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A Marines Life Chapter 0
Posted By: Tamir Klien<BaldEagles7@earthlink.net>
Date: 29 October 2005, 4:25 am

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I sat in the leather chair in the captains meeting room holding my portfolio. The leather was a reddish brown. As I looked around there where many paintings in the room. There was one painting in particular. It was Ship Lost at Sea. Jose Lopez painted it in 2025 A.D. It had a ship in the center and there was the raging water around it. I found it to be a very beautiful painting. As I looked around the room more it seemed as though the captain loved ships a lot and seemed to love Jose Lopez's paintings a lot to. There was a ship in a bottle next to the captain's desk nameplate, which read Captain J. Williams. I observed the room a little bit more. I then started tapping my right pointer finger on the arm of the chair. Usually I did this when bored. Then I heard the sliding doors open.
" I am so sorry Mr.…?" Said Captain Williams, he must have forgotten my name already. I straitened out my jumper to look good.
The jumper had its collar sticking up the edges of the collar where yellow and the jumper was a dark mint green. The buttons where a yellow bronze matching the edge of the collar. My pair of penny loafers where a black leather.
My brown hair was slicked back.
" It's Markus T. Johnson." I said to him. I said it quickly so he didn't feel embarrassed with himself for to long. He sat down in his oak wooden chair. The seating of the chair was brown leather.
" You mind?" Said the captain as he took out a cigar.
" Not at all." I said to him. He then took out a lighter, which was chrome. He lit his cigar and the aroma filled the room.
" So can I see your portfolio there?" The Captain said in a jokingly manner as he tapped his cigar and the ashes of it fell into and ashtray on his desk.
I slid the folder over the desk to him. He picked the folder up and opened it. He started to make muttering noises which where very faint. I could make out what he was saying a little. Then he closed the folder and slid it back to me.
" Well Mr. Johnson…welcome aboard." Said the captain and then he shook my hand in congratulations. His shake was hard and firm. Then he excused my and last said, " Oh I almost forgot your baggage is in your quarters, there is a marine waiting outside to escort you." The door opened. As I walked down the hall with the marine I thought that this was going to be a start of a second life on the Odysseus.

The meeting was full of tension. I was sitting in the boardroom with a few of the Odysseus's officials we where all glaring at the screen and talking to the other ships commanders and officials. I hardly felt the need to stay at the meeting since it didn't really concern anybody. Another thing I hated about this was the room I was in. I always hated this room everything was very dark. From the walls to the chairs to the boardroom table was very dark. I started to rub my temple with right thumb and the two other fingers next to it.
" Captain Williams are you listening?" Said Captain Richard over the screen. I grunted and went back to what I was doing.
" Man I really need a cigar." I muttered to myself. I peered over to a fellow officer named James. He was doodling on a notepad. What he and I where doing you would think might sound childish but this meeting was going nowhere. But each and every one of us had to stay in this goddamn boardroom until the meeting was over. This ticked me off a lot. I started to grind my teeth a little. Then as the minutes went on and on I kept grinding a little bit harder. Soon I was afraid I was going to grind my teeth down to nothing.
" Captain Williams what do you think?" Said Captain Greenberg. I wasn't paying attention to what they where saying so I was speechless. I had a meeting with a man who was planning to be apart of my ship, i had fogotten the mans name. I started to stall. I knew that I had another meeting with someone named e. I was hoping for my secretary to open the door and tell me I was ready to see the man.
Like out of a movie my secretary came walking in and asked me to leave.
" Well boys it looks like I have to go." I said to everyone as I left the room.