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Halo 3: Insurrection : Part Two
Posted By: Wolverfrog<Wolverfrog49@Hotmail.com>
Date: 22 June 2009, 2:10 am

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Part Two: Trial

When John came to, he was standing in a hall, one filled with thousands of Elites, as well as numerous Grunts and Hunters who had remained loyal to them at the time of the Great schism from the Covenant.

He turned his head, and noticed before him several Elites, towering over him. He suddenly realised he was on the floor, supported by his knees, and stood up. Noticing this, several Honour Guards rushed up to him and bashed him with the blunt end of their staves, sending plasma coursing through his body. He fell to the ground again. John was still in his Mark VI armour, evidently the Elites had been unable to find the codes needed to release the titanium plated joints.

A rough hand grasped him by the shoulder, and hoisted him up. Several metres in front of him, atop of the jewel encrusted marbled stairs were three Elites, sitting upon glowing gravity chairs.

"Demon", the one in the middle began. "You are brought before the High Council, so we can decide your fate."

There was uproar among the rest of the Elites, he heard the phrase "Kill him" used many a time.

"Silence!" The one on the right ordered. He received it in an instant. The middle one, who he assumed to be the leader, began speaking again.

"The situation here is..." He searched for the right word, "complicated."

John had held his tongue until now, but he couldn't stay silent any longer.

"What the hell is going on?" He asked.

The middle Elite sighed, he seemed to be old. John hoped he was wise too.

"Due to a multitude of events, we are once again at war with your species. We would have preferred to avoid it, but our honour demanded it."

"You never learn do you? There is nothing honourable about war, only suffering can come from it."

The one on the left spoke for the first time.

"That's rich, coming from you Demon. How long does it take you after battle to wash the blood off of your hands?"

John lowered his head. The Elite was right, despite how misguided he seemed.

"Enough please." Said the middle one. "We will get no where like this."

"Yes, Kaidon A'trinr." The left Elite spoke, he sounded bitter, envious perhaps.

"Now, even though we bear you no ill will Demon, it was not you who started this war, we cannot let you go free, you are loyal to the Humans."

"We should kill him and be done with it!" A Councillor in the crowd shouted.

"No. There is no need for that, we are civilised beings are we not?"

"More so than him..." The Elite on the left said.

"High Councillor K'zath, if you cannot keep your spiteful comments to yourself, I shall have you flayed." Spoke the Kaidon.

John had had it.

"Enough with this crap, where's the Arbiter? I thought he was in command."

The three Elites gave a visible squirm, they were obviously uneasy about the subject.

"The Arbiter chose to...travel his own path, rather than fight in the war. He is a coward." The Kaidon said.

"I think not, you and the rest of the Elites are the real cowards, you and your false sense of honour. It's no wonder the Prophets replaced you with apes, they had more guts than you." John said, provoking them. A new chorus of "kill him" broke out across the hall.

"Enough taunts Demon, my patience grows weary. There are hundreds in here who would happily rip you to pieces, and throw your mangled body of the cliff edge. However, it is not for them to decide. I have chosen to place you in a cell, you shall be treated as a guest, but you are not allowed to leave this city, and can go no where without the presence of at least fifteen guards of the highest rank."

"You can't hold me in a prison forever." John said, knowing that Cortana could disable any security system the Elites had cooked up. Speaking of which, where was she?

"I assume you mean your Construct will free you." The Kaidon began, a smug grin on his worn face. "And that she could...if she were alive, that is."

The room turned cold, and darkness crept into the room.

"What have you done to her?" John demanded, shaking with fury.

"It matters not, she was only a machine. Our Engineers destroyed her, she was too much of a risk." The Elite said hurriedly, suddenly nervous.

"You killed her?!?"

Blinded by fury, John wrenched free of the Honour Guards holding him. They raised their staves to knock him down, but with lighting reflexes, the Spartan grabbed one, turned it around, and swung it in an arc, once. Two heads toppled to the floor.

"Stop him!" Shrieked A'trinir, and several more Honour Guards entered the fray. He killed one, stabbing it in the neck, and felled another with a glancing blow from the Stave's side.

More and more rushed forward, and eventually John was subdued by sheer numbers, over five dozen Honour Guards surrounding him. He was knocked down by a blow to the head, and everything became a blur.

"You are lucky I am lenient Demon!" A'trinr shouted after him, as he was taken away. "After such an event, most would change their minds about only throwing you in a cell!"

He saw himself being dragged through a door, then once again blacked out.