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When the Sky Falls on All
Posted By: Treggarius<max18@earthlink.net>
Date: 28 January 2008, 7:25 am

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Norman yelled out for his mother as the gravitational fields gave out, and the SDCE (Spatial Distortion Coil Engines) gave out. "Ma! Ma! we've lost power!"

Sally Burmonske, Scientific Engineer in the UNSC, shuddered and closed her eyes as Marines passed by her station. Alarms rang throughout the massive test ship, which was sent out to test the new SDC engine. They were attacked by Covenant Banshee fleets when they attempted to land on the glassed Reach. Bursts of explosive plasma had hit the engines, and so they were going down fast. Marine after Marine jumped into the new Kelenura Autonomous Fighter (KAF) controls, causing Sentinel-like things to launch out of the docks of the Gorgon. The MAC guns ran out of ammo, but fortunately, the ship was a prison barge. Loading packs of criminals into the cannons, the new fodder impacted with attacking Phantoms and knocked them away.

Sally yelled out to her son in the radio, "Dont worry, son. I'll get us out of this. Pressing a button on a huge panel of the Missile Controls caused a new set of buttons to come up. One said "THE FAIRIES DID IT", the next said "THE MOON", and the final one said "WE MISSED. BLAME YOURSELVES." Sally picked the last one. In a section of Reach, missile silos began rising up out of the ground. Hundreds of nukes and MAC slugs flew through orbit at light speed, sending down the entire force of fighters and transports.

Sally sighed. Norman climbed back up the ladder, and floated over to his mother. He stared with her at how the Covenant had destroyed the great fortress of Reach, and he wanted to kill all of the alien bastards with knives.

Not only had the Covenant glassed everything, they had discovered the stockpile of plasma rifles, and were setting them onto auto turrets. Elites were using stolen parachutes to drop from the skies, firing grenades and lasers upon the escaping soldiers. To the surprise of the troops, there was no cover to hide in. They were eliminated in seconds, but one managed to activate a machine before he died. The ground opened up and out came something no Sangheili had seen for millions of years.

The Forerunners had survived, and had sided with the humans.

Millions of the warriors jumped up from the hole, followed by an infinite number of KAFs and a number of RATW (Robotic Attack-Transport Wraiths) rolled out, eliminating the remaining Covenant near the planet.

"This place is no longer safe, friend." The forerunner leader Kronos spoke to LC Reeves.

Reeves: "To hell with "no longer safe". You need a ship that can fly anyways so we can get you off this rock."

Kronos smiled, and turned to a control panel. "Actually, we have a solution.. We modified the planet before the bastard Covenant could glass the place. Just a small touch here, there, and a- Perfect! No need for the ship at all, Leiutenant."

Reeves: What do you mean Kro- WHAT THE HELL?!"

Kronos (laughing)"Heh, the modification was we added several SDCE's into the crust of the planet. All of them are online, and are distorting a portal to Earth. We have set up reverse gravity systems. Online. Jump in ten seconds."

The Humans and Forerunners stared at the stars of night as they seemed to be smudged. A hole of absolute black formed above, which changed into an image of Earth. Reach flew through it, leaving only a small Spirit ship, which turned and flew off towards a fleet of covenant ships.

Kronos loved the look of shock the passing kindergarten children gave him. The President of Earth Intergalactic Asscoiations walked beside him, and four of his bodyguards walked along, watching the children giggle and salute the leaders. The Arbiter and Master Chief stood on a balcony above, and five Pelicans landed in front of the entrance to the United Nations of Space HQ. Forerunner and Spartan alike marched out from the transports, forming several ranks of alien and Human troops.

The Arbiter spoke to his Comrade, "I bet you my energy sword for a week that the delegates are gonna freak,"

Master Chief turned, and said, "Its a deal."

Kronos, Leader of the Refugee Runners, the veteran war guild that had been so strong in the Forerunner/Flood wars. Weakened to only seventeen million warriors, they had launched away to the Reach system before Halo went off.

The doors of the UNS opened, and the delegates from all the Colonies and Earth nations turned and dropped their glasses of champagne.

Lord Bryre, one of the funders for the UNS, said "What in the name of hell....."