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Daylight No More: Nothing Left But Hatred
Posted By: X Weary Gunner X<lmarvin@comcast.net>
Date: 16 February 2008, 3:43 am

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Disoriented and dizzy he awoke. He struggled to his feet and looked around. It was a dome shaped building. It was cold and rain trickled down from the cracks and light fixtures. Carefully putting one foot in fron of another, he got to a more capcious room. Horror struck him again, when he saw bodies scattered across the floor. Blood stained the walls and suddenly an apparition of Jessy, appeared in front of him. He dropped to his knees and tears fell. While he cried a ruthless pain attacked his head and Spencer let out a screeching roar.

Then a thud was heard from the main door. Five men sprung into the room, and took positions up around the room. Spencer stood up, stilled with confusion.

"Whats your name?" asked a soldier.

"Spencer...Spencer Elwyn." he said back.

"How many left?" the soldier questioned again.

"I don't know. All I remember is that rocks were falling from the sky, my girlfriend is dead, and I passed out and woke up here." Spencer said irritated.

The man who appeared to be the leader turned around and started to talk over a radio.

"One alive. The rest K.I.A" he said into the radio.

With swift hand motions the squad ran out the door and Spencer follwed them out. Just as he walked out, what he once remembered of a paradise was reduced to hell on Earth. He caught up to the soldiers and walked up to the man who confroted him earlier.

"What are they?" he said in anger. The soldier turned to him.

"We have no idead. All we know is they kill people and we can't have that.

"I wanna' help." Spencer replied, ready to kill, knowing that nothing was left, but hatred to those squid looking mother fuckers that killed his family.

The squad commander stared at him with doubt. In a brief second, he tapped a fellow marine and a rifle was put into his hand.

"You know how to shoot?" asked the leader.

"A little." Spencer replied.

"Well a little more fight is just what we need."

A quick wind came in and started to blow the remaining shrubbery around, and a pelican hovered right abover their heads.

"Sir!" a marine yelled and at that same moment the streets swarmed with civilians and those ugly looking things he detested so much.

Spencer and the marines hopped into the craft, and up they went. Further they went and Spencer watched the crowd get engulfed by a wave of the infestation. Anger swept his face leaving only the feeling to kill in his body, no more love.

The bird landed outside of a hotel that was transformed into a makeshift aid/command post. As he walked towards the main door. A blurred image of a couple holding a baby walked right by him and he stared back at the one image. He once again was attacked by the evil pain. As he was recovering, a pair of medics took him towards the medical wing.

Relaxed and calm for the first time today, he was laid out onto a stretcher and stopped shortly after. He sat up with difficulty to think. A lady approached him and stuck a needle into his arm.

"What was that?" he asked concerned.

"A vaccine made to stop the skin mutation." replied the nurse.

"What are those things?" he asked for the second time, hoping for an answer.

"Those are people who are like you and me just infected."


"Once we tried to shoot the rock out of the sky, we only inflicted minor damage. Pieces of debris struck the surface carrying some of those beings which carried the disease."

"So do we know wher they came from?"


She reminded him of Jessy, the same hair, same eyes, and same additude. He loved it. Spencer looked over to the door as it opened. The soldier walked through and approached his station.

"Im gonna have to take him off your hands Dr.Micheals." he replied.

"No problem Lieutenant Gates." she replied back.

Spencer got up and the nurse and him exchanged a quick stare into each others eyes. The soldier guided him up a few steps and at the top floor a command post was set up. The soldier turned.

"I got a job to do, but most of my men are injured. You still want to do something about this." he said urging him on.

"I always help out a good cause." Spencer replied back

"Good. We have a problem. This facility is one of many and just like the others, it is low on the cure for the disease. You, me, and the other squad members are going deep into infected territory to recover a syreum that will hopefully, end this madness. A pelican will be here in about five minutes. Suit up."

Spencer walked over to a row of guns. He picked up a rifle, the one he held earlier and slung it around his shoulder. Along with a sidearm he got some magazines and grenades for the trip. A call from the commander, sped up his pace and he quickly went to the entrance. A pelican hovered above the LZ and disaster struck once again. A group of infected, flew onto the ship hitting and shooting it. Spencer looked up and began firing his rifle. In a matter of seconds, the bird flew into a nearby building, and shrapnal covered the vacinity.

The scene was calm, but a loud marching sound was heard and the group ran inside, back up the steps. Spencer and the others aimed their rifles down, but then with a hand movement from the el-tee, the squad just looked out onto the rest of the town. A massive force of infected swarmed the street towards their position.

"Watch this." said a marine with a smirk on his face.

A loud demon scream filled the air and fire rose up from the ground eliminating most of the wondering dead. After that, rifles blared and grenades detonated. Spencer gripped his gun and shot bursts into the crowd. Round by round by round, it felt endless to him, but he guesses he'll just have to get used to it.

"Let's go!" the Lieutenant screamed.

The team ran down the steps and out the back door to a garage parking lot. They all hopped into a jeep armed with a large mounted gun. A stuttering engine soon roared with power, and off they went. Spencer looked back as the situation looked under control. He turned his head and looked around. The streets were filled with trash and bullet casings. His vision became darkened as they passed through a tunnel. With the faint tunnel lights aiding them they saw more infected. Spencer covered his ear as the rapid fire gun spewed bullets into the targets.

Pull after pull of his trigger, Spencer looked over to the driver seat where he saw the el-tee drive with persicion. In that single moment, a foundation beam fell and made the el-tee jerk the wheel to tumble the jeep, out of control.

Spencer was pulled out of the wreckage by the Lieutenant, and they ran for a door in the side of the wall. Him, the el-tee, and two other guys were sitting with relief that saftey was brought over them once again. Tired, Spencer stood up against the wall, and fell to the ground. He closed his eyes and fell back to the only place he thought was safe, and silently went to a deep, deep sleep.