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The Aftermath of Halo
Posted By: Zak<BaldEagles7@earthlink.net>
Date: 19 October 2005, 12:41 am

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After Halo
Chapter 1

January 12, 2562
Winter Rock (Spaceship)
7:22 A.M.

I was dreaming that night, blood everywhere… men screaming and getting blown to pieces in the process. Shrapnel was flying all over the place, but yet I was left there untouched by the chaos…

"Hey Damen wake up it's time for it's time for breakfast."
Erik opened his eyes and found Damen hovered over his bed telling him it was time for breakfast. Erik was 16 and he was 5'6 and weighed about 115. "Ok man I'm getting up."
"If you don't get changed in 2 minutes Corporal Manes will get pissed off like he does usually," Damen said. Damen held out his hand and helped Erik get out of bed. Damen was 16 also and was 5'8.
"Hey Erik I'm going to go to the mess hall without you if you don't hurry up!" Damen said. Erik walked over and got his pants on, and after he put his plain white shirt with socks and boots on. That was the regular apparel he and his comrades wore when inside the ship, which was particularly warm but outside in space you could freeze. Erik was finished getting his clothes on ran out of their barracks with Erik following. The hall was lined with barracks and with a left turn at the end of the hall was the mess hall. Erik entered with Damen.
"Hold it right there!" It was Corporal Manes who had known they both were 2 minutes late. "Where do you think you two are going to be going? To eat? Oh you both are sadly mistaken. Both of you know the rules, you late, you don't get to eat." Manes walked over to Erik and Damen.
"Sir it was my fault, Damen was--- Manes interrupted him.
"No buts or was both of you are late, now in Room 201."
Room 201 was a place for people that weren't on time to anything; they were sent there and then were marked down for their absence. In which case they didn't get special privileges, like brake time during training and later lights out. A Marine escorted Erik and Damen to Room 201.
"Hello Erik and Damen, now let's see," Sanders was looking up on his COM "Computer Online Manager" network for Erik and Damen's files on misbehavior. "Now I'm going to mark you two off for no breaks during training.
"What that's not fair, Damen had nothing to do with me getting up late!" Erik yelled.
"Well that's not my problem is it?" Sanders exclaimed in a very quite voice. The marine escorted Erik and Damen out of Room 201. Erik and Damen headed to the TEC facility. Which was Training Environmental Combat facility. It was were Marines in training were sent for environmental combat tactics. Erik swiped his card in the door and so did Daren. Both of them entered and their squad consisting of 6 were there. They were squad 385. Neither Erik nor Damen were the tactical leader. Alex she was the sniper, Ran he was the electronics expert. Win, she was medic/assistant electronics expert. Damen was the explosives man, Erik was all around anybody, Youl, and he was the leader. Erik resented Youl because he wanted to be team leader but never got in to do it. Erik wasn't liked by a lot of his squad except Alex and Damen. Erik had a bit of a crush on Alex but never admitted it to himself. Youl always was too demanding of the rest of the team. Win was a kind-of toughie but Erik still found her attractive, she wasn't a tomboy though. Ran wasn't your typical nerd either. He loved to fight with machines and wasn't a wimp.
"Ok everybody let's get to hand to hand combat right away," said their teacher Samyen. "The first bought will be Erik and Youl," Samyen said.
Erik and Youl put on their knife gauntlets which where the whole lower arm part of your suit when you became a marine. Since the last war Marines were now had the same suit as the Spartans did in the last war, so the gauntlets now look they did on the Spartans. Erik and Youl entered the EV changer, the environmental virtual reality trainer. Light consumed them and they were now fighting in a freezing cold tundra arena, with the rest of the squad watching from a screen. Samyen spoke in from a microphone:
"Ok Erik and Youl, you will both be equipped with combat knives which erect from your gauntlets. Start bought in five, four," Erik's mind was racing, I'm going to kick Youl's butt this time," he thought.
"Three, two, one, GO!" Samyen yelled.
Erik and Youl ran at each other with combat knives ready to strike!