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The Other Guys part 1
Posted By: Xero<mortuusmilitis@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 February 2006, 12:15 am

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Travis stared lazily through his scope. It was the same old scorched, blown to bits pile of rumble city. Three clicks broke the silence of his earpiece. Travis slowly moved his hand to reply back with one click, making sure not to expose himself with too much movement. Another thirty minutes of watching, finally Travis moved from his position. Travis traveled through the destroyed buildings, smiling to himself. He always found it funny when he came upon a destroyed city. Travis figured it was good that the UNSC kept up its whole "were winning thing". They even went public with the whole master chief award ceremony, now that was funny. Oh well he had his job and at the rate things were going it would be his last. Travis ducked in to the shadows and clicked his radio three times. It was replied by one click. He waited as a figure creep out slowly towards him.
"Boring day, huh?" the figure asked
"Yea what do you expect this place is a tomb" Travis replied as he dropped to a knee, pulling out the hand held map viewer.
"How many clicks till or ORP" the man squatted with him
"Well Chris just 10 clicks, and there's a FOB three from here" Travis studied it once more, clicked it off and stuffed it in to his ruck
"Hmmm that means we have to deal with marines huh? Navy's not so bad but marines " Chris wrinkled his nose
"C'mon" Travis adjusted his ruck and gear and stared off at a decent pace grinning, "don't start"
"Their just so much talk and not enough do, you know, I mean their always blabbing out some phrase to sound cool like, lock and load or go time or…."
Travis grinned, scratching his beard listening to Chris's banter

FOB Foe Hammer
"And you say your with the?" the sergeant looked at Travis and Chris sideways
"You know the 128th marine division ummm the skull drivers…er crushers yea skull crusher division, you know" they both smiled sheepishly at the head of the guard.
"So your marines?" the sergeant's eyes narrowed
"Yea " Chris puffed his chest out
"Right uhh hold on let me run this through higher" the guard grabbed his com "hey this is Hebert down on gate five, uh I need these numbers run for a security check"
"Go ahead" a voice crackled back
"7-5-9-5-5-6-7-8 break 5-6-9-3-5-9-0-0, you get them"
"Yea SSG Walker, John and SSG Jordan, Trent from the 128th, sergeant" the voice answered "anything else"
"Negative, out" the sergeant handed the cards back to them and snapped to parade rest" sorry bout that sergeant you should have told-"
"Stop that man, were at war who cares… you trying to get me sniped marine" Travis signaled for him to relax "so anyway, what's been going on here"
"Well" the sergeant fought the urge to go to parade rest "we've been running attacks about six clicks out via pelicans, we were hit big a week ago but we repelled it so now were keeping them off their feet, so we hit'em every chance we get"
" Ok were just here for a resupply and well be on our way" Chris started walking away "thanks sergeant"
Travis stayed behind for a second to get directions around post from the sergeant, thanked him and hurried to Chris's side.
"Something weird about those two, huh sarge" Anderson noticed the sergeants eyes following them.
" Yea never heard of the 128th and their gear was different then standard issue and where the hell are they going to go when they're done here?" The sergeant shook it off and went back to waiting

" You see em" Chris watched through his binos
"Yea" Travis followed him with his rifle.
They observed the outpost for the entire day. They slowly withdrew late in the night.
" Ok setups the usual for all of their other outpost, about 5-7 grunts 2-4 jackals, and 2-3 elites for each sector, its small only about 200 meters around. We estimate about 170, 70 combative, 100 lethal but noncoms. Any questions" Chris looked around the group
" Yea when are we going to hit it" Andy asked looking up from rummaging through his ruck
" Possibly in a day to two days from now, we need more Intel on the target, we also need to coordinate with the marines on air support and extraction. Remember this is a raid not attack, so in and out" Chris continued to answer questions, just as Travis 'drool worked its way down his cheek

Travis watched the elite through his scope, leading him, waiting. His position was about 700 meters away in a field of small scrubs and bushes, he was pretty much invisible in his guile suit it took him about a day to crawl out their slower then a snail. His spotter called out, distance and wind, and number of targets to him.
" Gotcha Andy, which one you want me to take first" Travis adjusted his scope " how bout the big shiny red one"
"Yup, you know he's at the top of the food chain, kid" Andy watched the major" ok time is 0 hundred, wait for the signal, then your clear to fire" Andy clicked his com " 6-1 alpha lima, this is 2-1 sierra lima ready".
Andy settled down to watch the show. Travis finger brushed the trigger to his rifle; he would be able to get out about four shots before the muzzle flash gave him away. When the covenant moved on the snipers the gun runs would cover their extract. Travis hated the silence of the wait. Time slowed as his coms clicked three times click…click…click.
Several shots rang out simultaneously then continued sporadically. Travis fired again the kick back causing his site picture to jump of target. He centered it, the major was down, and Andy called out the next one as Travis continued to work. The covenant took a few seconds to understand they were under attack. The elites screamed the panicking grunts in to order and watch the darkness around for a muzzle flash to move on. Travis watched as they saw his last shot's flash, the call for air support echoed over the coms. The covenant scrambled to their specters and ghost. They sped towards the positions in a rage, just as the pelicans began their run on them with the mini guns, shredding them out in the open. The covenant vehicles filled the night sky with their eerie blue flames. The assault force went to work now, rising up out of the brush as if the field had come to life. The jackals and grunts watched in surprise as they were gunned down by what seemed to be walking grass. Travis watched the muzzle flashes from the assault, just as the breach began. The warning over the coms and count down followed by the boom of the charge detonating, blowing open the doors. Travis fired his last shot and prepped to move for extraction. Travis and Andy moved quietly and easily through the night meeting up with the other sniper times. The pelican picked up the teams beacons and flared for the pick up. The crew chief waved them on. He stared at them and immediately knew they weren't marines.
"Who the hell?" he screamed over the engines
"Don't worry bout it brother lets get the hell out of here" Andy helped him situate the crew.
Travis waited as static filled the coms
"Bingo we've got it, assault times are airborne, sniper teams?" Travis recognized Chris's voice, a click answered him " good RTB"

Chris slapped the back of Travis head.
"Sleeping as usual huh?"
" Huh" Travis looked around dazed
" Good job out there man we got the alien AI from the covenant, our new miss should be patched through soon"
Travis smiled " I hear where going to work with master chief " Travis chuckled.
Chris smiled "yea maybe"
"Does he even know we exist" Travis wondered
" I'm sure he does, I've worked with him before and Im sure he figured we weren't marines so..." Chris glanced at his watch
" Hmm well this should be fun then, working with the legend huh?"
Chris grinned "you'll see bud, I've got a inbreif so talk to you later" Chris walked off laughing.
Travis stared off wondering, what it would be like to finally meet " The Demon".