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Posted By: The Meep<HaloFanatic101@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 December 2007, 10:30 pm

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that's all that's left.
of us.
of them.

a decade thrice past,
we were Vibrant,

we were the unknowing heirs of the stars,
and their planets,
and their Secrets.

we were unenlightened,
we did not understand the Mantle,
the Duty,
we had been left with.

passed from Father to Son,
our Job went unknowing into the darkness,
never to illuminate our minds.

our Place was in the deep void of space,
under the Serengeti,
a billion billion miles from our galaxy.

where there is no Sound,
no one to hear the cry,
of Despair,
as it echoes from Your mouth,
into Ours.

the agony of the Fallen,
the complete knowledge of their failure,
one we failed to learn,
until it was too late.

a grotesque Monster,
long caged by Your suicide,
by the ultimate weapon,
the one You used through willpower alone,
the one which we avoided,
through the deeds of Heroes.

an infamous last resort,
more Indiscrimanate,
more Vicious,
more Destructive,
than the thing it was designed to kill.

we were the Chosen,
the sons of their Gods,
and if we had known,
this all could have been avoided.

decades thrice over,
and We are a mere Shell,
of our former glory.

as are they,
through their meek struggles for Power,
for the preservation of a failing alliance.

they sought to destroy us,
when they knew what we Were,
knew what we Didn't,
when we should have been equals,
solving the Secrets side-by-side.

but we fought,
and we succeeded,
where our Father did not,
and avoided another annihilation,
and erected Peace,
for a short time anyway.

at a terrible cost,

we are no longer Strong,

we are weighted down,
by an unwanted Duty,
to preserve that which nearly destroyed us,

we are handed this Mantle,
by a failed civilization,
long are superior,
now extinct,
as we nearly were.


Why is that,
All that is left?