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Fan Fiction

Posted By: Wolf
Date: 14 October 2007, 2:27 pm

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Johnny slept
Johnny dreamt
Johnny shivered in blissful ignorance

'Mortumee hide
'Mortumee slunk
'Mortumee halted, tentative and alert

Johnny woke

'Mortumee froze

Frankie shouted

Johnny rose

Clayton fell

Johnny dove

'Mortumee roared

Frankie explodes

Johnny grabbed
Johnny aimed
Johnny fired six point-blank

'Mortumee slashed
'Mortumee barked
'Mortumee watched 'Orurmee die

Johnny loaded

'Mortumee leapt

Frankie scattered

Johnny wept

Clayton moaned

Johnny crept

'Mortumee swung


Frankie regrets

Johnny shouted
Johnny fired
Johnny ran and ran and ran

'Mortumee lunged
'Mortumee ordered
'Mortumee ran and ran and ran

Johnny jumped

'Mortumee tripped

Frankie groaned

Johnny slipped

Clayton died

Johnny quipped

'Mortumee chased

Frankie quits

Johnny blinked
Johnny screamed
Johnny was stabbed beneath the ribs

'Mortumee smirked
'Mortumee laughed
'Mortumee would be rewarded tonight

The Drill Sergeant paced
The Drill Sergeant bellowed
The Drill Sergeant pointed to three smiling faces

The company rose
The company saluted
The company watched the short funeral

The pictures gazed
The pictures stood
The pictures showed ambivalent realism

'Mortumee chuckled
'Mortumee slaughtered
'Mortumee was executed yesterday

Johnny burnt
Clayton died
Frankie suffered
Humanity cried

Johnny slept