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Daylight No More: From Love to Heartbreak
Posted By: X Weary Gunner X<lmarvin@comcast.net>
Date: 13 February 2008, 1:55 am

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After a long day, Spencer Elwyn was grateful that the week was over and relaxation was the only thing on his mind. Driving a white dirty old van with grafitti tagged on one side, he drove up to his work. He casualy entered the office just like any other day and dropped the keyes off and soon left as he entered. Seconds past as he walked down the street to his home.

He entered his apartment building and walked to his room. Slowly, he sat down on the couch, and Gus, his pet, jumped up onto his lap. Spencer let out a moan and quickly rubbed the dog's underbelly. Then he got up, fed Gus his dinner, and took a refreshing shower getting ready for his date with Jenny.

Five minutes later Spencer was patienly waiting for Jenny to pick him up. Within that time peroid of a second, her ordinary faded red car drove up to the curb. He opened the door and got in.

"Did you get reservations at Barry's?" she asked

"Yep." he replied. "So how was your day?"

"Same old shit from the boss." she said in a humorous tone " But this time I got fired." she followed up.

"Really?" Spencer said back shocked by the fact.

"Yeah, I guess two days off was one too much." she said.

"Well...Job or not I still love you." he replied in a comforting way.

A Couple of minutes of driving, the pair got out and walked up to a fancy looking restaurant. The two sat down at a table with a vase filled with two roses. Spencer sat there and stared into Jenny's eyes entrance by her beauty. She did the same.
"So what else is going on?" he said starting off the conversation.

"Well I have something to say." Jenny said hesitantly.

He sat not ready for whatever is comming next.

"Im pregnant." she said with a sigh of relief at the end.

After a delicious meal in basicly silence, she drove him back to his apartment building. Once out front, he opened the door and looked down at her.

"Bye." he said softly and she returned the favor with a kiss.

He walked up to the door and slowly opened it. Still entranced by her and the fact that he will become a father. He entered his ordinary sized room to see Gus asleep on the couch. Walking gingerly down the hall, he crept into his room and dropped onto his bed and his vision focused on the clock. 11:32. His vision became darker as sleep took control of his body.

A few hours he awoke to his eyes staring at the clock. 9:00.

"Ah shit!" he yelled as he realized he was late for work.

With hace he dressed in his uniform and made for the door. But in mid walk he stared out the window towards the sky. Where the sun once was a giant moon like body stood like sombody casted their hand across the heavens. He stepped closer to the window, and tiny objects flew towards the unknown celestial body. BOOM!!! A loud hiss of an explosion rippled through the city. At that same moment Jenny opened the door looking terrified.

"What the hell is goin' on?" she yelled at Spencer.

"I don't know." he replied.

A sudden scream erupted from Jenny's mouth and he quickly pivoted his body towards the window again. He saw rocks the size of minivans hit neighboring houses. Like they shared the same mind they left the room and Gus trailed behind. The three stood on the lawn, staring at a piece of rock, smoking from the fall from orbit. Jenny cautiously approached the rock and a crack sounded through the vicinity. She looked back as curiosity filled her face. Within those brief moments a fast three round burst shot from the rock straight at Jenny, dropping her to the ground.

Spencer yelled with anger, "NOOOOO!!!"

Gus barked furociously at the rock. A weird biped creature walked from it and charged Spencer. He lay out of breath from the tackle. Gus jumped onto the thing's back and gave him enough time to punch the creature in the center of it's face and get to his feet. He picked up the small handgun, and popped four shots into it's body leaving it motionless.

With nothing left to deal with he went over to Jenny and crouched beside her. From love to heartbreak in the matter of a day. He stared into her eyes once more before they closed. She lay peaceful and serene. Spencer stood with Gus, just thinking of what happened, how quick it ended. With the blink of an eye, a house exploded and debris flung across the street leaving Spencer on the dirt, and once again fell gradually into darkness as he blacked out.