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UNSC Formation Charter
Posted By: UNSC Trooper<unsctrooper@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 October 2007, 5:10 pm

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I figured since the UN has a formation charter, why shouldn't the UNSC have one too? Just something I wrote on a Sunday evening when I was getting bored. This is supposed to be the official document declaring the formation of the UNSC and it was presented to the Colonial Administration Authority for confirmation. Not really a story ...

United Nations Space Command - Higher Level Acknowledgment - Formation Charter
November 18, 2164

We, the people of the United Nations Space Command hereby acknowledge the purpose of our existence in the confines of the Solar System and beyond, and that by all means the principles of peace on our worlds must be sustained at all costs, either by military force or non-violent methods, avoiding the use of armed force whenever possible, protecting our fundamental rights from the scourge of tyranny, discrimination and suffering, securing social, political and economic unity, and concentrating on saving as many lives as physically possible, seeking to bring peace and harmony among our citizens, and to respect laws and regulations that might spring from our Security Committee. We, the people of the United Nations Space Command hereby acknowledge that we shall fence and guard the nations and colonies of the former UN from further Koslovic or Frieden uprisings and that we shall NOT enact without the consensus of the Colonial Administration Authority, and the United Earth Government, which steadies our place in colonial governing and off-world military training. We, the people of the United Nations Space Command hereby acknowledge our formation has begun since 2163 on the battlefield of the Martian Argyre Planitia and that it ends by declaring this official Charter to the nations of the former UN and its replacement, the Colonial Administration Authority.

Our formal purposes are:

- To maintain a safe level of international, interplanetary and interstellar security based on our actions to prevent the spread of either political, military, or economic unrest between our member nations and colonies.
- To remove any kind of threat to peaceful relations between our citizens.
- To establish friendly alliances and relations among our nations and colonies based on respect for the principle and laws of the equal rights of civilians on colonies large and small.
- To develop command centers and outposts accommodating the presence of Central Command (CENTCOM) and High Command (HIGHCOM) bodies of the United Earth Government and the Colonial Administration Authority.
- To organize and attend to a strong United Nations Space Command military force comprising a series of self-contained Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Special Forces branches.
- To ensure the resolving of all political, military, cultural or economic disputes by peaceful means, thus not endangering our common interest of universal peace.
- To assure national integrity of every member nation of the former UN, and its former colonies.
- To ensure the appliance of official laws and regulations of space navigation and colonization attempts that might occur following the Interplanetary War.
- To permanently remove the dominion of racial, sexual or religious discrimination among our populations and citizens.
- To swiftly pinpoint and neutralize any kind of offensive actions of either violent or non-violent nature that might occur against the United Nations Space Command, through the usage of the Office of Naval Intelligence.
- To rebuild and reorganize locations which have been heavily damaged or destroyed by the countless days of bombardment during the Rain Forest Wars, and to aid in the construction of new homes for its victims.
- To apply the package of laws imposed by the former UN, including the Wartime Articles of Secrecy, the United Security Acts of 2162 and Homeland Security Act of 2162.
- To be a community for ensuring that the common ends listed above can be obtained.

Our councils of reference are:

- Our "Security Committee" charged with discussing legal matters concerning integral security of the United Nations Space Command.
- Our "Personnel Command" assigned with monitoring the expansion of our military and civil personnel.
- Our "Navigation Command" charged with administrating formal Fleet Command acts and monitoring routes of colonial navigation.
- Our "Office of Naval Intelligence" assigned with analyzing intelligence information from our various outposts in the Solar System.

Nothing in the present Charter rules out the possibility of nations on Earth or colonies on Mars, or the Jovian Moons, exiting the sovereignty of the United Nations Space Command either by individual will of the nations' head of state or by formal United Nations Space Command documents stating the national walkout in question.

Nations or colonies wishing to formally exit the United Nations Space Command will:

- Develop a package of extensive acts and documents declaring the reason of exit and its respective reintegration as an independent and self-contained nation.
- Present the package in question to United Nations Space Command Security Committee officials for formal evaluation.
- Depending on the final outcome of the Security Committee's decision, national (republic, monarchy or unified federation) integration will be applied.

The present Charter shall be confirmed by the national processes in accordance to each member nation and colony.

Accordingly, our respective Governments, through representatives assembled in the city of Sydney, who have exhibited their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed to the present Charter of the United Nations Space Command and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations Space Command.

The present Charter, of which the Chinese, Spanish, Swahili and English texts are equally authentic, shall remain deposited in the archives of the former UN headquarters in New York City, the United States of America and shall be transported to the United Nations Space Command Security Committee headquarters in Australia, along with its formal ratification.
DONE at the city of Sydney, the Commonwealth of Australia, the eighteenth day of November, two thousand one hundred sixty-four.