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Halo 3552, Chapter 2
Posted By: Wesley Frost<chefwesley@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 December 2007, 6:08 pm

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Chapter 2
Year: 2710
Section: V54
Planet: Earth

"We…we didn't see it coming….Everyone is dea…..dead…planet Heron…A creature….those eyes….that sword!….." As the man said those last words, he gasped and he released his grip on life.

The crowd that had gathered around the newly crashed ship all stared at each other trying to fully grasp what the man had said. They weren't sure what he was talking about, but they knew the fear they had seen in his face. They weren't familiar with the planet Heron, but a few technicians said they could take a look at his onboard computer and decide just where he had came from.

Not long after the technicians climbed into the ship a blanket of color filled the sky. It appeared as a multi-colored cloud encasing the atmosphere. The atmosphere suddenly broke and the colors faded into a pitch black blanket. The ships in the air started to screech as they got closer to Earth. As the crowd began to distinguish what was coming to the world, they started to scatter. A few people stayed to welcome the new ships in thought that perhaps more people had survived the attack of Heron. Their patience was not rewarded, however.

The ships started crashing into the surrounding ground, landing on several people. The doors of the ships hissed as they depressurized and then crashed to the floor. An army of grunts and jackals began to pour from the openings. Their plasma weapons firing pink and blue. People surrounding the ships all dropped as they were hit and burned through with fire.

Many ran towards whatever escape they could find. The UNSC tried as hard as they could to lead as many survivors away from the attack as they could. They didn't have enough manpower to push back the onslaught. The military lead the survivors into ships to escape and blind jumped each one. The plan was to reunite later if at all possible.
With no other planet to turn to, the survivors took what little they could. The only things they could grab in the chaos were rough plans for ships and weaponry, as they knew a new war had just became a reality.

Many of the ships trying to escape barely made it out of the atmosphere as the sky was continued to explode with more ships. It was if the sky had opened up and had released a plague upon the world. The heroics of the past seemed almost pointless now. From the sky people could see that the entire Earth was now covered with ships of the Covenant. Long bulbous shaped ships that glimmered with silver and green lights blanketed the landscape.

Out of one of the ships a new creature strode out. He was taller than any hunter and walked with the authority of every brute and elite combined. His face was battle worn with scars of past victories. The creature's forehead was wrinkled and the lack of a nose or protruding ears was a standout feature. His mouth was small, but filled with rows of razor sharp teeth. His eyes were also smaller, they appeared as small lines on his face. His body was long and slender, with oversized arms and legs. He was wearing armor that hugged tightly around the joints of his body, almost as if they were a part of him.

He stepped down off of the ship and hissed an order so loud that every grunt and jackal fell onto the ground in terror. They all got up and began to file back into their respective ships. The creature pulled out a long, wide blade from a sheath on his back. It shimmered with gold as the light from the surrounding ships lifting off hit it. He took his arm back and with a yell, he drove it into the ground. The dirt suddenly took on a deathly color and all the grass surrounding began to wilt and die. Slowly, the effect crept and destroyed all that was surrounding. Trees bent over and wilted until the breeze picked them up and scattered them into the atmosphere as dust. Buildings in the distance began to crumble brick by brick and disappeared into the air. The creature waited until the reports from space revealed that all of Earth had been destroyed in this manner. He slowly pulled the sword from the ground and sheathed it. His small mouth smirked as he stepped back into his ship.