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The Tameing Of The Hunters Pt 1
Posted By: Will Fugate (ProphetOfSorrow)<occupation_ninja@yahoo.com>
Date: 12 June 2006, 8:14 am

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The Sangheili Tena 'Nasaree grunted with satisfaction as he wiped the sloppy orange gore from his mandible, slinging it to the stone below him. He quickly flicked his Energy Sword back out, and glanced at the two of his own kind on his sides. They nodded to him, and clicked their jaws once. Slowly they trudged forward, crouching low to avoid any more mishaps. Tena glanced back at the corpse at what the Prophets were calling Lekgolo, and shook his head.
Not even seven full cycles ago, Tena himself had been called to the Mosoleum of The Arbiters, and spoken to the Prophets of Deed and Doctrine. They had told him of a world where a species resided, a species that would be highly beneficial to the Covenant. "They must be assimilated...At ALL costs," The Prophets had stated. Tena remebered his amazement as a large carrier rose next to the Holy Ones, revealing the age old Armor of the Arbiters.
In a flurry of action, the Prophets had granted the position of Arbiter to Tena, rushed him to his Phantom, and flown him away towards the Lekgolo homewrold. Almost immeadiately after landing on a crude, stone-hewn landing area, Tena's squad of Unggoy and Kig-yar had been slaughtered.
The Lekgolo where enormous beasts, 12 units high, and completely made of wriggling orange worms. Luckily, the Prophets had taught the new Arbiter how to slay these creatures. A large core worm resided within the central abdominal cavity, or at least, what classified as one with these abominations. The Lekgolo were very adept at slaying all members of the Covenant except for the Sangheili, and they were confused as to how to kill the larger slouched beasts weilding firey swords. Tena and his fellows had drawn their Holy Blades and sliced into the Lekgolo, ripping the central worm from its place, allowing the excess mass of the beasts to slump to the ground.
As Tena and his last two brothers crept over a rise, they immediatly let loose with howls of anger. Before them, a field of carnage. Tena's armor gleamed blood-tinted silver in the sun, reflecting off the canyon of slaughtered Sangheili and lekgolo infront of him. He yowled with rage and rushed forward, slashing his blade into the corpses of the Lekgolo, kneeling before every near one of his own species, checking for vital signs. Water welled in Tna's eyes, his hands shaking as yet another of his species' dead bodies slipped from his arms. Slowly, The Arbiter rose, his jaws clenched tightly, and his hand sharply clasping the hilt of his sword. Filled with sorrow, Tena lifted his wrist near his mandibles, speaking into his com.
"Noble Prophet of Deed, I require something stronger than my own kind...A Sharqoui should suffice," Spoke Tena, only to be answered speedily by the gruff voice of Deed.
"Yes Arbiter, A Phantom is on its way. Don't make the mistake of letting that....THING run loose..." Grimaced Deed, hinting at the fact that the only way to stop a Sharquoi was to kill it after you were done with it. And to kill a Shaqroui...That was an unimagineble task.
The Arbiter lifted his head to the sky, recognizing the screech of an incomeing Phantom, escorted by a squadron of Banshees. Tena squinted, hardly unable to see the hulking mass supported by the Phantom, and holstered in place by no less than fifty energy bands. As the Phantom lowered itself to the flattened field below, Tena felt nothing but hatred towards the Lekgolo for the slaughter of his brothers, and at the same time, pity, for what he was about to put them through.
(One and a Half Cycles later, Lekgolo Homeworld, Surface)
The Arbiter chuckled to himself, standing among a full battalion of his own kind on a ridge above a small dwelling area belonging to the lekgolo beasts. He gazed down at the small rounded domes of the underground spawning pools of the Lekgolo, smirking as yet another burst open, crushed by the enourmous foot of the 30 unit high Sharqoui behemoth. Here and there around the Sharqoui rested the quickly thrown together bodies of the lekgolo warriors, utterly flattened agaisnt the soil, claw marks barely visible within the worms. Tena suddenly coughed, and the Sharqoui sharply snapped its head up to blindly stare at the hilltop. The Sangheili immediatly froze. Moving in the presence of a Sharqoi behemoth was just asking to hvae you own personal journey to the Great Resting Place.