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Perspective - Teaser, Act 0
Posted By: The Meep<cbrooks@rivier.edu>
Date: 4 June 2010, 3:22 am

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I'm Corporal Richard Alex Gum,
I am Lance Major Vtan 'Vishumee,

I am a UNSC soldier,
I am a Sangheili warrior,

I don't wear reflective armor plating,
I do not command armies or fleets,

I can't dodge plasma bolts,
I can not overcome my handicap,

I have been disowned by my family,
My lineage dies along with my body,

I'm a suicidal coward,
I am a heretical dishonor,

I'll never be better than this,
My successors will never know of me,

I'm only Human,
I am only Sangheili.

We are not heroes,
We are not legends,
We are not immortal.
We are only survivors.

Our Perspective...

...makes all the difference.


A full length series by The Meep.
To be continued on June 18th.