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War Pigs
Posted By: War Pig<CarrotheadXXL@aol.com>
Date: 6 April 2006, 3:08 am

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Private T.J Marvin awoke to explosions and gun fire. He ran to the corner where he left his rifle and SMG and ran out the bunker door. He ran to his pillbox and saw his friend Private Zack Grinder shooting away at grunts dropping them dead. Private Marvin turns his safety off and fires away. They cleared the area and overhead comes a dropship. Out of the ship comes two hunters aiming for the box. The marines jump out the window escaping death narrowly.

They fight their way across the street away from the base and come across some jackals. Marv and Grinder take cover behind a hog and pour bullets into the jackals thin bodies. They continue up the street and come across a squad of elites and grunts pinning down a marine. They take the hog and charge at the squad they squash the aliens skulls and blood and chunks of flesh spew out the back. "Hop in!" said Zack and Todd rives off. They fly down the street fleeing from a dropship. The boiling hot plasma so close to his head. Then a sniper round hits the hog's tire sending the jeep flying into a destroyed building. Marv and Zack awake to see the marine pincired between the hog and wall.

They were almost caught when a wraith and company come down the road. Marv grabs the sniper from the body and takes aim for the red elite leading the pack. He steadies the rifle and shoots the alien dead dropping it to the ground. The wraith turns and fires on the building. Marv charges the tank killing elite after elite until one slices him in the rib. He falls in pain as the elite's shadow towers over him. The elite raises his arm ready to slice a fatal blow when Zack cuts the elite's arm off with a sharp peice of metal. He then stabs the creature making it fall to the ground bleeding to death.

Then Zack gets stabbed in the shoulder and TJ gets stabbed through the leg and goes uncouncious. He awakes in a medical tent with his friend aside him. He rises off the bed and goes back to sleep. Five hours later he wakes and sits up on the bed. "Good your up finally" "I though you wouldn't come back." "Where am I?" asked TJ. "Your in a medical tent in Delta Platoon's H.Q." "Oh, Im sorry my name is Jerry Feldman or you can call me Doc." "We dropped in and found a squad of camo elites and decided to clean the area nad evac you." Private Todd Marvin walks to see his friend Zack talking to some marines. "Hey Marv!" "This is Dan, Mark, and Bob." Then when TJ was about to say something the alarm goes off saying that two scarabs is closing in on the camp. A marine in the rank of lieutenant orders you and the others to board the pelican. They board the ship and take off. "My name is Lieutenant Garth McHenry for those who don't know me." " The scarabs are around the bend and we are ordered to control one and destroy the other."

"We will split into two groups." "Group One Zack, Bob, and Mark." "Group Two will be me, Marvin, Doc and Dan." "Any questions?" They hover above the giant spider like robot and drop onto it. Then it heads over to the other one and drops off the second troop. Lieutenant McHenry lead the team into the scarab not detected yet. Doc is given a signal and tosses a nade' around the corner, but then Dan rushed torward to where the nade' will land and it explodes. Then a hail of plasma flows across the air. Marv sprints into the room nailing the grunts in the head and then he comes across three elites. Doc and the el-tee come up behind. They form a circle around Marv and the elite with the sword. It jumps torward Marv and misses and Marv nails it in the back dropping it dead. He looks over the corpse and says "Not this time bitch" then Doc and the el-tee smash the others skulls in and take control of the scarab. McHenry coms in "Team two do you copy.over." Then over the radio comes static. They try again when an explosion errupts and the marines rush for the top. They peer over the edge seeing the giant vehicle laying on the ground. "Ahhhhh" yells over the com. "El-tee was that you awwwww." "Yeah soldier it was what happened?" The scarab just exploed and now im here." "Whats your status.over?" " Only me and Zack Mark is dead. " O.K were coming to get you hold on."