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Training Camp: Capture The Flag
Posted By: UNSC Trooper<unsctrooper@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 July 2007, 5:19 pm

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UNSC Training Camp "William Harney"
Colony planet of "Hades"
5 May, 2512

Sergeant Jason Lewis standing in front of the newly arrived "trainees" aligned in three rows consisting of twenty two recruits is performing the first training drill with this particular group.

"Looks like we've got ourselves some new meat for the grinder. How many of you youngsters have seen combat?", the Sergeant said.

"I have, sir!", a recruit in the front row raised his hand and spoke.

"Really? Now where was that, son?", Sergeant Lewis asked.

"Glendale Plains, sir. Battalion 105 of the Franklin Assault Regiment, skirmish against a Napoleonist war party.", the recruit answered.

"Very well, has anyone else seen combat?". A few moments of silence followed. "No one?! This is incredible! What has this system come to? Why do I always get stuck with the useless pile? Stand up straight soldier!", the Sergeant shouted.

"Yes sir, excuse me sir!", one of the recruits answered.

"No worries, I'm going to teach you new guys and gals what the UNSC military conduct of Hades is all about. Mark my words, 'cause I'm not going to say it again; There will be no over-sleeping on my watch, you sleep two seconds more than you're supposed to, I'll triple that number and make you do six straight push-ups! There will be no skipping of training drills and certainly no excuses from attending combat exercises! We will not tolerate laziness, lateness, stupidity or any other idiotic habits you kids like to mess around with! There will be no conflicts, fights or anything of the sort between you and your colleagues. You will watch each others backs, you will help out each out and you will forget about your personal needs and desires! You either stick with the team or go down with your ego! And on a side note, there will be no flirting or unwanted acts of hormonal desire towards your colleagues during training hours! Each and every one of you will pass the training course as long as you follow orders and discipline Keep your mind clear, and you will make it out of the combat zone alive! I'm going to turn you kids into navy marines! Do I make myself clear?!", the Sergeant finished speaking.

"Loud and clear, sir!", the recruits shouted.

"Good, arm your weapons!".

The recruits simultaneously loaded their MA2B Training assault rifles. Unlike combat assault rifles, the Training rifles disposed of paint bullets for shooting and neutralizing the enemy.

"Blue team gets the left hand base, Red team gets the right hand base. You all know the rules, capture the enemy flag, deliver it to your base and win the game. Now start fighting, that's an order!", Sergeant Lewis exclaimed.

The recruits started strolling down the training field, each equipped with a full proof MA2B Training rifle. The minute one of the troopers was hit by a paint bullet in vital parts of his body such as his head, stomach or neck, he would have pull out of the game. However, if he were to be hit in a non-fatal area of his body such as his legs or arms, he would still be quite able bodied for continuing the fight.

By the end of the training exercise, the Blue team gained the largest number of points, fifteen. The score ended fifteen to eleven for the Blue team - not a bad result for a group of new recruits.

"Who's the leader of the blue team?", the Sergeant asked with a smile on his face.

"I am sir.", a tall recruit walked up to the Sergeant and saluted him. "Private Nikolai Callahan at your service, sir."

"Son, I need a squad leader for the next drill, you interested?", Sergeant Lewis asked the recruit.

"I'd be honored, sir. It would be my pleasure!"

"Very well, everyone take a one hour break. The really dangerous stuff is ahead of us now."

The next training exercise dissented itself very much from the last exercise. It would need a group of five Squads battling themselves up a hill crowded with as many trees as the eye could meet in order to retrieve one flag positioned on top of the hill. The Squad which would successfully retrieve the flag would be the winner and its members awarded with a Physical Aptitude medal.

"Listen up kids, this particular exercise is far more difficult than the one you have already trained on. Each Squad must try to reach the flag situated on top of the hill and retrieve it back down on the ground where I am standing right now. But don't forget, you also have to fight each other to get on top of that hill, so don't hesitate to shoot your Exercise rifle at whatever enemy recruit you encounter. The Squad that brings down the flag, will be awarded a medal, I'm not gonna' bore you with the details. With all this said and done, I wish you all good luck and good hunting! Proceed with the drill.", the Sergeant spoke.

The young recruits rushed up the hill, avoided running into the trees, and ran as fast as they could up to the top. Some of them even forgot to fire their weapons at their adversaries hoping to reach the top at a faster rate. The flag was eventually retrieved by a medium height, black haired girl, who turned out to be the leader of the second Squad.

"Everybody get down, game's over. What's your name trooper?", the Sergeant asked.

"Diana sir--", she was exhausted and took deep breathe, "Diana Rockwell sir."

Sergeant Lewis, awarded each member of the victorious squad with a medal, shook their hands and saluted them on a job well done.

"Every single one of you did a great job today, even if you didn't win any of the two exercises. The only thing worth winning isn't a fancy medal or a meaningless prize, but the trust and respect of your fellow brothers-in-arms. Materialism won't help you on the battlefield. The only thing it will help you do, is forget about the reason you're on the field in the first place, and that reason my friends is honor. Class dismissed!"