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Hymn To The Fallen
Posted By: UNSC Trooper<unsctrooper@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 July 2007, 3:31 pm

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Like the sunflower leaning towards the sun,
So trivial is life.
Let us retrace our steps,
From which all this chaos derives.
We have fallen,
We have prospered.
Among the distant suns we long to live,
But do not realize the mistakes we have made.
Mistakes that have cost millions of lives.
We honor our fallen heroes,
For they have protected us,
Against an enemy so deadly, so ruthless,
That our own imaginations couldn't comprehend.
Protect the mother planet,
So we say.
But what is there left to protect,
After the devastation these barbarians have caused?
All we have left is our own lives,
Which we must struggle to cherish.
We will never forget the ones,
The brave ones, the strong ones,
Who have saved us from further destruction.
Hope is what remains of an empire,
Put down upon its knees,
Torn apart by parasites and floods.
Our faith in God must be strong,
Otherwise, the spirits of the dead ones,
Will haunt us through the long, cold and cruel nights,
That have set their domination among us.
Faith is what makes us stand united,
Is what makes us survive.
The nightmare is far from over.