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Fan Fiction

Posted By: The Reclaimer
Date: 25 February 2006, 12:20 am

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i feel my mind slippig
the needles piercing your soul
you know you are dead but have not died
why wont i die?

the other is here, listening to my thoughts
it is unrelenting, wishing to know all that i do
i am on the verge of insanity
but why am i not there?

i can see a pistol in my reach
the other holds me back but i break through
and pull the trigger
the other is gone, but why am i bleeding?

what awaits me i dont know
i cannot let myself go on
for my race, my world
is counting on me for containment.

my ally picks me up and carries me to the exit
dont do it, you are risking everything for one person
they revive me but i have already died
and the other has taken everything from me.