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the world is coming to a end
Posted By: Unknownplayer aka *CLASSIFED*
Date: 27 February 2010, 11:33 pm

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Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The worlds coming to a end
You know it too
you wanted to see Vince
But the Covenant was a villan
We know God is with us
But the Covenant wants to rip us
We can surivie
But it takes great strides
Our worlds are being glassed
They keep saying blast
We made the Spartan program
The Covenant said DAMN
Juggernauts came to the mix
Us humans got blitzed
392 worlds gone
Earth was the last man standing
The Covenant does not know
The ring is a dangerous blow
The Elites got wiser
Heh when they got sober
I think my time is running out
There is a way out
Nearly impossible
But not daring
The world is coming to an end my lovely
Till Death Do Us Part