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Halo-Battle of Heita II pt 2
Posted By: Zealot (Pat Allen)<patallen79@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 June 2006, 10:18 am

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I hope you readers enjoy this second part of this story. And now after reading your feed back I hope this bit has a bit more storyline to it.

1020 Hours, May 14, 2553 (Military Calendar)/ UNSC Alpha Camp, Pri City.

Roberts’ dropship had touched down ten minutes beforehand, his squad had hiked through the empty city streets to Alpha Camp. The members of the other dropship were also at the camp. The camp it self wasn’t much of a fortress. The humans had managed to take control of a small office building in the middle of the city. They had three Warthogs and one Scorpion. In total though, there were fifty-four marines, who had made up for the camp’s lack of machinery. The Phantoms had touched down on the outskirts of the city and had unleashed ninety extra troops into the area.
A Banshee flew over head and was followed by a Skyhawk jet. The jet fired it’s guns and shredded the alien aircraft to pieces.
Roberts had been assigned the job of patrolling the area with his squad and two of the Warthogs. The vehicles split up and drove in opposite directions around the defensive perimeter. Roberts’ Warthog had only driven about a block from camp when they had run into a pair of Ghosts. The gunner, Private Shaft unleashed a hail of bullets into the closest vehicle. It went up in a fireball and crashed into a building. The other Ghost fired it’s weapons and one of the blasts caught Shaft in the side. He stopped firing and slumped against the turret.
“Are you okay?” yelled the Corporal over the sounds of plasma fire and the barking of a Battle Rifle.
“I think so.” Shaft answered.
The marine straightened up and pulled the LAAG’s triggers. The second Ghost blew up.
The marine in shotgun was Private Launceston, he blurted out,
“Sir, Jackals!”
The corporal steered the Warthog around to give Shaft a better angle. The trio of Jackals that had emerged from hiding got a nasty surprise. The chaingun’s 12.7 mm bullets ripped through the aliens bodies. They fell in a heap and Roberts pushed the accelerator to the floor and continued patrolling the area.

Rugfar strapped himself into the Phantoms pilot seat. Gorgoine sat next to him in the co-pilot’s seat. The brute Captain, Kirad had just come aboard and had briefed them of their mission. Apparently the humans had taken a building from the Covenant and had quite a few soldiers there. The mission required him and Gorgoine to deliver fifteen brute majors to the building. Two more dropships would come loaded with Jackals and Drones. Once taken the building would be become yet another command post in the aliens long list.
Kirad walked into the cockpit again,
“The soldiers are in, let’s go.”
“Yes, sir.” Replied Rugfar.
As soon as the Captain had closed the door behind him Rugfar started the Phantom’s engines. The ship lifted from the ground and accelerated towards it’s target.

With three more blocks to go Roberts’ Warthog had almost finished it’s run. They had had no more run ins with the Covenant and were grateful for it. Shaft had started to bleed rapidly now and the Corporal decided to pull over and check the wound out.
“It’s not too serious, it’s just bleeding heaps. Launceston pass me some Biofoam spray.” Roberts said.
The Private obeyed and reached into a medipack and pulled out a small canister. He handed it to the Corporal, who then sealed up Shaft’s wound.
The Corporal’s radio suddenly stuttered, “Corporal Roberts, this is Alpha Camp. I want you to pull in your squad immediately. We’re under attack!”

The mission had so far been a success. The Brutes had slaughtered the camp’s outer defenders and had already taken the first floor of the building when the alien reinforcements had arrived. The captain stepped over a bundle of human bodies and jumped on top of a container.
“Well done my brothers. We have made our prophets proud. Now all we have to do is wait for the cannon fodder to get in here before we finish them off.”
Just as the brute had finished fifteen jackals and fifteen drones trotted and swarmed in through the building’s doorway.
“Finally, right, you lot get your hides up to the next level and slaughter all primates that you see,” the leader gestured at the new comers.
“Yes, leader,” was the reply as the thirty soldiers made their way up the staircase.
Unluckily for the brutes, just as their ‘cannon fodder’ had risen above the ground floor. The familiar sound of the human’s warthog’s engines could be heard. The grin on the brute leader’s face quickly disappeared as 12.7 mm rounds tore through his body.