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Daylight No More: Another Day Under A Black Sun
Posted By: X Weary Gunner X<lmarvin@comcast.net>
Date: 16 February 2008, 2:11 pm

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He awoke sitting in the passenger seat of a car, but not any car it was Jenny's car. With a swift move of his head, he looked over to see Jenny driving. He let out a sigh of relief, but just as he did she turned and her face was maimed and bloody.

"Ah!" Spencer shouted as he awoke from his sleep terrified, profusely sweating.

He kept telling himself it was just a dream, but somehow it felt so real to him. To his feet he rose, he picked up his rifle, and walked to the small maitnence room where the rest were. The one marine, Sgt. Grinder, was trying to get a hold of the makeshift station, but no answer.

"Damn." said Grinder. "Sir if we continue our way down this maitnence hall to the end of the tunnel we might get a connection.

"O.K." said the Lieutenant and they got their gear together and moved on.

Walking in a diamond formation down the narrow corrdior, the group was watching out for any movement, so nobody else died. They exited the tunnel and ended up back outside where the infestation runs loose. The squad ran into a small cafe on the corner of the street. Sargent Grinder set up a comm link and got through.

"Sir." he said as he handed it to the el-tee.

"This is Delta November calling Base over." he waite for a response.

"Go ahead Delta November we can hear you." replied the man on the other side.

"We lost two guys and are low on ammo, is there any other patrol near us that could help us out over."

"Well yes there is just a few minutes to the northwest of your position."

"Roger out." and he ended the conversation.

They took to the streets, two on each side doing sweeps of the buildings, checking for survivors, or anything else. As they were walking Spencer looked up and saw the object still there, he couldn't believe it was still there from being hit with all those missles. He snapped out of his daze and started walking again.

"Just another day under a black sun." he said to himself, as they approached the rezdevous point.

Lieutenant Gates threw a hand gesture and the squad rushed in, and spencer followed behind. Two trucks pulled up next to them, and more marines came out. The el-tee went to go talk to the commander, and the rest of us got ammo for our guns. Spencer looked over to the quiet soldier thats been with them since the attack on the aid station. His combat uniform read Wilshire and he was tall as the sniper he had with him. Once the squad was done, they gathered in a store across the street, and took a rest.

The crew sat down and watched the marines pile out a search the area, but suddenly an explosion occured and screams polluted the air soon after. Grinder, Wilshire, and the el-tee stood up firing their weapons, as Spencer just sat there thinking of the scream Jenny let out, just before she died. A yell from the Lieutenant, got him out of his head, and into reality. They rushed to a building, and Wilshire kicked down the door. To the top of the building, and out on the balcony they stood, firing. Mass amounts of infected, killed the marines below savagely. He stared down, and saw an infected jump on a guy and stick his fist into the soldier's stomach pulling out intestines and blood.

Soon after rounds of fire a rocket hit the balcony, the squad fell and was scattered all around the street. Spencer quickly rose and next to him was Grinder on the ground. Spencer pulled him up, only to see half of his body still intact. He ran to the others and creatures were crowding the street.

"Over here!" yelled Wilshire as he fired his sniper into the mosh pit of disease.

Spencer ran and beast jumped right in fron of him. With a quick movement to the left, Spencer activated a grenade and shoved it in the thing's mouth. He counted 1..2..3 BOOM! The grenade went off, throwing green blood all over his face. Now, he went over and helped the el-tee get the manhole open.

"Go,Go,Go!" he shouted as the mob rushed over.

First, Wilshire dropped down and waited. Then Spencer slid down the ladder, now they waited for the el-tee, but for some reason they though he didn't make it. Suddenly, he jumped down the hole, and a defening boom sounded just above their heads. The squad cringed at the sound, that pierced their ears. Spencer and Wilshire helped the leader to his feet, and they continued into the darkness.

"I think thats all of them." the Lieutenant said as he was dealing with the excruciating pain.

"Well see." Spencer said as the light from the manhole, sooned dimmed out of view.

Their footsteps were followed by splashes of the sewage water, and they were going to have to get used to it to survive down here. All were tired, and the el-tee called for a rest. This time Spencer wasn't sleepy at all, he took first two hours watch. As the others began to doze into their dreams, he sat in a corner with his rifle pointed forward, and waited for them. He knew this silence couldn't stay like this forever, he knew hell would be unleashed again.