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A Marines Life Chapter 1
Posted By: Tamir Klien<BaldEagles7@earthlink.net>
Date: 17 November 2005, 3:06 am

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Chapter 1 October 18, 2549

The marine escorted me to my quarters.
" Oh the Captain forgot to tell you whether you wanted a tour of the ship or not. He's been forgetting a lot of things as you can see lately because he has been in a meeting all day and he doesn't like meetings very much." The marine said. I nodded.
" I'll take a tour of the ship since well you've already showed my where my quarters are.
First we took an elevator down the Mess Hall. It was empty. There where very long steel tables. And the counters to serve food were at the left part of the room as we entered.
" It's steak and mash potatoes and gravy tonight." Said the marine. The thought of food made my stomach churn. I had forgotten that I haven't eaten anything since I got aboard the Odysseus. I held my stomach for a few seconds. He showed me through the whole room even though there was not much to see here.
Next we our way to the Training Room where marines trained for battle. We stepped into an observation room. There were four observation rooms, one on each side of the room. There looked through glass window and saw marines shooting, and dodging obstacles. We couldn't here much since the windows where soundproof. Even though this was true of the windows it was so loud in the room that you could here faint sounds. I peered over to a man in a white jumper. The man had shaggy black hair and he had a five o clock shadow. His glasses where thin and wiry. The man turned a dial on a board that was full of flips and switches. As he turned the dial I saw the environment change in the room. It went from a warm jungle to a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. It seemed like from the rapid change in the environment the men in the room where " dieing" a lot faster. Soon the man shut down the whole system and the men sat down to take a break. We left the room and made our way to the Armory.
The room was full of every weapon imaginable to the military. There was also a separate room within the Armory that contained grenades and combat knives.
" Hey want to test out one of these puppies?" Asked the marine referring to the guns. I hesitated for a moment but then took a MA5B Assault Rifle from its rack. In another room within the armory there was a Weapons Testing Room as it read on the doors of the room. The doors opened and I went into the fifth booth of the room. I loaded my gun and started to shoot. The kick on the gun wasn't too bad, the gun handled nicely. After I was done the marine racked up my score. From a scale from one to five hundred I got a four hundred twenty. Anything above a four hundred was very good. The marine saved my score in the records file in a computer in the Weapons Testing Room. Our next stop was the Meeting Room.
We went to the Meeting Room. We opened the door. There was a meeting going on so I couldn't take a tour inside there. The meeting must have been the one that Captain Williams was in. We still had to go to the Engine room, the Bridge and the Med Bay.
We went into the Engine Room. The place was loud and smelled of smoke. There were Engineers fixing a problem. The room was big so it took us about ten minutes to see it all. We then made our way to the Med Bay.
The Med Bay was very light. The walls where white and so were the floors. There were six nurses and thirteen doctors, five people were being treated. A man in a bed looked at me oddly.
" Hey is this the fresh meat that the Captain brought aboard?" Asked one of the patients. He was referring to me. I walked over to him.
" The name is Markus T. Johnson." I said to the man.
" Yah I thought I heard from someone there was a Markus something or other that was coming aboard." The man said.
" May I mind ask what your name is?" I asked the man.
" The names Steel…well that's what everyone calls me anyway so you call me that." The man said. I shook his hand and we left the Med Bay within a few minutes. Our last part of the tour was a Bridge.
The Bridge was full of commotion. There where people screaming over each other and the sounds of beeping switches and keypads. The room was huge the front was a gigantic window that you could see all of space from. I wanted to observe every inch of the room but it was to late. It was time for dinner.
"Oh I almost forgot about the Docking Bay." The marine said.
" We can look at it some other time, it's ok." I said to him. He nodded. I took my last glance of the Bridge then made my way down to the Mess Hall.