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A New Covenant chapter 2 The Great Journey to Earth (revised)
Posted By: The Arbiter<libbymesser@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 April 2007, 8:46 pm

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Author's Note: This is a revised edition. Sorry about the spelling errors. In the orginal.

Ninth Age of Reclaimation

A motley assortment of Sangheili and Humans were outside the control room. A Phantom is waiting outside the destroyed door. The Arbiter is the first one to gracefully come out, followed by the rest who survived the Brutes assault inside. R'tas Vadume quickly comes down the gravity lift to greet the Arbiter, then sees how many that are in need of evac. "Arbiter, it's good to see you alive. However, we are going to need more Phantoms to evac this many," R'tas says quietly.

"Order as many as needed. Are there any other Sangheili controlled cruisers in the area?" the Arbiter inquires hastily.

"Yes, there are about twenty-five in the area. However, the bulk of the other Sangheili cruisers are headed to our home world. In case of Brute invasion," answers R'tas as he turns quickly to the Arbiter.

"Good," says the Arbiter. Then quickly adds, "Get on the com and tell the cruisers we will be heading to the Human home world, Earth, to deal with Truth. Now, let's get off this ring!"

R'tas orders the other Phantoms. The first of the Sangheili and Humans follow the Arbiter and R'tas up the gravity lift.

The Sangheili and the Marines that are left at the evac site keep a close eye out for any Brutes that could be in the area waiting to try something.

On the Covenant battle cruiser, Truth and Justice, the Arbiter and Supreme Commander R'tas show Commander Keyes and Sergeant Johnson the bridge. R'tas proudly looks around the computer filled room and gives what seems a smile. Almost every terminal has a Sangheili posted there.

Commander Keyes, astounded by the multitude of the bridge's size says. "I could send for some of my people to fill the empty terminals."

Commander Phar thoughtfully replies "They would be wonderful."

Supreme Commander R'tas says loudly to the radar specialist, "Report!"

The crimson clad Sangheili major, Onno Rjosee, who's family has been in the Covenant military for generations, says, "Sir, a group of Brutes are closing in quick on the evac site. They will be there within fifteen units."

R'tas slams his fist angerly on the desk in front of him. Commander Keyes, a little nervous by Commander R'tas' show of anger, asks."How many are left down there?"

R'tas replies by asking the communications officer, a ypoung blue minor named Oyho Guasee, "How many are awaiting a Phantom?"

Minor Guasee, still a little uncomfortable with humans being on the bridge says, "Enough for two Phantoms, Sir."

Commander R'tas, showing signs of fatigue, orders loudly, "I want two Phantoms down there getting everyone off that ring and I want it five units ago!"

The Arbiter and Sergeant Johnson look nervously at each other, Then Johnson says, "Arbiter looks like Half-Jaw has everything under control here. Where would one go on this boat to have a little R-N-R?"

The Arbiter says, seriously, "I wouldn't let Commander R'tas hear you call him that. He lost his mandibles to the Flood." Then adds with a hint of laughter in his voice, "But between the two of us the name suits him well. As far as RR, I don't know what you mean."

Sergeant Johnson says laughingly, "R-N-R, fun and relaxing. What do you do for fun?"

The Arbiter says, with a hint of enthusiasm in his voice, "Come with me."

The Arbiter took Johnson down the purple and grey corridors of the cruiser until they came to a gravity lift. The Arbiter gestures to the lift and says, "Get in."

They go up two levels and get off. They turn right and go to the end of a long hallway. The large doors silently open. The Arbiter motions for Sergeant Johnson to come inside. When Johnson walks in, he is astounded by the scenery of the room, which was made after the plains on the Sangheili home world.

The Arbiter looking slowly around the room says, "This is one of the Sangheili environmental chambers. I brought you here, since we come from the same type of environment."

Sergeant Johnson thoughtfully says, "Thank you."

The Arbiter and Johnson walk silently to the shore of a beautiful lake and sit. Both breathing in the cool crisp air.

Sergeant Johnson says in a relaxed voice, "This is nice. It reminds me of a beautiful lake in California."

The Arbiter says in a questioning voice, "What is California?"

Sergeant Johnson says, "It's a state in the United States, on Earth. I'll show it to you one day."

Sergeant Johnson, after taking in another breath of cool crisp air, thinks for a moment. Then looks at a very relaxed Arbiter and says, "Arbiter on that ring I said I don't like you. But I didn't know you. I was wrong. I want to apologize. When I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. I think we could be good friends."

The Arbiter, a little choked up, turns to Johnson and says, "I accept your apology. I would be honored to call you my friend."

Back on the bridge, Commander R'tas looks slowly at Commander Keyes and says, "We need the coordinates of Earth."

Commander Keyes tells him. R'tas looks quickly at the navigations officer and says, "Enter the coordinates for slipspace on my mark."

The navigations officer, a young blue minor named Else Nadusee says, "Yes, Sir."

Commander Keyes looked at the door as one of the marines a Lieutenant named Lee Cox entered the bridge and saluted, then says, "At ease Lieutenant, are the marines accommodations satisfactory?"

Lee says quietly, as he moves into the at ease position, "Yes ma'am, they are fine, but the mess hall is another story. For dinner they are serving worms."

Commander Phar, hearing the conversation of the two humans, laughingly says, "If I may be of assistance, maybe you should try the dried meat and sweet bread. It may be more to your liking than the stew worms."

Else Nadusee, the young navigations officer, nervously comes up to the trio and says, to Phar, "Sir, my apologies, but the estimated time of arrival at Earth is fifty-four units. We will come out of slipspace five hundred units from the human home world. It should take another ten units to reach Earth's atmosphere for orbit. Should I call a yellow alert?"

Commander Phar says quickly, "Your apology is noted. The Great Journey is on schedule then. Have Minor Guasee call a yellow alert ten units before we leave slipspace. Then have that alert go red when we leave slipspace." Phar then turns to Commander Keyes and says, "When we leave slipspace you will need to speak to whoever is in charge of your race. Let them know of our alliance, so we don't get attacked."

Commander Keyes turns to Phar and says, "Commander have the ships come to a halt when we leave slipspace. I will then get in touch with Lord Hood. I think he will be happy to have a lot of back up in the up coming fight with the Brutes and the Prophet of Truth. But you will also need to tell the Elites on Earth."