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Maze Infection: Surviving the Inefection
Posted By: Z11
Date: 3 February 2008, 7:49 am

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Z11 quickly turned the corner and ran down the hallway. He heard the terrible screams close behind. He was sure to die. He would die like the rest of his team. He made it to the end of the hallway and collapsed. That was it, no more he could do. He turned his head to see the hordes of infected spartans run at him. He heard shotgun rounds and an infected fall. His eyes traveled up to see a C.Q.B. spartan holding a shotgun next to him. Z11 smiled before he passed out.

He awoke with a start, and slowly noticed several other C.Q.B. spartans near him. "You alright?" Z11 looked at a spartan, with E.V.A. shoulders with C.Q.B. chest and helmet,and nodded. "Good, we didn't think command would send us an elite to help with this infectation." Z11 looked down at his plasma rilfes. He stood up and said "The human commanders didn't warn me and my team of the danger we face... We can unprepared." The spartan said "that explains why your shoulders are assault and helm and chest combat. You lead the recuse." The spartan looked down a narrow hallway. "The infected will be here soon, we need a plan." Z11 detached something from his belt. "I'll radio in a phatom and we can have wraiths blow this place to the skys!" The spartan said "very well. Since we'll be fighting together for awhile what's your name?" "Zulizon Z11" The spartan nodded and said as he left to prepare the other five spartans "I'm X55, everyone else is addressed as A01 through A05." Zulizon assumed that A stood for alive, but what did X stand for?

The infected soldiers around them let out screams. "Where's the pick up Z11?" "The center of the maze, they'll be here in 25 minutes." X55 nodded and singled A01 and 2 to scout the ecsape corridor. Clear. Everyone move out with Z11 in the lead and X55 covering the flank. The had a small layout of the maze but with no idea of their current location it was amost useless. Certain spots where marked with bullets or blood that where on the map. They had been running for two minutes when a shout was heard. The squad turned around another corner and saw a O.D.S.T. firing at several infected with his MA5B assualt rilfe. Quickly Z11 lead the charge to aid the soldier. The infected fell to the floor dead seconds after. "Thanks my names Jerid." "Greeting, I'm X55 by any chance do you know where the center to this maze is?" Jerid took a second to respond then said "Yes, my radar gave me a layout of the place. It's only minutes from here." X55 turned to Z11 and nodded. "Lead the way."

Jerid now lead the sqaud down several hallways and passages before finding the center. Z11, who set his timer, said "we have 9 minutes before dustoff." X55 told everyone to cluster in one of the corners of the maze. This would make up for their shortage of ammo. Only a few infected found them and they where quickly disposed of. When 9 minutes was up the phatom wasn't to be seen. Suddenly a plasma blast soared in and blow up a farther away section of the maze. "Shit! Command doesn't want to take chances! Quickly down that hallway!" The sqaud picked themselves up and ran down a hallway. They kept running until they came to a blast door. "Damn! Z11 try and open it!" Another plasma blast erupted, this time closer. "HURRY!" Z11 unloaded his plasma but only dented it. "Shit! Everyone throw grenades and run back!" Grenades deepened the dent but no good. This time two plasma burts hit the maze. One hit very close by. "Quick there might be an opening over there! Move!" Everyone ran for the blasted area. A few infected attacked but everyone managed to get to the area. However Jerid had to drag A02 because a spike had hit him in the lower leg. The infected also tried to drag A04 away but X55 saved him, and his overshield saved him from a barrage of spikes and bullets from random weapons infected savanged up. Jerid, who had a modified O.D.S.T. suit, was also saved by an overshield.

The wall was destoryed from the blast. However as they ran through they didn't see the footsteps leading out. To Be Continued...