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Chapter 1: The Encounter
Posted By: WE KILL COVENANTS!!<pisutchn1963@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 October 2005, 3:38 pm

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Chapter 1: The Encounter

Epsilon Eridouni System, close to planet Reach- August 31st, 2552 A.D
Bridge of Covenant flag ship The Justice of Truth

Captain Imaree Surali paced around the bridge often shooting looks at grunts and lower ranking elites that seemed to linger. Suddenly the control panel blinked, which meant that there was a message for him. Imaree wondered who was trying to contact him and pressed on the "receive" button. A hologram of the Prophet of Truth appeared. Everyone in the control room kneeled and bowed before the Prophet and he looked at Imaree and said, "I have new orders for you and your war fleet". Imaree bowed and asked, "What are your orders O' Great Prophet?" "When a few of the human ships escaped to random locations some of them left behind a flux of the slip space when they tore a hole in space. I want you and your fleet to track down these remaining human ships and destroy them because we cannot risk having them contact for re-enforcements. The other fleets shall stay here" Imaree looked up "It shall be done wise prophet." Truth nodded at him "Failure will not be tolerated" and disappeared.

Imaree stood up and began issuing orders "Get moving! Give word to the fleet that we are moving to destroy the last of the human defenders of this planet!" There was an immediate hustle in the Flagship as grunts, elites, jackals, and many other covenant species rushed to prepare the ship for moving. Imaree turned to his XO, an elite called Dasumee "Turn this ship to the closest slip space flux and move the entire fleet" 300 covenant ships begin moving towards a small area in space and suddenly gracefully disappeared.

Outer Rim Defense station No. 38, Yani system- April 9th, 34 ABY (after battle of Yavin). Inside the bridge of RAS Allied (Republic Armed Ship).

Captain Yan Sin stood in front of his ship holopad checking for the 10th time for anything that was entering the system. He shuddered when he remembered the Yuuzhan Vong when they attacked without notice years ago. The Yuuzhan had slaughtered many species in the galaxy mercilessly and almost decimated the New Republic when the last few jedi got together the new rebellion and pushed the Yuuzhan out of the galaxy. "Now the war is over and maybe we can finally have some peace for the next few centuries" thought Yan Sin. "HYPERSPACE RUPTURE! EAST OF ALLIED! WE HAVE CONTACTS!!" cried the scanner crew man. Yan Sin ran over to him hoping it isn't the Yuuzhan or the Imperial Remnants again "What sort of contacts!?!?!" "Unknown sir! Contacts are larger in numbers than us! Equipped with unknown weaponry sir!" "Sir permission to engage contacts!" cried his weapon control crew. "Permission denied! I want to know what is their intention for coming here." Yan Sin ordered to his radio man "You get me on the comm. line" The radio man worked to patch him through to the strange ships.

Inside bridge of Covenant flag ship The Justice of Truth

Imaree gaped at the view screen of the control room it showed lots and lots of dots resembling ships of different sizes and shapes. When they had jumped into slip space they had followed the flux where the human ships had been, but now they had ended up here in an unknown system. "Run a scan through those ships now! I want to know if they're friendly or not!" "Scanning sir! Sir! Scans show that those ships are not in our archives or anything like the human ships!" answered Dasumee. "What the hell happened?" a grunt cried. "Shut up fool I think we're receiving a transmission" Imaree pressed the receive button and immediately a hologram showing strange signs appeared then it cleared and showed a single human. "This is Outer Rim Defense station No. 38 of the New Republic. State your reasons for coming or we will commence to eliminate you and your fleet" the human said. Imaree smiled, the sight humans always meant that there was going to be some action for him. "Ready the ships for combat and we shall remove this idiotic human from our Great Journey" Dasumee turned to him and said nervously "Are you sure sir? I mean this is an uncharted system and now we've met another human but he does not seem to act or look like any other humans we have ever seen" Imaree only scoffed and said proudly "HA! Humans are all the same they are monkeys! This one shall be no different!"

To be continued……………..