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A Marines Life Chapter 1,2 and 3
Posted By: Tyler Lawton<gruntking@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 5 October 2005, 11:47 pm

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(Authors note: These chapters are the first three chapters i am doing this because the first two had incorrect names. I am sorry if this has caused any confusion amongst you. Now please enjoy my story the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.)

Halo . . . based on the Master Chief. There are others battling it out though. But now I'd like you too take on a new story that is based on one lone Marine his name, Sergeant Tyler Lawton... enjoy

1205 hours, October 12, 2555 (Military Calendar)
Sacramento, California, Planet Earth

The warthogs engine thrummed as me, my best friend, Pfc. Chris Conley, and Lance Corporal, Alesten Johnson, pulled out of the HQs main garage.
I flipped on the com and said "Ok, here's the deal on why we had to get up 5 minutes early. There's been covenant troops sighted 29 miles south of here and were going to have pat…" " Now wait a sec your tellin me that those alien bastards are taking over California!" Johnson said in shock.

"Yes they are, now do you want to know how where going to help or not?" "Hell yeah sir!" shouted Conley over the com.
"Ok then, were going to patrol Sector 9 of Sacramento. That's were the covies are heading. You got me marines!" "Sir Yes sir!" yelled both Conley and Johnson in unison. "Right, now keep your eyes peeled for anything that's not a human."

Sure I've never seen one of those bastards in person, but I'm not gonna freak out when I do. I'm gotta stay frosty and wired tight. I have a feeling that were all gonna need to be as hard as steel for this one. "I see something." said Conley interrupting my thoughts. I turned the gun at the position that Chris indicated. My eyes widened as a looked at what I saw. There was 3 short n' stubby ones, roughly 5ft tall. They pulled out plasma weapons, that was all the info I needed before telling my squad to open fire. "Let em have it!" I barked while letting out heaping piles of lead at the aliens. I let a smirk of triumph smear my face as they were mowed down in a heartbeat.
But my triumph was cut short as 10 more ran around the corner accompanied by 12 tall ones. I told Conley to notify HQ on the position of the covenant forces. I bet he could barely hear me over the rattling of Ol' Faithful. Then told Johnson to get us back to HQ A.S.A.P. Johnson did a complete 180 and accelerated. I screamed and jammed down the firing buttons for the warthogs chain gun.

The covenant, of course, shot back with blots of plasma. One shot hit the tire and the rubber melted to the rim the warthog screeched to a stop and almost tipped over. The sudden stop threw of my aim but I quickly recovered and fired. "Tyler get out man, your going to be overrun!" screamed Chris as he jumped out. I got the message when a plasma grenade fell onto the hog.

I jumped out and hit the ground running about a half a second later I heard a loud KRAAKKK!!!
I glanced back to see the warthog half melted and on fire. I jumped into an alleyway where my allies were hiding. I unslung my battle rifle and barked at Conley "Conley give me the a com to HQ and double time it!" Chris said something incoherent and quickly gave me a connection to HQ "Attention this is Sergeant Tyler Lawton serial number 14235466 do you copy…" "Roger Tyler this is HQ what do you need." "We are under heavy fire and requesting some serious back up." "Roger Tyler we sending air support now over and out."

I poked my head around the alley and saw the grunts heading to our position. I grinned and yell at my team "Well, what are we waiting for lets kick some alien ass!!!" I took a glance at the corridor and saw 3 ways out. One was a second alleyway that lead behind the covenant troops. I quickly concocted a plan. I looked at my team and with hand signals told Conley to take the way we came out. Then signaled Johnson to take the way to get behind the covenant. They both nodded and took up there position.

I leaned out the corridor and threw a grenade at the enemy. I heard a loud "WARRGHH" followed by the blaring THUMP and the screams of aliens. I nodded and risked poking my head out to survey the damage. There were only 2 elites left both dazed by the explosion.
I smiled and screamed "come on you aliens. IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!!!".

That obviously got there attention as I saw them wheel about and let out a salvo of plasma at me. I jumped back into the ally. I heard a few rapid bursts. I looked out and saw both elites lying on the ground dead. Johnson has his rifle leveled. "Nothing like a good old fashion turkey shoot, eh amigo!" Johnson crowed. I nodded but I quickly told to get into the corridor as 10 more elites and 20 grunts skidded around the corner. My mouth dropped open. "Hey Tyler, looks like you could use some backup." I looked at who sent the message it was Knife 3-6. I looked behind to see a pair of HII anvil missiles fly over my head.

I looked back at the covenant as I saw almost all the aliens, which were either too defiant or were just being plain downright stupid to be crunched together, were almost all destroyed by the missiles. The rest were mopped up by the pelicans 50 mm auto cannons. I grinned from ear to ear, as the dropship touched down and opened its doors. I told my team to file in. Once we were all in the door closed and I felt the ship liftoff.
I glanced at the rest of the crew and said wearily " We barely got out off that one but at least now we can gets some R&R." "Man it feels like I've already fought for 3 days straight" said Conley with a hint of humor in his voice. I walked into the cockpit and asked the pilot "So where are we headed?"
To be continued...

Chapter 2

1805 hours Oct 12, 2555 (military calendar)
Sacramento, CA, Earth

I looked at the pilot and said "So where we heading?"
"Well, right now were heading towards "The Amber Clad". All I've heard is that Miranda Keyes wants some marines aboard the ship. Their supposed to be heading planet side soon, but she hasn't said exactly what she needs you for." "Alrighty then." I went back to the passenger compartment and glanced at the weary faces of my squad.

"So it seems we won't be going back to base any time soon. It looks like were going to board the "Amber Clad". I guess Miranda Keyes wants us to "Help Here". I said quoting with my fingers." "Good," replied Chris "Maybe we can get some rest and relaxation Eh…" "Hell yeah, I think we earned it." replied Johnson trying to conceal his anticipation. I looked out the window.

We were surrounded by the inky blackness of space. There were also dozens of UNSC and Covenant ships which were engaging each other. I felt a descent then heard the familiar pings and groans of the dropship as gravity settled on the ship. The pilot then said over the com "Attention passengers this is your pilot speaking. We have just made a safe landing, please feel free to move about the cabin." I smirked as the dropships door opened to reveal the inside of The Amber Clad's launch bay.

I walked out and was almost instantly greeted by staff. The staff members then told us to go to our newly acquired bunks. I walked into my bunkroom with my other squad mates. I smiled and fell onto my bed I sighed then groaned "Man, doesn't this feel good. Am I right comrades?" "oh hell yeah man, it feels like this bed is made to feel good." We all laughed at Chris's last comment. After that there was no more talk and everyone fell into a deep sleep.

0450 hours Oct 15, 2555 (military calendar)
Unknown location

I woke up to the sound of blaring sirens tell crew to strap up for battle. I groaned as I looked at the clock 0450 hours. "jeez, that was sleep! It felt like a catnap." Grumbled Johnson I just grumbled a acknowledgement. Chris was already up, he was always the fastest one to get out of bed. I managed to get up and haul my fat ass to the armory and strap up for battle.

I was walking around the armory Miranda's voice came on the loudspeaker, she sounded extremely stressed "Attention, all marine personnel, please report to the HEV drop pods. You will be briefed there, that is all." Me and my squad simultaneously turned around and ran towards the drop pods.

The only person that was there for the moment was Sergeant Johnson. I jogged over to him and saluted. A.J. (which is the name for Sergeant Johnson so he doesn't get confused with Lance Corporal Johnson) lazily returned the salute and said "How's it goin son?" "I could feel better, so we got a mission to do or what?" "I'm waiting for more of my men to get there fat asses up. Then I'll brief you guys on the mission." A.J. stated with a noticeable tone of anger in his voice. I sighed then sat down with the rest of my team.

In about 8 minutes the room was completely crowded. I looked around for a while. Then I heard the A.J.'s booming voice yell over the noise "Attention ladies and gentlemen, I bet you're all wondering why you were all called here. Well, you were called to help fight on the only ground we have in this system." He pressed a button on a control panel and a ring floated serenely in space. I stared at the ring with awe.

"This is what you'll be fighting on!" said A.J. interrupting my thoughts. "You'll be leaving the ship in a few minutes. So I want you to get to the drop ships and kick some ass when you get down there!"
There was a roar of approval as the marines went to the dropships. I got into mine with the rest of my crew plus Corporal Peterson, Pfc. Mendez and Pfc. Wolfe. I introduced me and my team to the newcomers. Then quickly toke my seat as the pilot warned the passengers that we will depart in 3…2…1…0. I felt the ship lurch out of the ship and into the black void of space. The ship jolted as we entered the rings atmosphere. The room became noticeably hotter.

After that moment everything went downhill. The pilots voice crackled with static "Were going in hot, get ready for a hard landing!" I groaned and strapped myself in. The dropship lurched to the left then the right. I felt the ship turn around and the engines roar and the force sent me into the wall. I looked through blurry vision.
"Get ready!" the pilot screamed. I braced for impact.

To be continued…

Chapter 3

(By the way I'm sorry that the last 2 chapters had improper names. I'm trying to fix it thank you for your patience.)

0843 hours Oct 13, 2555 (Military Calendar)
Installation 01 (Halo)

"Brace for impact!" barked the pilot. I braced myself for a hard landing. All I heard was a loud KRAKK before I blacked out. "Lawton…Lawton, can you hear me?" "Huh, what happened?" I moaned as my eyes slowly came into focus. "Well sir, you took quite a beating on the landing." said Conley as he tended a gash on my head.

"It's quite a feat that your still alive and in fighting condition. Oh yeah speaking of which, there's bound to be some Covenant headin' this way." "Great… just what I need." I lazily got up, Chris handed me a Battle rifle. I looked around and only saw Johnson and
Wolfe alive.

"What happened to the rest?" I mumbled. "They are KIA." Replied Johnson before Chris could respond. "All righty then…" I bellowed. "Let's get this party started!!!" I racked a round into the chamber of my rifle.
Almost instantly after I did this I heard a thrum of a Covenant dropship. "Heads up guys we got incoming enemies!" I jogged out side and saw a covenant dropship deploy troops about 85 meters away. In front of me I saw 2 portable turrets set in front of me begging to be fired. I took one and aimed it at the enemy. Conley took the other one and almost simultaneously we open fired. The rattling of the turret shook my teeth. The covenant were no match for the turrets. They only got a few shots squeezed out before they were mowed down.

"Man good thing they were only grunts." "Sarge, I've found more human troops. Their one mile Southwest." "Ok, every one pack up, we are LEAVING!"
In 5 minutes we were packed up and ready to go. The 1 mile jog became 3 miles as we had to walk around a large hill with edges to steep to climb. After about 25 minutes of hiking we heard the all so familiar sound of plasma discharges and the loud report of battle rifles. We hiked up the hill separating us from the valley. At the crest of the hill we saw covenant troops advancing toward a squad of 10 marines. I told Wolfe to snipe from this spot with his sniper rifle.

After that me and the marines made our descent. After walking 25 meters we opened fire at the troops, I primed and threw a grenade. The grenade killing 3 elites and 4 grunts, plus the fact of grunts starting to rapidly fall obviously took the enemy by surprise.

We took advantage of their confusion to take down 1 more elite before they spotted us. They split up in two groups and fired at both of us. But due towards the less accurate plasma rifles and their numbers slowly diminishing thanks to the uncanny skill of Travis Wolfe's sniping. The covenant were killed but one more of the marines was taken down as he got shot with a plasma bolt in the chest. I smirked and told my men to meet up with the others.

The head of the group ran over to greet me. He snapped a salute. "Sergeant Sir, it's a pleasure to see you." "Yeah, same here." I growled lazily returning the salute. "how many are left in your squad?" "Uhhh…11 Sir, 3 are trying to reach others on the comms." I nodded. "Hey guys, we got more enemy ships inbound!" yelled another marine who was reloading his smgs. I gave rapid fire orders "Wolfe take one of our turrets and set it on top of the structure. The rest you, get into rainbow formation and hold this position!" "Yes Sir Sergeant!" they all replied in unison.

I confirmed that a dropship was coming as I saw a phantom coming in fast from the north. I jumped behind a piece of concrete-like material that worked as a bunker. I quickly thumbed off the safety and aimed directly at the ship. "Everyone stay hidden." I whispered over the comm. I watched the dropship as it dropped the troops, I could see the turrets swing around looking for a target. That's why I told my marines to stay hidden.

I grinned as it turned around and sped of, but it left the enemy foot soldiers unguarded. Once I was sure it was gone, I said in a voice so quiet I wasn't sure if I said it my self "let em have it." But luckily the marines heard it as they walked a little closer the turrets opened fire along with the 14 other smaller weapons. One grunt exploded as the methane tank on its back exploded kill 2 more grunts next to it.

I heard the steady KRAKK of Wolfe's sniper and then a crimson elite fell to the dirt. The Covenant swung around panicking as bullets flew threw the air. By the first time the covenant got the chance to fire they were almost completely eliminated.

I kept firing, but suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back. I swung around; my eyes widened as I saw a grey armored elite starring at me with an emotionless face. I fell to the ground. I couldn't scream or even say anything. "Tyler…Tyler where the hell are you?" I heard Chris's familiar voice on the com but I couldn't respond.

"Chris I see a group of 4 elites there heading to a dropship, ready to take them… wait a sec one of them have something. Holy shit they have Tyler!"
Travis turned to face Chris. Chris was in a state of disbelief. He glanced at the elites, sighed and turned away. "Tell HQ that the covenant are have captured personnel, and try to see if we can launch a rescue mission." "Yes Sir Chris!"

I looked back at the structure as I was being hauled into a covenant dropship. That was the last thing I saw before I slipped into unconsciousness.

To be continued…

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