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ODST Squad 68 2
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 23 October 2010, 11:58 am

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ODST Squad 68 Part 2

Douglas' drop pod zoomed through the sky, on fire from entry, and then hit a cliff. There was a huge smash and the pod ricocheted of the edge of the rocky cliff and splashed into the nearby sea. Douglas was knocked out by the impact of the crash into the cliff, and his helmet had been knocked askew. He blinked back into consciousness just in time to see the water splashing against his drop pod window. He looked down at he feet and was surprised to find they were submerged in water. There was a crack in the window and the drop pod was slowly sinking into the murky depths. He tried to get up but the sudden movement made him dizzy and he almost threw up. He sank back into the seat trying to remain conscious.

When he managed to slowly get back up again, the water was up to his knees and slowly coming to his waist. Suddenly, another crack appeared and jet of water sprung at his chest, increasing the flow of water. Douglas reached for his helmet, but it had become stuck and he could not pull it free. He turned round and pushed the door of his pod. The volume and pressure of the water meant he could not open it. The water slowly crept towards his chest as he began to hit the explosive bolts on the door. After he had hit two of the bolts, yet another crack appeared in the window and more water flooded in. He hit the third and the water reached his shoulders. He hit the fourth just as the water reached his neck, and reached for the fifth as his head went under. Everything went quiet.

There was a bang and a rush of water as the door of the drop pod flew off. Douglas got to the surface just in time and breathed a huge gulp of air before going back under the water. He took his SMG and holstered it on his right thigh. His pistol was in his TACTICAL/HARD CASE on his right thigh and he had just clipped his Assault Rifle to his back. He drew out his pistol and shot the cluster of wires and debris holding his helmet until the helmet floated at him. He grabbed it and swam back to the surface. He shook his head to dry his hair and then slipped and locked his helmet back on.

Douglas swam towards the shore which was a short distance away. After a while swimming he stopped and surveyed the beach. On the portion of shore in front of him there was a small assortment of Covenant. There were a few Grunts and Jackals/Skirmishers, an Engineer guarded by Drones, a pair of Hunters, an Elite, presumably the leader, with an Energy Sword, and two Elite-driven Ghosts. Douglas considered the situation and decided to try and slip past. He drew his Pistol and took down the Engineer before diving underwater and activating Active Camo to avoid counter-fire. His suit combined with his helmet would sustain him underwater for a fair while. He swam closer and the popped up his head. He grabbed two frags from his waist and threw them at the aliens as his Active Camo ran out. The Grunts and Jackals were taken down by this and Douglas used the distraction to get out of the water and Sprint at his enemies.

He took some Plasma Grenades from the dead Grunts and threw them at the Hunters, killing one. He quickly took down the other with SMG just as it was about to fire back. Most of the Elites had lost their shields and a few of the Drones had been killed by the explosions. He threw down a Drop Shield and sent out a Hologram to distract the ghost. His Drop Shield ran out and he rolled sideways and finished of the other Drones with some quick headshots from his pistol, before switching to his Assault Rifle and mowing down the Elites. Finally he Armour Lock-ed and destroyed one of the ghost before jumping backwards and hijacking the other one. He then zoomed off further upshore.

Zeph kicked the door of his pod off and flopped to the ground outside. He pushed himself up, shook his head and took his Sniper Rifle and DMR from his pod and then began to walk slowly away from the pod. "Is anyone there?" he said over his radio. There was no reply. He had seen a drop pod land near a large expanse of water not far from him. He clambered on to a pile of rock and looked around with his goggles. He saw some heat signatures down by the beach. He took out his Sniper Rifle, aimed at the most powerful looking Elite, and popped a headshot right between his eyes. "Good night." he muttered to himself. He took out a few more Elites before sliding down the rock pile, rolling forward and pulling out his DMR. He quickly took down the Grunts and Jackals with one magazine. He reloaded, put away his gun and walked further down the beach. He could hear several Phantoms gliding overhead, shooting their guns. He took out his Sniper Rifle and peeked out from behind the rock to see what all the excitement was about. He saw an ODST with a strange looking helmet zooming forward in a Ghost. Just as he surveyed the trooper, the Phantoms arrived and hit the ghost with all the power of their guns. The ODST jumped out and Armour Lock-ed to avoid any further damage. Zeph had seen enough. He put his Sniper Rifle on his back and ran at full pelt towards the ODST.

Douglas had been surrounded by Phantoms and his Ghost was no more. He Armour Locked to avoid any damage. The Phantoms dropped off some troops and flew away. Douglas' Armour Lock ran out and he rolled sideways. He was just reaching for his Assault Rifle when a Gravity Hammer came flying at him. The blade smacked him in the chest and he flew backwards into a rock with a minor wound. The Chieftain who owned the hammer ran over to Douglas and picked him up. The Brute took out his combat knife and was about to finish Douglas when its breath caught in its throat and it fell backwards dropping Douglas. Douglas leapt to his feet to see what had happened. In the distance he could see Zeph strolling towards him, casually picking off enemies with his DMR. "Thanks." Douglas said. Zeph grunted at him. Douglas looked at his wound. "Need help?" said Zeph gruffly. "I'm OK." Douglas replied. Douglas took some supplies out of the TACTICAL/TRAUMA KIT on his other thigh and patched up his wound. Zeph pulled him up and Douglas began to try and contact the rest of the squad. He got no luck and instead followed Zeph who had started to walk further up the beach.

Tom's vision slowly returned as he looked around his pod. He had hit the ground quite hard and felt slightly concussed. He looked outside the slit of glass in the door. He had landed in a deserted building, possibly a shopping centre or holiday complex. He has smashed through a glass roof and had landed in the concrete in the middle of the building floor. Suddenly a Skirmisher looked in. Tom quickly slumped into his seat and shut his eyes. There was a growling noise and an Elite came up to the window. Tom opened his eyes again and saw a Brute pushing aside the Elite. The Brute grabbed the door and ripped it off. Tom grabbed his Shotgun just as he was grabbed and pulled out by the Brute. He pushed the Shotgun into the Brute's stomach and pulled the trigger. The Brute's guts spilled over the floor and Tom was dropped. The Elite punched Tom to the ground and ripped the Shotgun from his hands. The Elite activated his small Plasma Dagger and went to stab Tom. Tom blocked the blade with his UA/BRACER and drew a knife, which he quickly plunged into the Elite's mouth. It roared in pain and flinched. This was enough time for Tom to draw his SMG. He pointed it inbetween the Elite's eyes and pulled the trigger. The Elite's brains were turned to mush that poured out of the hole in his head. Tom recovered his knife, picked up his Shotgun and took some supplies from his pod. He then headed off to find the rest of the squad.

Andy's pod flew through the sky and slap bang into a wall. The pod shook and began to roll down a nearby slope. Andy hit the explosive bolts and chuckled as the door exploded and was thrown off the pod. He ripped out his Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher and jumped out of the pod. Rocket Launcher on his back, Grenade Launcher in one hand, he soared towards the ground. Just as he was about to hit the ground, he hooked his Grenade Launcher onto a pole to slow down his descent, and then hit the ground with a slight thump. He grabbed his Grenade Launcher which had been wrenched out of his hands by the pole and set off to find some friendlies.

Ivan's pod roared through the trees and rocks. It was on fire and Ivan was struggling to get the door open. He kicked and made a dent. He kicked the door some more, until it was mangled enough to allow him to throw it away. His pod was sideways and he knelt up and looked out. The scenery was whizzing past. Ivan grabbed his Spartan Laser and his Assault Rifle and threw himself out of the pod. He grunted a he landed on the ground. He steadied himself,put his weapons away, and then looked up to see his pod slam into some gas canisters, blowing up in a gigantic explosion. He ten set off to see what he could find.

Meanwhile Zeph and Douglas had made steady progress and were climbing up a cliff. As they reached the top Zeph scoped the area with his Sniper Rifle. Douglas did the same with some binoculars he produced from his backpack. They saw a barren wasteland, and, far in the distance, barely recognisable, was the base they had to destroy. The base itself was protected by three tall spires that were generating a large shield. Douglas made a note to relay this to the commander when he got the chance. Zeph saw all of this also, but he spotted something else. Looking down he saw Tom. He was surrounded by Elites and it looked like he was about to be overwhelmed. He nudged Douglas and pointed it out.

Douglas turned round just in time to see Tom get beaten to the ground and stabbed to death.