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Red vs. Blue: Reconnaissance (Chapter 4)
Posted By: Stelladea<zaptina211@aim.com>
Date: 10 September 2011, 4:27 pm

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I woke up in another room, extremely disoriented. Moaning, I tried to rub my head, but I found my hands were locked in handcuffs, and I was tied to a chair. The room was dark; I couldn't see a thing.

"Shit," I said. Thankfully, my voice-changer hadn't broken.

"That's right, Red!" a voice said from the darkness. "We got you now!"

The light flipped on and the two Blues who had shot me were standing there smugly, their arms crossed.

"Sucks to be you, doesn't it?" Church said, laughing.

"You idiots," I said. "Let me out of here! I'm—"

"Just another Red trying to break in," Tucker cut in. "We know, we know."

"Yeah, it's time for you to cough up," Church said. "Tell us what the Red's plans are."

"Like I know them," I spat. "I'm not even part of the Red team."

"Oh, really?" Tucker asked sarcastically. "So what's the color of your armor? Green?"

"Even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me."

Church laughed. "You don't even have a good explanation! It just shows how stupid the Red team is!"

"All right, I'm getting tired of this guy," Tucker said. "Let's see who we're really facing."

He walked up to me, grabbed my helmet, and I panicked.

"No! Don't—"

In one swoop, he ripped off my helmet and my long hair flew out in front of me.

The two Blues stood there, shocked.

"There, you happy? See my face clearly enough yet?" I yelled. "Now let me out of here!"

The two Blues, too stunned to say anything, undid my chains and I showed them my ID.

"I'm from the CIA, you cockbites!" I growled. I was happy to see that my voice seemed much scarier without the voice-changer, and was much more effective with the Blues.

"Now," I said, my anger pulsating through the entire base, "I am here to gather information about the Project Freelancer. Stop the effing nonsense and show me to my room. I've been told to stay with you."

Without a word, they left, and I followed along behind them. They were completely silent, and I wished I knew what they were thinking -- were they truly scared of me, or were they just pissed? Well, their anger was nothing compared to mine. My fury was not to be trifled with at the moment, and the Blues weren't foolish enough to test it.

"Here," Church said finally. "This will be your room. Once you get settled in, you can let us know what you need."

They turned and left before I could say anything.

What a terrible day.

I entered my room, and encountered a standard-issue sleeping area. One bed, one window, one desk. I even had my own bathroom.

I sat on my bed and sighed, my anger slowly slipping away. What had they been thinking? Well, I supposed that they hadn't been thinking at all -- but then again, I had looked like a Red.

That reminded me that I still had the stupid red crap all over my armor, and began clawing at the stuff. Just like before, it just would not budge, and I began to really work at it.

Just as I forced one piece off of my shoulder, I heard a voice.

"Well that sucked."

"What?" I asked, tensing. "Who's there?"

"Totally," another voice replied. "We really screwed up there."

I stood up, looking around my room, but no one was there. The voices seemed to be coming from above me, and I ended up finding the vent right next to my door on the ceiling -- I could listen to the Blues' conversations from my room. I supposed this vent went to their main living area, and I continued to listen eagerly.

"I know." I thought the voice sounded like Church. "We are really losing it."

I heard Tucker speak as well. "The one chick that comes to Blood Gulch hates us the first day she's here. She must think we're idiots." He sighed. "And she's staying with us! I just can't believe our luck."

Church said nothing, so Tucker continued. "Do -- do you think we, you know, we should say something? To her?"

"Like what?"

"Like, I don't know, sorry or something."

"Ugh," Church grunted. "I suppose we have to. Especially if she's going to be here a while."

They said nothing more, and I continued my struggle with the red rubber. After I had peeled about half of it off, I heard a knock on my door.

"Yes?" I called.

The door creaked open. "Can I talk to you for a second?" Church asked boldly.

"If you must."

He walked into the room and cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Well. I just wanted to say that I realize that we acted harshly. It was a mistake… and I also want to ask what you've come here to do."

"As I said, I'm from the CIA," I replied frostily. "I'm Agent 11. Command sent me here to find out more information about the Freelancer project so we can set up a proper warrant for the arrest of Leonard L. Church." A sudden thought occurred to me, making me forget my anger. "Wait a second, are you the Director's original AI?"

"Yes… but you aren't going to arrest me, are you?"

"Well, maybe for the attack of a CIA Agent," I said dryly. "But no. I just need to know what you know. That's all. And then I'll leave."

For some reason, Church looked uncomfortable. "Listen, I don't think I can do that."

I smiled grimly. "I'm willing to wait. I've got my own room now, don't I?"

"I'm serious. I just can't talk about it." He frowned. "You'll have a long time to wait if you're going to."

"Fine." My expression was emotionless. "I will."

"Well, ok. I mean, I'm not trying to be rude, but I just can't talk about it."

I said nothing, but he knew I wasn't about to change my mind. He turned around to go, but just as he was about to leave, he stopped.

"I -- I'm sorry," he said, and walked back down the hallway.

I looked back down at my armor, and wondered why he hadn't said anything -- I looked like a half red, half blue psycho. I laughed a little and persisted in removing the red covering from my armor.

I finally, finally removed the last speck of red stuff, and sighed with relief. My mood not only improved, but I felt like myself again. I had my original color armor back and my normal voice again. There was no point in using the voice-changer now that the Blues knew I was a girl.

I gazed fondly at my own armor. A clear robin's egg blue, it matched the color of the sky -- darker than Church's powdery blue, and brighter.

Happier, I lay back on my bed, watching some alien-bird-looking things flying peacefully in the sky. Just as I was about to doze off, I heard another knock at my door.

"Come in," I said.

Tucker hesitantly walked into the room. He jumped when he saw me, and reached for his gun.

"It's me, Tucker." I pointed at the floppy red rubber now lying on the floor. "See?"

He relaxed a little, and put away his gun. "Uh, listen," he began nervously. "I don't think I introduced myself properly. I'm Private Lavernius Tucker."

We shook hands. "Agent 11."

"What, you don't trust me to say your real name?"

"Should I?"

"Well, not now, I guess. But you should later."

I laughed. "Right."

He relaxed a little more, now seeing that I wasn't about to rip his head off. "Uh, well," he began uncomfortably. "I just… I think it's… I've got to say… I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it," I said. "It's a war, right? You're supposed to be on your guard."

He smiled faintly. "So, what are you doing here? I mean," he backtracked embarrassedly. "Why did you need to come here?"

I explained my mission for the third time that day, and Tucker's reaction was the same as Church's. "There's no way I can tell you anything," he said apologetically. "But you're just going to stay here anyway?"

"Yes. I have to," I replied. "What would I do if I came back to Command with no info?"

"That sucks. You're stuck here. With us."

"It won't be so bad, I don't think," I said. Then I added, "Once you guys stop getting on my nerves, of course." He laughed, and I decided it was his turn to answer questions. "Well, now that you know what I do, you should tell me your job here. What's your specialty?"

He smiled coyly. "I'm a doctor."


"A doctor of love! Certified Ph.D. of seductology and feminine charming. No chick can resist me!"

"Where are all these girls, Dr. Tucker? I don't see any hanging off of your charms..."

"Well, they would, if any did live here. I'm sure of that. Care to set up an appointment?"

"Nice try. I'll pass -- I'm strictly here on business."

"That's good, because love is my business!" I raised an eyebrow at him, and he pretended to be upset as he slumped toward the door.

"Well, I like real girls, anyway," he said teasingly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I protested, but he sped out the door, laughing.

"See ya, Agent Ells!" I heard from down the hall.

I rolled my eyes. "It's Agent 11!"