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The Grunt Rebellion Part 1: Riot gone bad
Posted By: Zikor<Zikor@comcast.net>
Date: 19 November 2007, 4:03 am

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NOTE: this was originally just going to a be a story to submit out of bordom but i figured what the hell.

Mazier was just out with his friends in a market district on a typical night. Nothing special as far as they thought it would be. They chatted with eachother, the varying market workers, bought things, and occasionally talked with a friendly elite or two. Thats when the typical night went wrong.

While walking back to thier enclave for the night, they heard gunfire from a commcercial district. They figured that it was merely jackles harrasing a banking clerk for their pay and it got out of control as it often did, but when it started becoming more consistant, they headed over.
When they arrived, they were startled by the collapsing body of an elite falling under a hail of green plasma bolts.
"Rise up brethren! Caste down evil ones and cliam freedom!" a grunt in shiney white armor, a "grunty leader", yelled as loud as his lungs would allow. Grunts were charging through out the district, both losing and taking many lives.

"What happening!?" Mazier yelled to a grunt who was hitting an elite in the face with a pipe segment. "We revolting!! Make us free race again!!"
"Yes you are revolting you little whelp. now get off me!" the eliet barked as he rised his hand to bitch slap the grunt. "Oh no you dont!" the grunt yelpped as he cracked the elite in the head with his broken pipe.

With the eliet now silent, the grunt hobbled off him to the group of grunts. "If you want fight, follow me to bank. first place we take from big smelly brutes and mean eliets. Grunts there give you guns to fight with." " I dunno, what we do Arlah?" Mazier said to his red armored friend. "Me wait long time for this....LETS DO IT!!" with thier supirior\'s approval, they followed the oddly blue armored grunt to the bank, where there were many more grunts with the same armor color.

"My name Jensar.go talk to Zamta and he arm you and paint armor blue." Jensar said as he grabbed a needler off a knocked over supply crate. they walked over to the purple armored grunt named Zamta and recived their new paint and shiney fresh guns. "You go now and kill bad guys." Zamta ordered as more grunts arrived.

They went out, but instead of heading into the main battle, the ran to another district, sticking all none grunts with grenades and informng grunts of the situaion. As they gathered a larger and larger group, they felt strong. now grunts came running out of thier enclaves, guns at the ready and some courage in thier backpacks.

As they neared an area exclusive to the grunts residence, the saw hunters and jackles round up the residence as thier enclaves were torched. "Big guns frontward!" Arlah yelled to te huge group. Six or seven grunts then came up in thier vibrant yellow "demolishunz" armor.

"There, more grunts!!" a jackle ajor screached. as the two unters turned to anihalte them, they eruppted in orange blood and gore as fuel rods slammed into them. Then the rest of the pack fired thier pistols, rifles, and needlers, carful not to hit their grunty bretheren. When it was over, no grunts were harmed except for the one who was shot in his knee by a jackle. Now two hunters and around ten jackles lay dead, mostly from exploding grenades.

"We in trouble now! We die if revolt fail!" a grunt said in a panic. "All more reason to keep fighting now and not be cowards!" another said in response. Mazier had done the unthinkable aswell earlier. He had stuck an eliet and ended his existance as easily as a human marine would have ended his own life. Though killing it made him feel good, he also had a looming sense of cowardice for his deed. He and all the other grunts fighting knew that they would die anyway should the revolt fail and they be allowed to live, for they would be sent on the humans and die from painful projectiles, not that plasma hurt less than bullets.

Soon they came across honor guards escorting a minor prophet to the council chambers. "Die bad guys!" Arlah yelled as they sprang an ambush. The honor guards fought back savagly, killing well over twenty or more grunts, but to no avail. They eventually sucummed to the never ending plasma fire and needles and dropped to the ground one by one. Ater the bloody fight, the prophet stood alone, holding an ancient blade in his hands.

"That no prtect you." Arlah said raising a plasma rifle."No, it will not, but I can still die fighting! It is what my ancestors would expect of me!" The prohpet council member said as he was rising his weapon. "You die like all rest..." Mazier said as he shot the prohet with his human magnum, which he had gotten during a battle with the humans.

Arlah was surprised at this, for Mazier had never once done anything like that without orders to do so. "Mazier, you know they not let you live for that right?" Mazrin, Maziers younger brother asked.

"Yeah...Me know, and expect death now." Mazier and his friends knew this was it. There was no going back now...