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Macerr Chapter 25
Posted By: Xvash2, Godzilla2k4, Invaderrizz, Lord, Cocaine, Dan, Bennin
Date: 26 September 2006, 4:51 am

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Chapter 25.I Will Say Goodnight

Melissa collapsed on her bed, bewildered, finally a rest. Or so she thought. Only seconds later, a knock on the door followed. She groaned quietly to herself, before getting up and answering it. It was Antwone.

"How are you feeling, Leuteniant?"

"Is this necessary, sir?"

"I'm sorry, but Command is cancelling your personal 2 day leave. They want a full, detailed after action report."

"You're shitting me, right?"

"Would I?"

"Fuck...What do they want me to do?"

Antwone produced a small disc from his shirt pocket, handing it to Melissa.

"These are your guidelines for filing your reprort."

"Whats wrong with the usual outline?"

"These are 'special' for this report."

"Guess that means they're pissed, eh?"

"Probably. Get some sleep, Melissa."

"I'm going into town tonight, check on my place."

Antwone sighed, as he was about to leave.

"Fine, I'll permit that."

Antwone salutes and leave, Melissa closing the door. She laid the disc down on the desk in her quarters, not really caring about her duties. She changed out of her armor into street clothes. Nothing special, a grey tank and grey cargo pants, along with her knapsack, containing nothing more than a few personal items. She stands up trying to wipe the tiredness off her face with her hands. As she's about to leave, she spots an M6C on the floor. She picks it up and puts it in the knapsack. Can never be too careful. She exits her quarters, walking down 2 floors to the garage. She hops in an M12, pressing her thumb to the pad to key the ignition. The Hog purrs to life, and begins to roar as she pulls out of the garage, out of the base, and to Macerr City.

Melissa pulls of the freeway, onto a smaller main drag that runs along the river. The night is rather calm on the riverwalk. The traffic is light, and it adds a soft noise, almost pleasent. The ripple of the water can sometimes be heard over the noise of the city. And the mass of lights only adds to the environment.

The Riverwalk Highrise Apartments is a 102 story apartment building, built 2548 along the Dios River, in a very wealthy area. Its surrounded by commercial and retail buildings, and many wealthy people own rooms in the place, where there are 10,262 apartments for rent, and 1 large 3 story penthouse.

My middle-aged driver pulls the night blue bentley over to the concrete curb in front of the imposing Riverwalk Highrise, he then tentatively steps out, runs around the back and opens my door. I'm still reading the orders from the Tokyo Underground Commission. Amazingly, the Commission still uses paper to send their messages of "utmost importance". I violently twist the message into a thick strand and then fold it in half, I've already memorized it. The tall bodyguard is taking the luggage out of the trunk. Apparently he's from the northern island of Hokkaido. With my right hand I reach into my black suit and take out a long cigar, which i promptly set up nicely in my mouth. Reaching into my pocket i take out my lighter. I set fire to the message and then light my cigar. I let the paper burn out in the gutter. I take in a breath of air through the cigar. The tobacco seeps through my body, supplying a soothing wave. It reminds me of times long gone, and provides a slight escape for a moment from the world. Stepping out onto the slightly wet sidewalk, i survey the nightscape. Its a rather interesting city, Macerr, it looks almost like New York. My bodyguard enters the highrise and surveys the lobby. I run through the message again in my head.

We, the Comission, regret to pull you out of your retirement, but the other members are tied up in matters with the Triads, those out of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Seoul. so we ask you to take care of a matter for us. The Commision is asking you to set up a branch of control on Macerr. The Triads have begun to expand to other planets, so in an underworld race for control of planets, we are most intrested in this planet and its Uranium ore deposits. If we can come to control these mines, the triads and the world will understand the threat of our great people, and the fools in the government shall bow to us. The entire of the underworld will be united under a consortium, and we shall rule the universe. We beg your participation in the plan of utmost importance. If you will accept this mission, we have prepared acoomodations for you in the RiverWalk Highrise in Macerr City on Macerr.

-The interior of the building is quite pleasing. Random lilting music plays, filling the lobby with a rather.. emptiness I note. But then again, it could be attributed to the fact that its 2 a.m. I stroll across the hallway, treading on the plush red carpet. Nobody is at the front desk, and a resteraunt/bar to the side from a hallway seems rather devoid of life as well, filled with only maybe 2 or 3 patrons. I arrive at the elevator door and press the small clear well used button on the side. Elevator music similar to that i just heard in the lobby plays. The smell of the elevator hits me with a draft of cool air. My cigar is happily burning away, only 2/3rds of it remains. I glance at the side panel in the elevator. After i had replied to the letter, a keycard was sent to me with several instructions. I insert the key into a slot on the side and pull it out swiftly.

"Hey! Hold the elevator!"

Melissa ran to catch the elevator, hoping she could catch it up to her place on the 38th floor. She squeezed through the doors as they were about to close, making it onto the elevator, half-panting, as she was nearly devoid of any energy whatsoever, drained from the recent skirmish. She put her keycard, the number of her floor being displayed on the video panel above the stainless steel elevator doors. The elevator began to move, the mechanical drone could be heard, signifying that the elevator was moving. Sanderson leaned against the side of the elevator, sighing. She glanced at the other man in the elevator, then at the no smoking sign that was plastered on the part of the elevator below the card reader.


The elevator came up to the 38th floor, stopping with a slow halt. The doors slid open, and Melissa departed. She walked down to the hall, 8 doors to her left, room #388. She slid the keycard into the card reader, a green light being displayed, following by a noise indicating that the door was unlocked. She walked into the room, setting her things down on her bed. She hadn't been there in a while, and a thin layer of dust covered a few things. She looked at the clock. 2:15am? Damn, its late.

The room was somewhat like her quarters back at the base. Little time to personalize it left the room stark and Spartan, a light gray. She fell down onto the bed, going instantly to sleep.

I had an interesting meeting in the elevator, but that was not of much importance. Soft lilting elevator music plays in the rising metal box. I dislike elevator music. In these times of chaos and strife its too unnatural. Its always the same type of tune playing. It always seems to just hang there in the air, nonchalantly, unfazed by the storm around it. Not to mention it always sucks.

The steel elevator doors slide back with a hiss, giving way to a hallway, painted a light yellow, well illuminated by six wall sconces. Six wall sconces that illuminate the gateway into years of hell. Six wall sconces that illuminate the path to eternal glory in heaven. To some, I am a criminal. No, that is incorrect. I am a criminal. I kill, I steal, I reject the authority of the corrupt government, though I have killed my share of the righteous. But why is it that when I walk the streets of Kyoto, still I see the military police forcing their way on innocent young girls. The young sons of the millionaires ride out in their expensive cars and gun down whom they wish. And afterwards, the weeping families of the victims stand in the silent courts and beg for justice to be done. Yet the fathers of the children have bribed all the judges. The jurisdiction results in suspended sentence, a slap on the hand for killing the sole provider of a family of 5. The world is a cold place; ignorant people just pull their own coats tighter around their own bodies. They pass by the dead and the suffering, walking on the path before them illuminated by the foul light of the corrupt government. And once they are see that the light they walk in stems from the light of hell, they flock to us. They beg us for our justice. For the angels of death to walk forth and deal divine retribution to these haughty bastards. The people cry out to us, can we ignore it? All we ask for is a favor in return. So that in turn our families may live their lives peacefully and that maybe one day, one day far in the future, the path of life may be illuminated by the glory of Heaven. Six wall sconces illuminate my path. A red carpet calls out to me. Beyond the yonder door is revolution. Beyond the yonder door is eternal glory, the chance for my name to be recorded in the annals of history for all eternity. It calls out to me. How could I possibly resist? I rush forward, and grab both great marble doors with eager glee.-

-The plan is simple. Macerr is a valuable planet. Its vast uranium deposits are the first step. There are weapons to be stolen, men to be recruited, money to be made, Goods to be extorted and then retailed on other planets. But my goal is clear. I am to gain control of the deposits and ship enough uranium back to Japan so that the Commission can create as many nukes as they want. I fear you take us as a gathering of simple criminals. Allow me to disillusion you. On the Board sits prominent generals, high government officials, undercity warlords. But each and every single one of them is a revolutionary. Every one of them is as worthy as a leader of the Ishin patriots or the Satsuma clan. Should that fail, there are other. I digress. The sound of rushing water washes over me. My hand reaches for the light switch. Furniture has already been moved in. In the center of the room is a large koi pond. More wall sconces illuminate the room. I walk through both floors of the penthouse. Checking the hidden armory beside my bedroom, to examining some of my books in my library. I flick on the lights in my kitchen. Black marble countertops and well-furnished cabinets meet my eye. I explore each cabinet until I find the liquor cabinet and pull out a bottle of whiskey. Whoever furnished this penthouse knew me well. I hear the door open. Its my driver with my luggage. My bodyguard is behind him. The driver sets my luggage down and leaves.-

"When will the other bodyguards arrive?" I ask.

"In about fifteen minutes, oyashira-sama."


"No thank you."

-I take out a glass and walk into the living room. My bodyguard follows me. I sit down on the couch and place the bottle of whiskey and glass on the table in front of the couch. I turn on the TV. Some soap opera is playing.-

"When tomorrow will Matsuzaki-san arrive?"

"3 o' clock sir."


-I contemplate the matter for a second, then I turn off the TV. I've already started walking down the path to glory, there's no need to rush things. Matsuzaki will arrive tomorrow with the minor details. A shipment of weapons has already arrived, along with several crates of drugs. Two locals have begged for justice in their separate disputes. The path to heaven seems to stretch on and on before me, but I can still see my goal. I head for my bedroom. The fires of the revolution have already been lighted. The breaking of the silence has begun.

To Be Continued...

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