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Chronicles of the Spartan III's
Posted By: Whitemansfro<wayhoff@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 28 September 2005, 4:09 pm

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Chapter 1:

UNSC ship The Unwavering Wind
near the remnants of Reach, 2553

"How did this happen?" spartan 313 asked. "That's what you get when you send II's to do a spartan III's job." 307 replied. The spartan III's were an even more secret program than the II's, they were all given 300+ numbers and the approximate 150 that survived training were on this ship. The only regular humans on board were maintenance, cooks, basic crew, etc. They had the most high-tech ship known to man. The UNSC had pulled all their resources to make this ship, it had enough Covenant-based technology to make it more powerful than an actual Covenant ship, but still have it immune to the worthless Covenant AI, and it cost them the same amount it would've to make another 300 regular cruisers.

The ship's captain, Nathan (Spartan 300 and the highest ranking spartan there is) had been sent to investigate how the Spartan II's were almost completely wiped out on Reach. "Looks to me like it was glassed" one of the crewman said. "No," 324 said, "The surface doesn't look smooth enough, and there's not enough plasma and energy radiation. I think they blew themselves up. Let me see the topography map." Instantly a holographic map of Reach in its current state popped up. "Look, the surface is too rough for it have been glassed, granted, glassing doesn't dry perfectly but it looks more like a few thousand Havok Nukes went off." "Michael, scan for nuclear radiation" ordered Nathan. Michael, the ship's AI obeyed and not more than a couple of seconds later he appeared on the hologrid in the form that he had chose for himself, an ODST shouldering a jackhammer rocket launcher, and reported " extreme nuclear radiation is shown, no Spartan II could survive there for more than 15 seconds, even with their armor, and i wouldn't recommend you going down there either, considering two minutes is the maximum y'all could live...... even with your supershields." Supershields are twice as powerful as an overshield but they recharge and don't glow, making it a much more stealthy and dangerous shield. "I understand. Keep scanning the planet and see if you can find anything worth noting." "Yes captain," Michael replied.

"Attention all command staff, urgent meeting in the War Room now," Nathan spoke over the intercom then he turned and walked out the door. About a minute later when he reached the War Room. It was a room about 30 feet tall, there were two decks, the lower one had some different tactical boards, and in the middle was a large round table with a holopad in the center. On the upper deck a few crewmen were running around reading different displays. There were two guards at each entrance. Nathan was happy to see all the command staff that wasn't coming with him from the bridge already seated. "Alright, here's the deal," Nathan said once everyone was seated. "We arrived at Reach a little under an hour ago, as far as we can tell, Reach was NOT glassed." "then how did we lose every single marine and Spartan II?" 400 interrupted "not including the infamous master chief of course," he said with a hint of sarcasm and dislike. "Well, spec-ops commander, it looks like they destroyed themselves, with Havok tactical nukes." 324 broke the silence, "but... why?" "That is what we are going to find out. 313, i want you to get your extreme hazards team ready in case we find something with the scans. Until then i want everyone to keep your men battle-ready in case the covenant decide..." Nathan was cut off by klaxons sounding and then Michael appeared on the hologrid in the room. "Sir! 600 Covenant cruisers just jumped out of hyperspace not but 400 miles away with another 100 capital ships leading them!" They all sat in a stupor, "six-HUNDRED?, no, seven-HUNDRED?!?!?!?!?!" 324 marveled. Michael piped up again, "Sir! another 800 Capital and regular cruisers just jumped in beyond the other fleet" "ALRIGHT!" 300 started shouting, "OPEN ALL GUNPORTS, AND START BLASTING THEM TO SMITHEREENS!" "Sir, for some reason the two fleets are engaging each other!" Michael said, to which the reply was, "alright then, hold on that order, but get us further away from here, we need to stay out of this till one side is annihilated and the other is badly damaged."

"I want 313, 324, 307, and 322 to go get all your soldiers to the armory and let them have their choice of weapons. 307, once your team is outfitted, get them to the vehicles and start patrolling this ship." "Sir!" was the only reply. "Now, i want the other teams to get to the fighter bays," as Nathan pointed to 324 although it wasn't necessary because everyone knew they were the best pilots, "the bridge," as he pointed to 307, "and the firing control center." As he pointed to 313. "As for 400, get the fifty spec-ops under your command patrolling other key points of the station, with some of the snipers ready to go into the large hangar-bay. NOW MOVE-OUT!" Immediately, all the Spartans ran out the door to get their teams in place.