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Reality Broken
Posted By: The Meep<HaloFanatic101@yahoo.com>
Date: 15 November 2007, 5:21 am

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       ...reports of alien ships within the extreme reaches of Indigo are trickling in. Rumors? Most likely, but trust that WZZB9 will keep you updated.

      Jessisa Navras stood in front of her counter, eyes closed, her left hand holding a cucmber. Her left held a steak knife posed mid-slice, it's razor sharp edge halfway through the cylindrical foodstuff. Her slim body was frozen. No air moved in or out of her lungs. Her fingers did not twitch when a mosquito landed on her knife hand, probing for a shallow vein. Even her hair, independent of the thoughts and impulses of Jessisa's brain, seemed frozen in clear amber like a fossilized fern leaf.

      Ten seconds passed. Then thirty. The mosquito moved on, unsatisified with the barely moving blood flow. A minute, and then Jessisa finally took a breath. The steak knife dissapeared into her deep shirt pocket. The cucumber rolled onto a flattened side, it's inch deep cut bleeding juices. The mosquiote buzzed out the window, invisible to all except a bored cat residing on that same windowsill.

      Jessisa was smart. She knew that was no rumor, or the Military would have denied it. The Covenant had come to Indigo. To her home. To her children. "Felice. James," she breathed to her self, then ran out of the house into the bright Inidigo morning. A nearby neighbour fixing a tile of his car's Magnetic Repulsion System stood and waved to her. She ignored him.

      Thirty seconds later, Jessisa was racing down the quiet suburban street in her own MRA Mag, dialing quickly on the car's input pad. "Manual override accepted. Please enjoy your ride, Ms. Navras." Then a ten-pad of numbers came up, Jessisa rapidly dialing numbers with one hand, steering with the other.

      The phone rang twice on the other end before a tired sounding woman hooked up. "Treyside Ele--"

      "I need to pickup up James Navras,"

      "James Navera?"

      "No, Navras. N-A-V-R-A-S."

      Jessisa pushed the speed limit a small bit, ignoring the quiet bleeping of her Mag. A few seconds later, she swerved off her road and onto a slightly thicker street with numerous cars travelling along it. "I'm sorry Ma'am..." said the school secretary. Jessisa detected a faint Reach drawl to her voice, and subconsciously registered a dislike for the talking woman. "...but James doesn't have a dismissal stamp."

      "I need to pick him up," the driving mother said as she swerved off the main avenue and onto the street leading to Treyside Elementary. "Family emergency."

      "Ma'am, your son still needs a dismissal stamp."

      "His grandmother died! I need to get him!"

      "I'm sorry Ma'am. No stamp, no kid." Then the secretary hung up.

      Jessisa slammed her fist on the car's pad, causing it to tint into a split second rainbow of blues, purples, and reds before returning back to normal. Her face turned red as it contorted with anger. Anger at the secretary's idiocy. At the aliens. At the car for being a car. Just angry.

      She pulled into the horse shoe shaped driveway of Treyside, her car slowing with the curve. Jessisa was prepared to pull James right out of class, and was planning on doing just that.

      "I'm right here, Mah."

      Jessisa gasped and whirled to look at the backseat. There was James, and Felice too. Both buckled in, their bags, red and pink respectively, resting on the floor of the car's interior. "How... But, wait..."


      Jessisa twisted back around just in time to see the Mag's hood crumple from the impact into a tree. Whiplash hit her neck, and her head slammed into the steering wheel, hard. Blood flew from a gash right above her right brow, and her neck had a sharp ache in it's base. Both children were silent.

      She stumbled from the smoking Mag and looked up to see aliens, Grunts, running at her. She had been driving on a highway, which was now deserted, and the sky roiled with black clouds. The humidity in the air was oppressive, and the ambient heat and light were too high for normal. "Too late..." she muttered. "Their glassing. Too late."

      As the first Grunt made it to her, Jessisa felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Whipping out the source of the discomfort, she sliced the Grunt's chest with the sharp steak knife, sending it reeling and barking. The smell of rotting meat filled the air as the blue-purple ichor spattered Jessisa's shirt, a single drop landing on her knife hand.

      The other Grunts whimpered and barked as their wounded comrade cowardly fled away from the crumpled Mag. In a single motion, they all held up their weapons, an elongated "C" with a green light glowing between the two ends. A blinding flash hit Jessisa, and her world went black.

       "O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?" And a happy July 4th morning to y'all in the San Pedro area. It is currently 6:01 AM central, 7:01 AM eastern for y'all over in Currenchaz county. The temperature is a toasty 70 degrees already, so bring your sun hat to the barbecue. This is Daniel Topaz of WZZB9, and I wish you a happy Independence Day '06!

      Jessisa raised her head, groaning. She had fallen asleep with the TV and XBOX on, and a white snowstorm of static covered the former's screen. Mumbling about losing sleep, she forced herself from her comfortable position, palcing her bare feet reluctantly on the cold floor. Flicking the electronics off, she went on to turn down the radio, and drifted towards the kids rooms.

      After making sure they were still asleep in their beds, the young mother made her way to the bathroom to answer Nature's very loud call. As she reached for the brass knob, Jessisa noticed a small, light blue dot on the back of her right hand.