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A New Covenant chapter 1 The Alliance
Posted By: The Arbiter<libbymesser@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 April 2007, 1:58 am

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Author's Note: This is my first fanfic. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank You for reading it.

A New Covenant
Chapter 1
The Alliance

After the Arbiter killed Tartarus Commander Keyes is on a platform revolving around the central structure of the control room. She jumps from platform to platform, finally arriving on the central pad. She takes the Index from the pillar of light, which immediately disappears, the room begins to shake, and the Commander looks skyward holding the Index to her chest in fear.

Outside the control room, energy is building between the spires at its top. The energy is launched skyward in a blue comet. The Brutes that are near by witness this and drop to their knees praying the Great Journey is here. The Sangheili , close by, pray it is not too late to stop Halo. In space, the blue energy moving towards the center meets with the energy already there, and the entire mass implodes upon itself, then, explodes outward, creating a fantastic light show, but causing no harm to the ring.

The Sangheili cry out with glee, "Wort, wort, wort!"

In the darkened control room, the Commander is studying a hologram in its center. The Sergeant floats down with the Monitor, and takes a place at the Commander's side.

"What's that?" asks the Commander.

343 Guilty Spark replies, "A beacon."

Commander Keyes asks, "What's it doing?"

The Monitor says, "Communicating at superluminal speeds with a frequency of".

"Communicating with what?", interrupts the Commander.

"The other installations," says the Monitor, looking at the two humans.

"Show me," orders Keyes.

The hologram expands to show the seven Halo rings, including the one that the Master Chief destroyed, which is tagged with a red marker.

343 Guilty Spark explains, "Fail safe protocol: in the event of unexpected shut-down, the entire system will move into stand by status. All platforms are now ready for remote activation."

Commander Keyes asks, "Remote activation? From here?"

343 Guilty Spark replies, "Don't be ridiculous, Reclaimers.

Johnson gestures at the Monitor and says, "Listen tinker-bell, don't make me".

The Commander puts her hand on his shoulder, as a gesture to calm down. Then says, "Ok, then where? Where would someone go to activate the other rings?"

343 Guilty Spark, wondering if something is wrong with the Reclaimers and why they don't know basic protocol, says, "Why, The Ark, of course."

The Arbiter, along with the other surviving Sangheili, approaches the trio from the shadows behind them to stand between Miranda and Johnson. Both humans and Sangheili look at the Arbiter. The Arbiter asks, "And, where, Oracle, is that."

The Monitor replies, "Earth."

The Arbiter says to the Sangheili, "Brothers, we must get to a cruiser. That is where Truth is headed. By the rings we shall be victorious. Make haste our Great Journey has begun."

Johnson, looking for a cigar, interrupts, "Now listen here split lip. Earth is our home. If anyone is going to save her it will be us humans."

The Arbiter says, "No need for insults. We helped each other here, on Halo. Why can't we help one another on Earth? Both our numbers must be shrinking. The Brutes are trying to exterminate my race."

Johnson interrupts, "You mean like you were doing to the human race?"

The Arbiter thinks for a moment then says, "Yes. But at the time we were following the false Prophets. Now, let me tell you that I or any of my kind, will never harm another human."

The other Sangheili roar in agreement.

The Arbiter continues, "For a long time there were Sangheili who thought the war was uncalled for. That your race had proven yourselves more that battle worthy. I was one of them. It will be an honor to fight by your side.

Johnson, grinning as he lights his cigar, says, "The feelings are mutual. I'll see to it no Elite will be harmed by a human."

"We are called Sangheili," corrects the Arbiter.

Johnson says, "Man, I can't pronounce that."

The Arbiter says, "Then you may call us Elites. I must know one thing. Why do you let your females fight?"

Commander Keyes, feeling insulted, says, "I'll have you know I'm a high ranking Commander here. And I don't like being talked about as if I were inferior."

A Zealot, named Phar Eojadee, adds, "In our culture a female doesn't fight. She knows the weapons and how to use them. But only for protection. She is regarded with the highest of honor. They are priestesses of our faith. Some do, however, become Council members. All have a high place in our society."

The Arbiter says, "See, why I asked?"

Commander Keyes looks at the three males standing in front of her, feeling as if she had just recieved a lecture from her father. Then says, "In our society male and female are equal."

Just then the Arbiter's radio crackled, and not a moment too soon, "You still alive Arbiter?", on the other end was the voice of R'tas Vadumee, the Spec Ops Supreme Commander.

The Arbiter answers, "Yes," then adds, "Did you get control of the cruiser you were after?"

R'tas answers, "Yes and in the process freed a group of Sangheili being held captive. One being our nephew N'tas."

The Arbiter says, "That is wonderful news. Now can you pick us up at the control room. I have a few Sangheili here and a few humans. No harm is to come to the humans. I gave them our word. They helped us, now we must help them."

R'tas answers, "Yes. I'll be there in five units."

The Arbiter turns to the humans and says, "We must march towards peace, if our races are to survive. I move to form a New Covenant. One of Humans, Sangheili, Grunts, and Hunters." And with that the Arbiter extends his hand to the humans. The Alliance was complete.

Phar says, "Arbiter, what shall we call our New Covenant?"

The Arbiter looks at Johnson and Keyes. Commander Keyes says, "How about The Alliance?"

The Arbiter says, "It always brings a blessing and luck for a female to name something. Since we need both now. We shall go with what the female says. The New Covenant shall be called The Alliance."

The Sangheili all gave a roar of approval and cheer. R'tas says over the radio, "If the party can wait, I've landed a Phantom outside the control room. That is if you still need a lift."

The Arbiter said, "Come my brothers and my new allies. Onward to glorious battle. Death to the Prophets , Brutes, and all who blindly follow them! May nothing stand in our way."

With that the Humans and Sangheili proceeded to make their way out of the control room. Commander Keyes radioed the remaining humans about the alliance with the Elites and gave them the location of the drop ship. The Arbiter does the same for the Sangheili stranded on the ring.

To Be Continued ...