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Macerr Chapter 28
Posted By: Xvash2, Godzilla2k4, Invaderrizz, Lord, Cocaine, Dan, Bennin<xvash2@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 6 October 2006, 5:59 am

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Chapter 28.A Call to Arms

A few days after that ambush, Charlie Company, along with the rest of the 3rd Platoon was put back into Hanger I, the officers claimed the rest of the barracks were filled up, the real reason was that the 3rd was suppose to be the "active" unit, so they had to put us in the hanger, really it was for our own good, the pelicans are about 7.6 seconds away from the bunks they set up.

"Hey Turncoat" It was Erion, who'd become the closest thing to a friend Ramsey had in Charlie Company

"What is it now?"

"The rest of the squad is gonna kick the boys from 1st squad's ass in a round of blackjack, wanna join?"

"Naw, I'm good"

"Fine you can sit here and be bored, like you've been for the past 8 days"

"Wow, you've actually counted the days? I didn't know you cared so much"

"Shut up"

Ramsey sat down on his bunk.

"8 Days"

The entire platoon seemed to be on edge, most of the troops were actually replacements so they had just tasted first combat a few days before. A few became shell shocked, a few started to get a bloodlust. It was scary to see a man become obessed with war as much as a few of the men did. Others, like most of Charlie Company, just shrugged it off and were just happy to have a warm bunk to sleep in and warm real food to eat.

Boredom. It's both good and bad.

The clacks echoed from his boots as he walked down the corridor to Hanger 1, datapad in hand. He passed through the secondary blast doors and came into where 1st Platoon was temporarily bunked. He walked over to Sgt. Sandiford, requesting her to point him in the direction of one Corporal Robert Ramsey. She gestured to the man alone, who seemed lost in thought. He walked in front of Ramsey, holding up the datapad for him to look at.

"Corporal Robert Ramsey, under orders from Warrant Officer Torrick, you've been transferred to Third Platoon, Second Squad. If you would, please use the stylus to sign acknowledging the transfer."

"huh what?" Ramsey looked up at the Officer "Oh, ok, I guess I don't have much of a choice but alright" Ramsey put his name where it belonged.

The First Sergeant packed the datapad in its carry pouch, and turned back to the corporal. "Good. Pack up your gear. You're new barracks hall is Hall 4. I suggest you hurry, we've been restaffing 3rd platoon all day, and its pretty much a FCFS on quarters. I'm your Platoon Leader. Welcome to 3rd. If you have any questions, I'm in my office." Shotts turned and left the Hanger, exchanging glances with 1st Platoon's members as he walked away. He returned to his office, sorting through miscellaneous documents relating to the multiple transfers.

"I got transferred"

"What?" the universal response from the entire squad

"I got transferred"

"To what unit?"

"Third Platoon, 2nd Squad"

"Damn, why they transfer you now?" Erion was clearly not happy with these events.

"Well, I guess you could take your BR55 and kill all of Third Platoon and all the Officers on the planet and maybe that'll stop the transfer"

"See, thats why we're gonna miss you, your probably the best Replacement we've got"

"Well, I guess that leaves a new slot to fill. I got to pack my gear. I guess, see yeah, maybe we'll meet again"

Ramsey packed his gear and waved to his comrades. He walked over to Hall 4. It was a mad house, it seems this entire unit is being rebuilt. Ramsey settled down into a empty bunk and avoided contact with these.... strangers.

The day and night passed quickly and quietly, an uneasy stillness slightly falling on Rho. As soldiers began to rise, activity became sudden in Hanger I. The squads were ordered to load up to defend Epsilon. The News broadcast came on soon after, capturing the conflict well above the battle zone that was Blue Base Epsilon. Soldiers rushed to the large display screens to watch and listen as the onslaught unfolded. The reporter was giving a play-by-play, so to speak.

"This is Darren Stines with KNS, we're live over the Epsilon Starport in Kalaa. Some sort of machine has launched a one man siege on the starport, and its just absolute terror out here. Its literally mowing down soldiers as we speak. We can't establish contact with the two squads sent in as support, but from the looks of it, they're just getting slaughtered."

"Holy crap! Ladies and gentleman, a bomb just erupted at Blue Base Epsilon, the monster assaulting Blue forces has disspeared from view, oh my God, those blue soldiers were just destroyed! Once again this is Darren Stines for the Kalaa News Sentinel, and I'm circling overhead Blue Base Epsilon. The base has come under attack, and all flights to and from the Kalaa starports are now grounded by the UNSCMPs. We'll have more to come as we get it."

The soldiers bustled around, moving through the base as if it were their last few seconds on the planet, glances flicking around, everyone seeming to have a purpose. Except one. Two legs protruded out from beneath the purple carapace of the Ghost sitting in the hangar bay, a tank of some weird frothing liquid sitting beside it, and every five minutes or so, Talitha would appear and take another cupful, smearing it over the base, careful not to waste a single drop. Each cupful she took cost more than a week's worth of food. But it was well worth it. Another few hours, and the hoverpads would be fully functional again, then it was time to work on the body.

She sat up, watching the soldiers hustle. Was she still in their employ? She really didn't care, she was done fighting the Blue's battles. For free anyway.

Ramsey woke up when the rest of his new unit started to rush over to the view screens

"What the hell is happening?"

"Epsilion is under attack"

"God dammit, are the Reds throwing another regiment into that base?"

"No, its that thing"

"'that thing'?"

"like the thing that destoryed lambda"

Ramsey decided to find the nearest officer, he was a Corporal, so he decided to see if he was needed.

"So, off to war"

"Lieutenant Richardson?"

The voice broke me out of a revierie, watching the sky lighten in the west. It still struck me as incredibly weird how this planet had a reverse rotation, reverse from Earth anyway. But still, almost no one knew me as Lieutenant after I got promoted from Ensign... I hoisted myself out from underneath the hoverpanels, dumping a half filled cup of liquid tritanium ytterbate back into its trough to keep it warm.

"You know how long it's been since anyone called me that? Especially a blue?"

I watched this Torrick squirm slightly, and I knew he was unsure if he had approached this situation incorrectly. I waved a hand, standing up and dusting myself off. "Don't worry about it. What's up?"

"Lieutenant Lenalli has requested your assistance in Kalaa."

"Has he now. Well, I promised Riggs I'd head out at sunrise, and my Ghost isn't going to be ready to fly until then. So he's just going to have to be disappointed."

"Well, he also told me to tell you this. For every minute you wait, he's docking 1000G from your pay."

I stared him down, and his eyes held steadily to mine, only watering a bit I could see. Either he was a damn good bluff, or he wasn't lying. Hmmm.

"Fine you ass, I'll go now. But only cause sunrise is in 30 here. I need a Hog with an M68, that SPNkR you took back from me, my shottie, and that big armored case you took from Riggs. I could use a driver who's good with a sniper, too."

"Very well, we'll get you loaded up. Be back in 5 with that case, and I'll have everything else taken care of."

I nodded, running for the munitions locker in the bay. I saw Tuono lying out in the open case, soldiers playing with the power cores. I yelled for them to get out of the way, and they scattered as I grinned and brandished my K-bar. Muahaha, here comes the insane Red mercenary! They were all gone by the time I skidded to a halt and packed everything back up in its slots, hoisting it onto my back. Damn, how the hell did John make carrying this look so easy? Across the bay, I heard Torrick yell to one of the soldiers.

"Ramsey! Front and center! I got a mission for you!"

Ramsey turned to face Torrick

"Yes Sir?"

"You can drive a hog right"

"Course I can sir, why?"

"Like I said, I've got a job for you"


"You heard me, she needs a driver and she is the only real hope we got now, this is a order so get over it"

"But she's a red, sir..."

"No, she's a mercenary and we've hired her, now grab your weapons and report back"

"Yes sir"

Ramsey went back to his bunk and opened up his crate, grabbed his sniper rifle and his submachine gun, then went over to the armory and grabbed a BR55 off the rack, and a few extra clips, you can't be too careful, then went back outside to report to this Richardson person.

I turned around, watching through my sunglasses as Torrick led out this Ramsey, who didn't look none too pleased about going along with me. I made sure the rockets and my shottie were secure in the passenger seat before heading over towards the base, sticking out a hand for Ramsey to shake, if he wasn't too laden down with weaponry.

"Private Ramsey? I don't want you rolling us, k?"

"Private? I'm a Corporal" puts his hand out to shake her's

"I guess I'm your driver"

Dammit, I don't even know this guy's rank? I'm REALLY losing my touch. I gripped his proffered hand, pumping it a few times before removing my sunglasses, hopefully they hid my surprised expression.

"Sorry about that Corporal. Let's get going, shall we?"

I slammed my helmet on my head, smiling as it rung a bit, listening to the clicks as they sealed me inside that charcoal gray suit, a few maroon highlights still poking through and reflecting the predawn light as I swung myself up into the Gauss Cannon restraints, strapping myself into the shoulder harness, linking up with the scope. Torrick came over, planting a data crystal into the dashboard, giving us a nav point for Kalaa and the three monstrosities fighting there before stepping back, motioning for Ramsey to hop in.

"Good luck out there Turncoat."

Ramsey put his prized SMG on the dashboard in front of the wheel, he put his BR55 behind him and his sniper rifle to his left, then started up the warthog

He glanced at the nav point on the data crytals display

"Kalaa eh?"

Ramsey floored it and started off towards Kalaa.

To Be Continued...

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