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The Auxilliaries Chap 1: Prolouge/ Death to the Auxilliaries
Posted By: Zikor paleotek<Zikor@comcast.net>
Date: 17 November 2007, 4:12 am

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There has always been rumors of humans in the covenant military. The marines and sailors always dismissed it s just that, rumors. At leat till the battle of Seremon V, When the Evarian Fleet was destroyed by covenant Warships piloted by humans in a form of elite combat armor.
When these Auxillaries,as they were known, hit the planet, the devestated Seremon V's Militia and the Evarian forces and then glassed the planet.

One group had an impressive amount of sucessful issions against the other humans, having glassed or captured 6 planetes and inflicted thousands of casualties. They were the human auxilliaries in charge of the ship Great Tempest, a covenant capitol ship led by Zikor Paleotek, a White armored Auxilliary who had killed more marines than any Auxilliary.

"The Hierarchs fear him Fieldmaster." Shipmaster Zarkos Said to his gold clad brother Oriues. "yes, but worry not brother," the gold elite said, 'as we shall recieve the order soon." as if that was his cue, an eliet Minor entered and gave a bow. "Sirs, permission to speak in your prence." The Blue armored warrior said. "You may minor. What is it." Zarkos said.
"The Hierarchs wish to speak with you. They may finally allow us to destroy the Great Tempest and its crew."
"Very well. Come Oriues, let us see what the Hierarchs want." Zarkos said as he grabbed his helmet.

As the three elites entered the Cruiser Holy Warrior's War-room, all of the officers stood and saluted thier two supiriors.
"Ah, Fieldmaster Oriues, Shipmaster Zarkos, its good to see you both again." a hologram of the prophet of Truth said to them. "Greetings holy one. what is it you request of us?" Zarkos said to the prophet.

"The council has ruled that the Auxilliaries be put to death. since you re the only ones with a ship to destroy the Auxilliary ships around this planet, we need you to dealwith that. Kill Zikor as soon as possible. we would also like you to deal with his ship and troops on the ground in particular.

With a loud mobilization alram, Thousands of grunts and jackles and hundreds of elites headed for the hangers to board thier phantom and spirit dropships. The Great Tempest's crew noticed the ships leaving the Holy Warrior's hangers and were becomig suspicious. "Shipmaster Sirel, why is Zarkos' ship mobilizing ground troops? I thougt we already secured a foothold." the blue armored auxilliary at the helm said. "I dont know, but maybe we should get our warriors ready aswell." she replied to the inqueriy. at that moment an Auxilliary in scarlet armor jumped up. "Whats the matter warrior?" Sirel Asked.

"Boarding craft!!! The Holy Warrior has sent troops to destroy us!" He screamed as he pointed to the scanner.Sirel, stunned by this, ordered the ship on full alert and began firing on the boarding ships. Sixty or so were wiped away from existence but hundreds of others clanged on, belching forth Sanghieli and Unggoy. Unfortunattly, the auxilliaries were waiting for them. a silent alarm had been activated as a precuation and now the Auxilliaries and regulars were locked in deadly close-quarters-combat aboard the Great Tempest.

The Battle was total hell for both sides. being outnumbered, the auxilliaries fought harder than normal and for every auxilliary killed the Troops zarkos sent lost an entire squad. There was no emotion from sirel as she cut down enemy after enemy with her energy sword, its elegant blade cutting through flesh, bone, armor and shield. She did not care about them now, for they were her enemy and a threat to her life and zikor's men. SHe had no sens eof remorse as purple and flourecscent blue blood trailed behind her weapons'twin blades.

"Sir, we are suffing heavily for our attack on the ship." the minor who had gotton them earlier said to zarkos. "Minor Isna, report to the armory for new armor. You are now a veteran major. you shall lead the vessle till I return."Thank you shipmaster. I will not fail you." Isna said as he left for the armory.

"This is shipmaster Zarkos. i want Commander R'tas vuadamee and his men ready to go in ten minutes. have 2 flights of phantoms ready to go upon our arrival in the hanger." "Yes, Excellency. It shall be done." When R'tas, Zarkos and the spec ops team of Four Unggoy and eight other Sanghielie, they departed for the ship Great tempest.

Meanwhile on the ground, Major Sylon Altouras and his unit of Auxilliaries were celebrating another victory when they heard banshees and phantoms in the distance....

NOTE: I know i spelled Half-jaw's name wrong. ill spell it right next time.-Zikor