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Halo: Seed of Orion (Part Two)
Posted By: Wolverfrog<Wolverfrog49@Hotmail.com>
Date: 11 August 2009, 8:41 pm

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Chapter Two - Kidnapped

Rain bounced off of Derek's starch pressed uniform as he stood observing the scene before him. The damn kid was being stubborn, refused to move. Derek had suggested to his partner that they simply stun the boy and be down with it, but Matt wouldn't have it. And he was the superior officer after all.

And so here he was, on the far end of the school playground and getting soaked whilst Matt gently tried to placate the boy into coming with them.

"This is taking forever..." A voice to the side of him muttered. The newbie, as Matt called him. His name was actually Henry, and he was new to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Born and bred on Reach apparently.

"I know, that's Matt's style." Derek explained slowly. Henry wasn't the brightest tool in the box, he was more of a physical guy. Derek had heard he used to be in the Corps before an injury which got him transferred to ONI.

To pass the time, Derek once again looked down at the school report he held in his hand for the tenth time. William Hendel, six years old, male, born in Manchester. The boy had good praise from his teachers, he was sociable and always did his best. Smart by all accounts, and had the most incredible balance. Most importantly, his genetic structure was the ideal type for the program. And that was why they were here.

Derek strained his ears, and could just about hear Matt talking softly to the kid, in a soothing, I'm-a-grown-up-you-can-trust-me manner.

"Come on Will, the car's just at the end of the playground. We've got ice cream..."

Once again the boy firmly shook his head, crossing his arms. Derek saw Matt's hands involuntarily clench in annoyance. Derek wondered if it was the American accent that was making the boy anxious. Obviously he wouldn't have heard one before.

"Daddy said I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." William said apprehensively.

"Strangers? Don't worry Will, we're not strangers, we're old friends of your Dad. We're in the UNS-- the army see? Didn't your Daddy tell you he used to be in the army? We're all old buddies. He asked us to pick you up from school early for him, he has a surprise for you." Matt was a natural liar, the fact that he could spin such dark fabrications around a young innocent child was rather disconcerting.

Derek saw the boy's expression waver ever so slightly, and so did Matt. The ONI Lieutenant took advantage, and launched in, grabbing hold of the boy's hand.

"That's it, let's get to the nice warm car and out of the rain."

William didn't resist as Matt led him across the play ground, and Derek felt a pang of guilt. Once in the car, the boy would never see his father again.

But at the same time, a wave of relief crashed over him, and he began to turn around. A shrill voice made him stop.

"Hey!" A woman called. "Where do you think you're going with William?"

Derek cursed, he'd hoped the Headteacher would stay out of it. Evidently not. He drew out a rifle from the holster on his back, and raised it, aiming it at the woman.

The rifle was loaded with a sedative dart; it wouldn't kill her but it would certainly knock her out a few hours. Derek looked down the sights, and fired. The woman crumpled to the ground instantly.

He holstered the weapon, and saw Matt and the boy get into the car. All was going according to plan, he thought, as he prepared to walk over to the car, following after Henry.

Suddenly, the roar of an engine could be heard, very clearly. Not from the car either. And it was getting closer.

Then, out of the clearing of bushes burst forth a motorcycle at full speed, which crashed into Henry full on. The man never had a chance, as he was swept off his feet by the heavy vehicle. Henry's hand twitched as he lay on the ground, blood spurting out of his mouth in cough and splutters. A second later, the twitching stopped, and Henry's head rolled to the side, a look of surprise still clear upon the dead man's face.

"Holy crap!" Derek shouted, looking with horror upon the Rookie even as he drew out his pistol. He pointed it at the figure lying motionless beside the crashed motorcycle, someone wearing what looked like a business suit.

Realising they were under an attack of some kind, Matt hit the foot on the accelerator of the Sedan he was driving, and sped down the road, away from the school, along with William.

Derek cautiously approached the figure on the ground, nudging him with his foot. Suddenly, the man's eyes snapped open, and a strong leg swung into Derek's knocking him to the floor.

The man on the ground stood up, his tie flapping in the wind. Derek raised the pistol and fired, the bullet hitting the attacker in the stomach, a clean shot which should have incapacitated the man instantly. Therefore, Derek was surprised when instead of collapsing, the man simply got angrier, and kicked the pistol out of his grip.

Tough hands grasped Derek by the front of his uniform and he was hoisted up roughly. The man's grip was like a vice.

"Where did they go?" The assailant demanded angrily, his face pressed against Derek's.

"Who-who are you?" Derek asked in timid confusion.

"I'm David Hendel. And we're gonna go have a little chat."