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End of the Flood
Posted By: Wilson<wilmer@rtelco.net>
Date: 14 November 2006, 1:36 am

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Note: This takes place 2 years after the civil war between Elites and Brutes, and it is fiction, so if you see something that doesnt agree with the upcoming Halo 3, I am sorry. For example, if the world really does end that would interfere with this story, so please try to get along with what your about to see. Thank You.

Onli Lunilee stood 8 feet and 8 inches tall, taller than most Sangheili (Elites) by at least 2 inches. He was clad in White Armor, with a tall head piece. His presence indicated something had gone wrong. Onli Lunilee was a Counciler, one of 16 Sangheili Councilers. He was that founded and lead the Defense against the Flood. The Defense against the Flood was an ongoing Campaign to rid the the Elite Homeworld of the Flood. It was composed of the Elite, Hunter, Grunt, and Human Alliance. There were also a few Jackals that joined the Alliance that acted as scouts.

(The Flood arrived on the Elite Homeworld 6 months after the Civil War began when a Fleet of Brute Drop Ships landed on the Elite Homeworld and released the Flood, in hopes of eliminating the Sangheili people altogether.)

In Lunilee's right hand he carried an Energy Sword, and in his left rested a flag on a thin, 6 foot pole. He gazed around the torn battlefield and then thrust the flag into the groud. All that saw this flag would know that the land in which it lay was new, conquered territory from which they just stole from the Flood.

He gazed again. Hundreds of corpses littered the battlefield. Luckily most of the bodies were of the Flood. He turned to look at his tiny force of soldiers that had helped achieve this small victory. Among them were 2 Golden Elites, 3 Red Elites, 5 Blue Elites, 1 other Counciler, and 1 Hunter, who was helplessly bent over his fallen comrad. Lunilee felt for the Hunter but said nothing.

The second Counciler came to Lunilee turning off his energy sword while he walked.

"That was impressive my brother. We lost one Hunter, and two Red Elites. We have moved one step closer to winning this war."

"This victory was not worth much" Lunilee replied."It was not enough." Lunilee then turned to his soldiers.

"Nice work today soldiers. There is much grief on this battlefield. Some of the soldiers you fought today used to be your friends, but I can assure you, you were giving them peace when you put them out of your misery. As for those who died today, much sorrow is felt for them as well. Let's go home and rest."

Lunilee's speech brought happiness to most of his soldiers, but a few were left speechless, horrified by the events that just took place.

"In two days we march again, to clean ourselves of this parasite! Thousands will march with us as we become an unrelenting storm that will soon dispose of these beast" said Claha Seronee, the second Counciler as he closed the hatch door of the Phantom. Once again there was silence, the only sound being the Phantoms engines. For 2 hours they went on without silence, and finally they landed.

The tired warriors landed in their fortress city of Tyarnont, one of a few giant forts that safeguarded the rest of the Sangheili race. Humans, Grunts, and Elites patrolled the walls and streets while Hunters manned the gates and landing zones. Lunilee and Seronee left the Phantom with the rest of their squad and watched as it left, proably going to aid other cities under attack from the Flood.

Lunilee then turned to leave to the Chamber of Councilers, Seronee close behind.

When they entered the Chamber they found an Elite Counciler trying to calm a group of Grunt Councilers in a debate with a Human Counciler.

"What's going on?!" demanded Seronee.

"All I did was suggest place more grunts on the battlefield and they went berserk!" replied Sarah, one of 4 human counciler's in the Senate.

Seronee struggled to calm the Grunts, but only when he turned on his Energy Sword did they cease their argument.

"Put aside your weapon friend" said Lunilee in a soft voice. "It is true, we need more soldiers. However we have more than can be given at the moment. In two days I'll be Seronee and I will be leading a combined force of 2000 Elites, Hunters and Grunts to take back the Grannite Coast."

"Negative Lunilee. The Phantom that brought you back was directed to Busmhyth City to give air support. Several Dropships are carrying your soldiers to help take back the Busmhyth. Hordes of the Parasite, 20,000 to 30,000 or so have attempted to take over the city. A month ago we thought we saw a smaller threat forming so we sent 150 Elites to aid the 300 already there. Apparantly we underestimated. If you wish to continue your campaign to the Grannite Coast then I'm afraid all we can give you is 100 of our best Elites to go with your squad of 30. The choice is up to you, but if you decide to do it, dont blow it."

Druma Fortimee, the third Counciler then waited for his reply.

Taking in all that had just been said, Lunilee and Seronee began a hushed conversation.

"It's risky" Seronee argued.
"It has to be done, soon! The Parasite multiplies. What is today 6000 Flood might be 20,000 tomorrow. Something must be done!" Lunilee replied.
"An invasion force of 130 Elites-"Seronee was interuppted.
"An invasion force of 130 of the best Elites. These are all at least in Golden Armor. I've been training every Elite here how to weild a Energy Sword for months. And you've been teaching them the art of Dual Weilding Plasma Rifles. A loss is possible, but a win is almost garaunteed!"

Seronee thought for a few seconds, but finally came back with a reply.

"You cannot underestimate this Parasite! They are not mindless. They take advantage of our most talented soldiers and turn them against us. They too know the art of battle with both Energy Sword and Plasma Rifle."

"You tell me not to underestimate the Parasite" Lunilee began. "However you underestimate our soldiers. We only lost 3 today, while the Parasite lost a couple hundred or so. Imagine what 130 of the best soldiers can do! It can and must be done."

Seronee paused, looking in the distance. "Very well. You lead an offensive, and ill stay behind with a score of troops (20) to be your last resort, and defense."

"Thank you my brother. We have two days. Let's break the news to our troops."

"Good. I'll tell your troops. Then I must go to Busmhyth. I must see the Parasite destroyed personally." stated Fortimee.

2 days later

4 Phantoms landed 2000 feet from Grannite Coast. 132 Elites unboarded the ships. Then Lunilee began a speech.

"Todays battle is one of few that must be won! A victory today means victory altogether. Our charge will start here and it won't end until all of our planet is free of the parasite!"

A loud cheer followed moments after Luminee finished. Seronee and Luminee turned to look at the Grannite Hills, and a large beach that followed soon after. All of it was littered with the Parasite. Some stood guard while others built fortifications on the beach. Seronee and Luminee put objects that looked large guns in the direction of the Flood. Symbols flashed across it. Finally, the Symblos ceased.

"My scans read a little less than 8000" Seronee claimed.

"Same here" answered Lunilee.

"8000 beast lie before us and victory. These beast haunt our childrens nightmares. Let us be rid of them! TODAY!" shouted Seronee.

Another wild cheet followed.

"CHARGE!" Seronne and Lunilee ran, with 130 loyal followers behind them. Energy swords shown brightly. They were like a storm. The battle was about to begin.

Thank you for reading. I'm sorry, I know this didn't have to much action, but the following stories will, so stay tuned. Thanks again.