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Posted By: UNSC Trooper<unsctrooper@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 August 2007, 6:38 pm

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January 9, 2534 (Military Calendar)
Hades, Glazia Plains

The age of nuclear war had surely affected every single resident of UNSC colony planets, without them even knowing about it - purely because, there was no possible way of knowing about anything the UNSC classified as "strictly off-limits". It's rather ironic how rebel intelligence can sometimes surpass even the UNSC's most advanced intel archives. The neo-nazi insurgents - also called the "Ribbentrops" within high ranks - deployed several patrol operations deep into the Glazia Plains, where a United Nations Space Command secret research and development facility testing nuclear warheads was situated. Rebel intelligence reported the sighting of an unidentified military or chemical research compound which apparently occupied a great part of rebel held territory. The neo-nazi rebel council immediately mobilized the second espionage division to infiltrate and gather as much information as they possibly could regarding the purpose and origin of the unidentified compound. What they eventually found, sparked a wave of tension among the rebel councillors - reports stated that the compound pertained to the UNSC Nuclear Research Program which had been initiated well back in the 2380's. The Ribbentrop council realized the advantage and benefit they could obtain if by any chance they would gain control of a nuclear warhead and use it as a source of threat against their foes - particularly the UNSC. A handful of neo-nazi officials at the time knew that a secret assault operation on the UNSC nuclear testing facility - codenamed "Facility #07" - was about to take place, and for a good reason. The assault preparations lasted less than a week, planning and organizing procedures went on flawlessly. The UNSC was about to take one of the biggest - if not the biggest - hits from a rebel faction since the Interplanetary War.

January 15, 2534 (Military Calendar)
Hades, Glazia Plains / Nuclear Research and Development Facility #07

Watson took a break off the frustrating schedule he was being forced to work with at the compound. He lighted up his cigar and walked down the stairs of the seven story tall building. Once he reached the second level he noticed a trail of fresh muddy footsteps on the recently washed sand stone floor. The trail led to the Administration Office a few meters away from the stair hall. Nothing had prepared Watson for the horror and gore he was about to confront - something he wouldn't be able to forget so easily. A disgusting smell took hold of Watson's nostrils, the stench was too much for him bare, so he covered his nose. The farther he walked down the corridor, the stronger the horrible stench became. However, the smell did seem familiar to Watson - it smelled awfully similar to blood, or perhaps even some kind of moulded blood for that matter. His suspicions proved to be well-founded, for the horrible smell came from a trail of dark red liquid leading to a puddle of blood inside the Administration Office. Watson took a quick glimpse at the puddle inside the office and saw the Administrator lying down, motionless, right in the middle of the puddle. For some strange reason he had an odd - almost satanic - sign hand-scratched on his forehead. The very sight of a friend murdered in cold blood he knew for a long time, was enough to make Watson cry tears he never knew he could cry before. The eerie silence was interrupted by a series of gunshot sounds and screams in the distance of the long corridor. Watson scarcely knew what to make out of it. All of a sudden five armed men dressed up in black and red uniforms began rushing down the corridor towards Watson. After a few gunshot rounds, Watson fell on the bloodstained floor. The five armed men advanced across the corridor at a steady pace, shooting down anything that stood in their path. Within a few minutes, all but the secretary executive and a few other maintenance workers that had been taken hostage, were murdered and the same peculiar sign scratched on each of the victims foreheads.

January 16, 2534 (Military Calendar)
Reach / Mechanite Mountain Underground Tactical Base "Independence"

The planet Reach, that's where the UNSC's naval armada is usually being stationed during various conflicts, civil wars, rebellions or just temporary states of political crisis within the most important and critical degrees of HIGHCOM ranks. A great number of frigates and cruisers that were initially being detained for maintenance operations on Reach, were transmitted the Code Red alert and immediately set for departure in the Harvest System where a series of skirmishes against the Covenant had taken place since late 2525.

As rebel activity and terrorist presence became increasingly intense on outer colony worlds such as Eridanus II and Hades, a Special Operations counter-terrorism program had been initiated by a joint collaboration between the Hades SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and Reach HIGHCOM early in the year 2479. The program's objective was to assemble a number of UNSC Marine Corps operatives and include them in a Top Secret counter-terrorism training organization code-named "Vipers". The "UNSC Vipers" were comprised of several activity areas such as Front Security (Alpha Team), Demolitions and Medical (Bravo Team), and Rear Security (Charlie Team). All three teams are placed under the command of Captain Gregory Daniels, an ONI diplomatic official. The "UNSC Vipers" first mission was to take out a rebel war party on Reach which threatened to overrun and gain control of three Super MAC Guns situated in orbit around the planet. The mission was an undeniable success, discouraging the entire rebel movement at the time and placing its leader under UNSC custody. However, this would later become but one of the challenges the Vipers would have to face.

In the "Independence BASE" control room, Lieutenant Franco Blaine kept his eyes fixed on the TRANSCOM screen which appeared to be receiving an encrypted ONI network message. Decrypting the message was no difficult task for Blaine, as his Advanced Programmer diploma ensured him a thorough degree of computer knowledge. The message was being coded as follows:

United Nations Space Command ONI Group 35 Transmission
FROM: Hades SOCOM / 84634-934
Subject: Broken Arrow DEGREE 2 Importance
Coordinates: 9590587246 NW/Zephyrus

Header: A state of unprecedented emergency has been declared in the Hades SOCOM network.
Cause: Code BROKEN ARROW, Nuclear theft/astray
Location: Hades, Glazia Plains / Nuclear Research and Development Facility "Atomic Chamber" #07
Present situation: "Atomic Chamber #07" overrun by insurgent patrol forces. Hostage situation is possible. Personnel murdered.
Insurgent demands statement: "The Atomic Chamber no. 7 is now under Axis Wehrmacht control, attempt no offensive actions, warn to shoot hostages if any action is taken."
Source: Possibly "Ribbentrop" neo-nazi terrorism act.
Action: Requesting immediate counter-terrorism special forces deployment from Reach.


The Lieutenant took a moment to assess the current situation before forwarding the message to Captain Gregory Daniels. Clearly this distress message needed immediate resolving before matters got any worse.

      22:43 HRS. EARTH TIME

Captain Gregory Daniels, an old man well into his sixties walked into the Tactical Observation Room, slammed the door in such an unusual way the walls and the air in the room vibrated in a violent manner startling the people inside. He seemingly looked as though something had significantly disturbed him. None of the twenty two UNSC "Viper" operatives sitting at the table dared say anything about it, though.

"Ladies and gentlemen, seems our friends over at Hades are encountering some trouble with the nazis. From what reports have stated so far, they've gained control over Atomic Chamber no. 7, murdered a great part of its personnel and are holding hostage several other workers. You all know the rules of engagement in a Broken Arrow emergency situation. We strike swiftly, into the heart of the enemy, tearing his hopes of victory apart and shoving them down his throat. Of course that's just a figure of speech, because the way we're going to make them die, will by far surpass even their own imagination!"

"Yes sir, that we do.", Viper Company Leader Davidson spoke.

"Our strategy is simple. Seek, strike, retrieve and flee. Find the enemy and kill them. You will be landing on UNSC territory this time.", the Captain said while walking up to the hologram panel board and opening the basic outlines of the territory the Squads were destined to infiltrate.

"That damn compound is swarming with enemy patrol squads. You will enter the designated building here." The Captain pointed out the entrance way to the compound. "You will take out all resisting opponents you may encounter, and release the hostages. Is that understood?"

"Understood sir.", Sergeant Davidson answered standing up and saluting the Captain.

"The UNSC Aphrodite cruiser will transport you to Fort Graham on Hades. You will then be escorted by a team of eleven Warthogs right in the middle of the Glazia Plains where the compound is situated."

"Sir, with your permission, I don't mean to be disrespectful, why did you assign us to carry out this obviously hazardous mission instead of SPARTAN units? They seem fit for this type of operation.", Private Edward Wilson asked.

"No they're not. They don't have any counter-terrorism experience whatsoever. SPARTAN's are pussies!"

Everyone in the room started laughing at the Captain's humorous reply. "They're not real men, they're only twelve year-old kids who wouldn't recognize manhood and honor even if it reached up and bit them in the ass!", the Captain answered. "We picked the Vipers, because you're the only real men truly devoted to the security of mankind and the UNSC. It's brave men like you who make tomorrow a better day in this messed up lifestyle of the colonies. Good hunting, and God speed. Dismissed!", Captain Daniels said.

"Yes sir. Everyone head out to the launch bay, double time!", Davidson replied.

17 January, 2534 (Military Calendar)
Hades, Fort Graham

The landing bay of the "UNSC Aphrodite" opened creating a loud sound similar to a piece of metal falling on concrete ground. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie teams - all comprised of seven operatives each - headed towards the convoy of M12 Warthog LRV's.

"So this is what Hades is like.", Davidson spoke, more or less impressed by the surroundings.

"You guys ready to rumble?", the maintenance engineer of the Warthog convoy exclaimed.

"We're ready, alright. Let's head out!", Davidson replied enthusiastically.

The convoy began rolling down the fine grasslands, the purring engines of the Warthogs echoing throughout the dense forests. The trip didn't last more than half an hour - mainly because the Warthogs can catch quite a fast speed on plain terrain.

17 January, 2534 (Military Calendar)
Hades, Glazia Plains / Nuclear Research Facility "Atomic Chamber" #07

The convoy stopped five hundred meters away from the main compound entrance. Everyone stepped out of their vehicles, prepped their gear and silently advanced further into the compound line of sight.

"Vipers, prepare for entrance. Everyone set up? Silencers?", Davidson whispered.

"Yes sir, all ready for action", Private Edward answered arming his BR55 Burst Battle Rifle.

"Good. Roberts, run a bypass on that door.", Davidson ordered.

"Right away sir.", Roberts crouched up to the door, and held out his Unblocking device. A loud bursting sound was heard while Edwards was unblocking the door. That was the signal automatic doors were programmed to create in case they were being unblocked or cracked open.

"Keep it down Roberts! You want all of those bastards to know we're here?"

"There's nothing I can do about it sir, that's just the way these crappy doors work.", Roberts explained.

"Vipers, move out!"

Everyone entered the building, walking at a very slow pace down the dark corridors. Night vision goggles were the best accessory Spec Ops strike forces would dispose of during night raids, or missions in various low-lit compounds.

"Damn, I can't see anything, NVD's!", Davidson ordered, and everyone mounted their Night Vision Devices (NVD's) on top of their helmets. The long corridors and hallways seemed lifeless, almost as though no one had ever passed by them in ages.

"I'm picking up a heat signal! It's really dim, though.", Edwards exclaimed.

"It's a dead body, one of the workers.", Private First Class Marcus said.

Edwards and Marcus approached the body lying on the ground and noticed a strange sign or glyph drawn on its forehead.

"What the heck is that?" Edwards enquired, with a fearful tone to his voice.

"It's the Ribbentrop Pact sign. It's a satanic glyph scratched on the foreheads of people they murder. Scratching or drawing the glyph on a murdered victim's forehead means they're being sent to hell, and have no right to return to heaven.", Marcus explained confidently.

"These bastards are making me sick. Let's get this over with." Edwards replied in a stroke of anger.

"Agreed, Alpha Squad, you take the first floor. Bravo Squad secures the second and Charlie secures the third. Let's move Vipers!" , Davidson ordered.

"Understood sir!" Alpha Squad began advancing up the stairway to the first floor. "Alpha, be sure to mop up every single corner on that floor, we can't let any of them get away!"

"Copy that chief.", Alpha Squad Leader replied through the INTERCOM.

"Bravo and Charlie move up the second and third floors, be sure to--" the message was interrupted by Bravo team's squad leader.

"Contact! There's three of them, return fire!" A welter of gunshots re-sounded through the darkness. "Damn, Marcus is hit. Man down, man down, we need some backup now!"

"Copy Bravo, hold your position. Frank, Gus, move up on second, now!"

A few seconds later the INTERCOM was interrupted once more, "There, on the right! Fire! We're encountering heavy resistance, there's too many of them!", this time it was Charlie team on the third floor engaging what sounded to be a few dozen enemy shooters.

"Charlie squad, can you maintain your position?", Davidson asked.

"Negative, they've already got three of our men, we need backup!"

"Copy Charlie team. We've got to give Charlie team some cover, let's move up to the third floor, move it!"

Alpha team passed by the first and second floors, reaching the third floor. "Over there, fire at will!" The sound of BR55 Battle rifles bursting round after round of shots was practically loud enough to deafen someone. The combined force of Alpha and Charlie team managed to overwhelm the rebels on the third floor.

"Third floor secured. Bravo squad, come in, have you secured the second floor, over?"

"Affirmative Alpha, but we lost Michaels, Roger and Bullock, over."

"Copy that. Can you carry on the assault, over?"

"Affirmative Alpha. We're operational."

"Very well, move up the third floor. We still have three more floors to go."

"Everyone mount the silencers on the rifles. We need to keep it as quite as we possibly can." Davidson ordered all three squads.

The marine "Vipers" carefully walked up the stairs keeping their eyes steadily pealed on every single hint of movement.

"Over in that room, I can hear voices.", Edwards said pointing his finger to a room on the side of the corridor. "You know what you have to do.", Davidson replied.

"Yes sir.", Edwards stepped away from the door. He knocked the door open and threw a Flashbang grenade. The light blinded everyone for a few seconds, while Edwards entered the room and fired a round of shots. It seemed he had taken out everyone inside. Fortunately no hostages were killed during the attack. Alpha Squad rapidly secured the fourth floor, following Bravo and Charlie teams up the stairs for an assault on the fifth floor.

"Contact! Opening fire!" Bravo Squad leader said firing his weapon at the group of rebels patrolling the corridors. The fifth floor was packed with terrorists, however, superior firepower ensured the Vipers an upper hand in the skirmish.

"Where are the hostages?", Davidson enquired, not quite sure who he was asking. "They have to be around here somewhere, check the rooms one at a time."

"Nothing sir.", Roberts said after checking every single room on the entire floor. "They must be up on the last floor."

The three squads walked up on the last floor. Strange enough, they didn't encounter any kind of resistance, however they did locate the hostages - a total number of ten workers.

"Thank God, you found us." a panicked male hostage yelled. "You're safe now. Bravo Squad escort these people down to the main entrance.", Davidson spoke relieved the mission went according to plan.

"This is Sergeant Davidson calling Hades SOCOM Channel 24, come in.", Davidson attempted to contact Hades SOCOM for transmission of the extraction coordinates.

"Captain Clarke, Hades Special Operations Command here. What's your status?"

"Mission accomplished sir, hostages have been located and secured. Our extraction coordinates are FLS 0837, Foxtrot, Lima, Sierra, zero-eight-three-seven."

"Copy Viper Squad, extraction is set due in approximately ten minutes."

"Understood Command." Sergeant Davidson felt a profound state of relief and a somewhat spiritual happiness. An operation involving nuclear warhead theft, is always, a high-risk mission. Unfortunately not many soldiers end up alive and well after an enemy engagement of this sort. We are only left with mere a memory of the men they once were.