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ODST Squad 68 1
Posted By: Zogen<prinngeorge2@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 11 September 2010, 9:54 am

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ODST Squad 68 Part 1: Introduction

Douglas was a well-built white English soldier. He had long blond/brown hair and gentle brown eyes. He was muscular and tall, but did not often uses these assets. He was an officer of ONI and preferred to be behind a computer than in the battlefield. But alas, he would not have this luxury in his new assignment. He was being transferred to ODST Squad 68 to be their technological officer and ONI liaison. Another talent he had was the ability to drive or pilot any vehicle, UNSC or Covenant, with extreme skill. Whenever he was put in a situation that required him to drive, he would be deadly, if a bit reckless. He would always keep any passengers alive and the vehicle functioning, while still being able to complete his objective. He was also naturally, being an ONI agent, an expert on weapons and vehicles. He would use this skill to great effect in the battle field.

His armour was based on the ODST body suit, but with many of his own modifications. Some of the main modifications include extra armour, a modified forearm to hold his trusty TACPAD, extended-EVA/hostile environment modifications and a modified helmet that had built in flashlights, cameras and a combined VISR/Night Vision System. Another thing he used frequently was his trusty M6D Magnum Sidearm or 'Magnum' as it was often called. It too was heavily modified. Apart from the already present scope it had a laser pointer, a silencer and flash suppressor, modified deadlier bullets, and extended magazines. He also carried a non-modified, standard issue M7/Caseless Submachine Gun or 'SMG', and a MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System or 'Assault Rifle'. He had many Armour Abilities including Sprint, Active Camo, Holograph, Armour Lock and a Drop Shield although he would not often put them to use.

Douglas had not yet met Squad 68, and was walking down the hall, towards the briefing room in order to meet them. He had read the ONI files and had discovered there were five members of the squad apart from him, and each had their own role.

There was the Commander, an old and war-scarred veteran named Domhnall 'Dom' MacDonald. He had what was once known as a Scottish accent and was Caucasian. He normally had a shaved head, but otherwise had blond, greying hair, and had stubble as well as lots of scars. He had no preference when it came to weapons and usually just carried whatever was standard for the mission, usually a Silenced SMG and a Pistol. He used Sprint as his armour ability.

The second-in-command and CQB specialist went by the name of Thomas 'Tom' Jones. He was a fairly young English Caucasian with crew cut brown-black hair. He also acted as the squad's unofficial medic. He usually carried typical close-quarters weapons such as; a Shotgun, an unsilenced SMG, a pistol, and an assortment of knives. He used a Drop Shield and Sprint.

The marksman was called Zephania 'Zeph' Smith, and was quite the 'lone wolf'. He was a middle-aged medium brown African with curly brown hair. He uses a sniper, usually modified to include extras such as increased zoom, a suppressor/silencer, night vision, a tripod, and extended magazines. He also wielded a DMR, a pistol, and used Active Camo systems as well as Sprint.

There was heavy weapons specialist, a young and energetic Russian, Vanya 'Ivan' Garagin. He had fairly long straight black hair and slight stubble. He mainly wields a Spartan Laser, an Assault Rifle and a pistol. He also frequently use other heavy support weapons such as a turret. He uses Armour Lock and Sprint.

The explosives expert was an American Caucasian named Anderson 'Andy' Brown. He had messy brown hair and a clean shaven face. He was very enthusiastic and often used a Rocket Launcher, a Grenade Launcher and a pistol, as well as any other explosives, such as the M168 Demolition Charge, that the mission required. He used Armor Lock and Sprint.

Douglas was eager to meet them, and sped up his walk as he approached the briefing room. As he entered he saw the squad clustered around a briefing table. The Commander was at the head of the table, barking orders, and Tom was behind him getting weapons ready. Zeph was leaning against a wall away from everyone, helmet on, tinkering with his sniper. Ivan and Andy were at the opposite end of the table, chatting to each other. The Commander caught sight of Douglas and stopped talking. "It's the ONI spook." muttered Tom. Douglas walked up to the Commander. "I've been transferred to your Squad commander," said Douglas "I am to accompany you on your next assignment." The commander replied; "We've got a combat drop in a few minutes, get suited up." Douglas went to a nearby storage unit and found his helmet and armour. He was already in his under-suit, but the rest of the squad had all their armour except their helmets on, and Douglas was eager to join them. He got on his modified armour and helmet and picked up his pistol. He then went towards the rack of weapons and picked up a SMG and an Assault Rifle. "Where's my pod Commander?" he asked. "It's the furthest on the left!" he shouted from across the room. Douglas put the SMG and Assault Rifle in his pod and then walked back over to the table where the squad was gathered. "Zeph, get over here!" yelled the Commander. Zeph reluctantly put his Sniper Rifle on his back and walked over, taking of his helmet, and stood around the table with the rest of the squad.

"Right," said the Commander, "our objective is to capture and/or destroy that Covenant base." He pointed to a small Covenant base on the holographic map. "I guess that's my department." said Andy. "If it comes to that, yes it is." said the Commander. "Prepare to drop!" he suddenly shouted as the sirens blared. Everyone rushed to the weapons rack, putting on their helmets and picking up their weapons. Everyone then got in their pods and shut the doors. Douglas secured his helmet, put on his backpack, and rushed to his pod. He clambered in and the door snapped shut. He strapped himself in and sat back as the screens in his pod flickered on to reveal the faces of the Commander and Tom. They were shouting orders, but Douglas wasn't listening. This was his first proper combat drop and he was preparing himself. The pod turned down and was lowered into space. There was a clanking noise and the pod was released. Douglas' stomach lurched as the pod suddenly dropped. He was zooming towards the planet's surface. As he entered cloud level he deployed rear drag chute and soon after his braking rockets activated. He saw the ground coming and shut his eyes. He felt like he was going to fast and was going to die.

Then he hit the ground.