and Andy jumped out, Grenade Launcher in hand, with Tom close behind. Douglas shut the door and flew upwards. A small section where the turret was opened and Ivan looked out. Tom and Andy landed, Andy in a tree and Tom right on the floor. Tom rolled and the Shotgun slid out of his hand. He pushed himself up and grabbed his shotgun, just as Andy threw himself out of the tree.
"Keep in contact." came Douglas' voice through the radio.
"Will do." Tom replied.
"Let's go!" Andy said excitedly.

And so the search began.