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Halo 4 screenplay/story new addition
Posted By: Spartan Shot<farfrompuken191@cs.com>
Date: 18 August 2009, 3:29 am

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OK some of you might have read this story before. I've posted at least twice with better updates. Recently I began listening to the music of Escape the Fate. A friend of mine pointed out that one of their songs, "This War is Ours" is about Halo. And he was right. The band admitted it was about Halo. I figured that if in Halo 2 they could use Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" at the part when you enter the Mausoleum of the Arbiter and the song tempts you to fight (it did for me! i was considering sitting the fight out like Cortana said but the song got me in the mood and i went it guns blazing)then maybe this will work. I pretty much made the scene when the song plays a narative to the lyrics themself. The story is the same but i've added an extra mission. ENJOY!

Exterior: Orbit of Unknown planet

The Master Chief awakens to Cortana's voice. She calls his name over and over until he fully awakens. He quickly shakes off the dreariness of the cryo-stasis. Cortana yells that they are being pulled into the gravity of an unknown planet. She says she detects many life forms on it.
The Master Chief quickly puts Cortana back into his head. He begins to pull himself along the wall as quickly as he can without gravity. He makes it to where The Dawn split when they passed through the portal. He sees the planet with his own eyes and notices it is covered with lights like that of a large city.
The Dawn begins to catch fire as it enters the planets atmosphere. The Chief notices many buildings on the way down and braces himself for impact. Cortana says:

" If we don't make it…..".

The Chief responds: " We'll make it."

Cortana replies, " I know. That's exactly what I'm worried about." .

She doesn't know what inhabits this planet. The Dawn crashes into what seems like a city square. It leaves a trail of smoke in its wake. Small hovering robots begin to surround the crash site. The Master Chief blacks out and faintly hears Johnson's words

"Crazy fool. Why do you always jump. One day you're gonna land on something as stubborn as you."

Exterior: Orbit of Planet Sanghelios

The Elite ship The Shadow of Intent comes out of Slipspace. The Arbiter jumps from his command seat. Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum says,

" I thought you said we had made it safe." with great disappointment.

The planet Sanghelios is under attack by a fleet of Brute ships. The Arbiter goes over to a communication array and tries to hail any other Elites.

"This is Arbiter Thel 'Vadamee someone please tell me what has happened here".

The voice of an Elite responds,

" Arbiter this is Commander Hemdadlee, please we need your assistance to liberate your state of Vadam from the control of the Brutes. We have complete control of the city but we need help to…….ARGHH"

the Elite lets out a scream and dies. The Arbiter takes this message over his home state with great seriousness. He rushes out of the bridge and says to Rtas 'Vadum,

"I leave this ship in your command. Aid the fleets of our brothers in anyway you can."

Rtas replies " By your word Arbiter." and salutes him.

The Arbiter makes his way through the halls of the great ship and rallies as many Elites as he can. He leads them to the pod launch facility. The Arbiter and twelve other Elites enter the pods and they are launched.
The pods are descending towards the planet's atmosphere. Three of the final pods collide with Brute ships and explode. The Arbiter's pod is ahead of the others. The speed of the pods increase as they each dodge the explosions of the Brute guns trying to hit them. They enter the atmosphere and fall towards a battlefield dotted with craters and heavy armor of both factions. The city of Vadam lies not far off in the distance. The pods land. The Arbiter bursts from his pod and draws his Energy sword in one hand and a plasma rife in the other.
This begins the first level which is entitled "Welcoming Party". The main objective of this level is to help the Elites in their final effort to liberate the Arbiter's home the city-state of Vadam.

Exterior: Planet Sanghelios, a barren battlefield in Vadam.

The Arbiter appraoches an Elite Zealot saluting him.

"Arbiter your timing is unmatched. The Brutes attacked without warning. Come I will lead you to our command center at Vadam Keep, your father will wish to see you".

The Arbiter replies," My father? Is he alright?".

The Zealot responds," Yes he has been leading the defense of your state and of neighboring states. Seeing you will bring him great relief."
The surviving Elites board Phantoms and go to the command center.

Interior: Elite command center at Vadam Keep, Vadam.

The Arbiter appraoches his father, Senc 'Vadamee. The two salute each other. Their pride stops them from hugging.

"Thel, seeing you is great relief to my old heart."

Senc 'Vadamee is an old Elite. He remains physically strong and wise. His skin is a lighter tint than that of a normal Elite and is a bit wrinkled around his eyes and mouth. This is due to his age. He is wearing the armor of an Elite Ultra.

"Father what has happened here?" asks the Arbiter.

Senc responds," A few weeks ago one of our ships came out of Slipspace just outside of orbit. The shipmaster went over the COMM channels saying that the Prophets had betrayed us and that the council had been murdered. He kept saying he was being pursued by a fleet of Brute ships and that we needed to prepare for battle. Moments later an armada of ships came out of Slipspace and began attacking. The Brutes lacked tactical skill and we beat much of them back. It was then that we received this message. It was being broadcasted to every Covenant planet."

Senc then goes over to a screen and plays the message. A Brute with grayish silver hair and a long braided beard, wearing gold ceremonial armor, and with an Elite skull on his right shoulder pad was standing in the control room of Delta Halo. He was standing by the corpse of the former Brute Chieftain Tartarus. The Brute then picks up Tartarus' Gravity Hammer, The Fist of Rukt and says

"My cousin lies dead here in Halo's control room. As his closest living relative, I Kronus now assume his duties as CHIEFTAIN OF THE BRUTES!".

Senc then turns the message off and begins to play another saying,

"We received this a few days ago."

This message shows the Brute Chieftan Kronus, this time wearing the majestic gold back piece only worn by the High Prophets.

"With The Hierarchs dead, the Lesser Prophets consumed in High Charity, and none of their race left to control the Covenant, I Kronus, Chieftain of the Brutes now proclaim myself, HIGH PROPHET OF STRENGTH!"

he says this as he puts a gold crown upon his head similar to that of the Prophets. Senc then says,

"After this, he arrived here with a fleet of ships from his home world. The ships are primitive and barbaric but very powerful. Our home fleets are doing the job of preventing them from glassing our planet."
The Arbiter then walks over to the screen and looks closer at the new Brute Prophet.

"We also received messages from the Grunts of Balaho and the Hunters of Te. A few Separatists who claim to have fought beside you on Halo are leading uprisings and have gained much support. They are doing this with ease since Kronus' crowning as a Prophet has angered many. They almost have total influence over their planets and wish to help but cannot do so without their full strength. The Brutes have sent ships to each planet to keep order but it they are having a hard time achieving it. If the Seperatists take their planets then maybe some of the ones fighting alongside the Brutes will help us" says Senc.
An elite at a radar type device calls Senc 'Vadamee over.

"Sir, Brute ships have breached the city limits, their raiding the outer city!"

Senc then goes over to the holo screen.

"They're going to try to breach our outer defenses so their main forces can hit us where it hurts. Ready the Phantoms and get these mongrels out of our city!" says Senc with great enthusiasm.

The other Elites let out a unified roar and get ready for battle. Senc then goes over to the Arbiter.

"Go with them son, ensure the safety of your home".

"As you wish father" said the Arbiter.

He then boards a Phantom which drops him in the northeast side of the outer city where he boards a Specter.
This begins the second level entitled "Patrol". The main objective of this level is to push the Brutes from Vadam's city limits.
The Arbiter then grabs the final Brute by the throat and slashes him with his energy sword. He then looks up and flies up a gravity lift into a Phantom to return to his father.

Interior: Medical Type Room, Unknown Planet.

Voices ring through the Master Chief's head as he sleeps. He cannot undersatnd what they are saying but he recognizes the voices as Captains Keyes, Sgt. Johnson, Dr. Halsey, Chief Mendez, and Cortana.
He then feels an extreme burning sensation throughout his entire body and wakes up screaming. He is not wearing his armor. The camera angle only sees his eyes when this happens. He screams and violently thrashes around but is restrained by straps on his bed. He then calms down and looks around the room. The only light is a glowing red bulb above his bed. The room is made of metal and has many indents in the walls which appear to be shelves. He realizes that his bed itself is slightly indented into the wall. The door opens and a blinding light pours in. A dark figure is standing in the doorway. A tall, bald, and lanky man walks in wearing dark blue clothes.

"Do not be afraid John. You are safe here" says the man.

"How do you know my name? Who are you……….. and where the hell am I?" angrily says the Chief.
The man walks closer to the Master Chief.

" I'm going to remove the restraints. You must be calm and do as I say, you are still partially infected".

"Infected? What do you mean?" says the Chief.

"Microscopic bits of the parasite have been living on your skin. We have been purging it for hours now. I apologize for the pain you had to suffer. It is the only way to completely destroy the parasite" said the man.

"Parasite? You mean the Flood? Wait what are you, you look like a human". The straps then snap off and the Chief sits up with his face shrouded in darkness.
The man takes a small pen like device and puts it on the Chief's arm. The Chief pushes him away and backs up.

"Please be calm, this is the last step of the sterilization procedure. Once I do this your body will be free from the parasite".
The Chief then moves back toward him cautiously. The man puts the device to his arm and presses a button. The device begins to glow green.

" There, your body is completely free from the parasite." says the man.

" You still haven't answered my question. What are you?"

"Well I doubt you have heard the true name of my race but according to your construct, you refer to my species as Forerunner".
The Chief rises and his face comes into the light. Thus the face of the legendary Master Chief is finally shown. His skin is pale. His eyes are green and he has a scar across his left eye. He has brown hair and a bushy flattop haircut.

" You're a Forerunner? I thought you were all dead. Wait you said Construct? You mean Cortana? Where is she? What have you done with her?" the Chief angrily asks.
The man types something on a hand held panel type device and says, " Come and see", he then activates a holographic projector on a table next to the Chief's bed. An image of the storage device that transported Cortana is being repaired by a Forerunner technician.

"She told us many things. She is how we know your name and how you got here. She was in very bad condition. We have been sterilizing her data of all Flood corrupted files".

The Chief looks at the image of the storage device. An image of Cortana then appears. She seems asleep.

" Even if you are doing me a favor, I still don't trust you" says the Chief.

The man then walks towards the door.

"I will prove you can trust me and my race. But first, you must go through a series of tests".

"What do you mean tests?" the Chief asks.

"Our treatment of the parasite may have affected your abilities. We have repaired your armor and cleansed it from any infections. You must donn it and run a series of courses in order for us to see if you have been cured" says the man.

Interior: Warehouse type room on Forerunner planet.

The Master Chief is wearing his armor. He puts on his helmet and receives a battle rifle from a small rack that has risen from the floor.

" We have recreated all of the weapons you are familiar with John. This course will determine if you are able to work at your full potential" says a voice over a loudspeaker.
This begins a level entitled "Proving Grounds". The objective here is to run the course and prove to the Forerunners that you are able to fight.
After the Chief has run the course he removes his helmet and faces a door. The Forerunner who he met before walks in.

" You have done well John. I don't think I have told you my name. I am Thanoo".

The Chief looks at him in disappointment and ,says

"This still doesn't prove I can trust you".

"Very well, but maybe this will. Follow me".

"How can I trust you when your Sentinels and Monitors nearly killed me" says the Chief.

"They are machines John, and as machines they followed protocol. Now please follow me" says Thanoo.

They walk out of the room and Thanoo begins to speak.

"You are not the first human we have come across John. Not too long ago we came across a ship. It was near the remnants of one of our Shield Worlds. The entire crew was in cryo sleep. Three of them had armor similar to yours. Soon after we discovered a human slightly infected by the parasite floating in a fallout device. Very recently, we have visited the remains of Destructive Array Installation 04 to explore what had happened there. We found many organisms infected by the parasite."

The two continue down a series of hallways with white shinning walls.

"More recently, we visited a Shield World that had been damaged in the war you wage with the other life forms. There we found a small group of humans trapped inside. Some are the same as you. They wear the same armor you do." said Thanoo.

The Chief then realizes what Thanoo just said,

" Wait, you said they "wear" the same armor I do?". The two stop at a door. Thanoo then opens it saying

" Yes, see for yourself".
The Master Chief looks into the room. He almost immediately recognizes most of the group gathered within. They all stand and look at him. One of them steps forward and says

"Hello Master Chief". It is Captain Keyes.

The Chief looks around the room and sees a few crew members of the Pillar of Autumn and the survivors of the Onyx incident. The Spartans of the group are all wearing Mark VI armor but no helmets.

" I can't believe it", tears form in the Chief's eyes, " this is so unreal. How? How is this possible?".

Thanoo then walks over to a group of humans the Chief does not recognize.
" These humans are the crew of a ship called The Spirit of Fire. We found them all in cryo stasis".

Professor Anders then says, "Well not all of us, Forge here had a little experience of his own".

"I remember hearing about your ship, you all just disappeared after a fight on Arcadia" said the Chief.

" Yeah, and we also stopped the Covenant from getting their hands on an unstoppable fleet of Forerunner ships" said Sgt. Forge.

" Forge here detonated my ships FTL reactor in the sun of the Shield World and destroyed it" said Captain Cutter.

The camera then shows the Spirit of Fire escaping the explosion of the Shield World.

" Before the explosion I found a small fallout shelter in the sun. Turns out I wasn't the only one in there. One of those parasite spores had caught me off guard and cut me. I managed to kill it but the damage was done. I suppose I should be grateful. That damn thing kept me alive out there for years before these guys found me and cleaned me up. The crew of The Spirit and I have been here for five years" said Forge.

The Master Chief then looked at Captain Keyes. He puts his hand on the Chief's shoulder and tells him everything is alright.

The Chief then looks at Kelly-087. She walks towards him and softly says, "It's good to see you again John". The Chief is speechless. He is in awe of the fact that he is not the only SPARTAN left. He then looks at the group and sees Fredric-104, Linda-058, Senior Chief Franklin Mendez, and Dr. Catherine Halsey. He also sees a team of SPARTAN-III 's.
Cortana then appears on a holographic projector.

" Well now, don't you have a pretty face" she says to the Chief.

The Chief walks over to the projector very quickly.

" Cortana! How you holding up?" asks the Chief.

"I'm doing just great. They wiped me clean of any Flood infections. They restored my data back to full strength. Hell they even upgraded me. Thanks to them, I won't think myself to death in a few years" says Cortana.

"They did the exact same thing to me".

The Chief looks at another holographic projector next to Captain Cutter.

"Chief, this is Serina. She is the A.I. for The Spirit of Fire. I guess you can call her my big sister" says Cortana.

"And thanks to the Forerunners, I'm just as advanced" says Serina.

"Don't get cocky Serina" replies Cortana.

"They even fight like sisters" says Professor Anders.

The Master Chief walks over to the group of Spartans that he was raised with. He starts hugging them and shaking the hands of Dr. Halsey and Senior Chief Mendez. Thanoo then softly says

" Well, I'm sure you all have much to talk about" as he exits. The camera follows him as he gives out a contented sigh.

Exterior: Phantom flying over Vadam Keep.

The Arbiter looks out the side of the Phantom as it lands at Vadam Keep. He exits it and makes his way inside. Senc 'Vadamee is standing at a screen watching a broadcast of the new Prophet of Strength. The Arbiter walks in and calls to his father.

"Arbiter good work defending the outer city. Look at this filth. He gives sermons as if he was one of the true Prophets. Listen…..".

Senc then presses a button, increasing the volume of the Prophets voice. He finishes speaking in Covenant language and starts speaking English.

"With this sermon complete, I now bid you, all of my brothers of the Covenant, strength in crushing this heresy. We shall capture the relics of this foul place and defend them from any further contamination by the Sangheili filth. Once we have done this we will eradicate them from the face of their planet. Oh, and I will personally see that their Arbiter is EXECUTED FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ARK, THE ASSASINATION OF THE PROPHET TRUTH AND FOR THE ASSASINATION OF CHIEFTAIN TARTARUS!!! ONCE WE ARE FINISHED HERE, WE WILL MAKE OUR WAY TO EARTH AND FEAST ON WHATEVER HUMAN SCUM REMAIN!!!"
Senc 'Vadamee then turns off the screen and says

"Once again, the stupidity of the Brutes will work to our advantage".

"What do you mean father?" asks the Arbiter.

"He just told us. He wants to capture the Forerunner artifacts of our planet. I can think of two that would be important enough to us that he would want" says Senc.

" The Plasma Ascenders of Cen-Hermil" says the Arbiter.

"Right! They bring us the plasma that leaks from beneath the planet's surface. He would try to take them in an attempt to cut our resources short. He will also want the power generators from The Temple of Glenclataem" says Senc.

"Of course. Not only does that temple hold deep religious significance to the Covenant, but the power generators within supply us with much energy for neighboring city-states" replies the Arbiter.

"If we loose that temple then those cities will fall and Kronus will have even more energy at his disposal" says Senc.
The Arbiter steps forward and says,

"We cannot leave Vadam undefended".

"No, we cannot. I will send strike forces to the two locations. We will lead them. You will go to Cen-Hermil. I will lead the team in securing the temple. Go Arbiter. Ready your team" says Senc.

" By your word father" says the Arbiter as he salutes Senc and exits.

Exterior: Field on Sanghelios.

Three Phantoms fly over the open fields escorted by two Vampires. Forerunner structures dot the fields. They are elevators that process and bring up the plasma that leaks within the caverns of the region. The Arbiter is riding in one of the Phantoms. He approaches the pilot of the one he is riding in and says,

" Land us near the central elevator".

The camera then shows a group of Brute Savage Gliders launching from behind the Phantoms. They fire on the Phantom to the left of the group. The two Vampires break off from the group and engage the gliders. The attack has forced the Phantoms to land early. The Phantom that was hit by the Savages lands last. Once it does, it is hit by Wraith mortar fire and explodes. The Elites in the remaining Phantoms exit them. The Arbiter draws his Energy Sword.
This begins a level entitled "Descend". The objective is to get to the plasma elevator, ride it into the caverns an secure them.
The Arbiter reaches the top of the elevator and watches a Vampire shoot down the final Savage. A Phantom lands and he walks towards it. As he does, Senc goes over the radio and says,

"Arbiter, hurry to the temple. We have a problem".

"What is it?" replies the Arbiter.

" No time. Just gather what troops you can and get here now" says Senc. The Arbiter boards the Phantom and it takes off.

Interior: Meeting room on Forerunner planet.

The Master Chief is in the room talking with the other humans. They have been talking for hours now and have been telling about their experiences in the war: The Spartan-III Project, the death of Kurt, being trapped in the Micro Dyson Sphere, Anders' capture and rescue, the destruction of the Forerunner fleet, the escape from the Shield World, and Halo . The Chief just finishes saying that the Elites have sided with the humans and the war is presumed over.

"Wait, so The Covenant have betrayed the Elites, and the Elites actually sided with us and helped us win the war?" asks Forge.

"Yeah, crazy I know but its true" says Cortana.

" It's unbelievable" says Captain Keyes.

" It's ridiculous, I mean they hated us with a bloody passion" says Forge.

" I know how you feel. I nearly killed the Arbiter when I first saw him. But, he and the other Elites helped us a lot. Without them, Earth would be gone" says the Chief.

The Chief gets out of his chair and walks over to Captain Keyes. He looks at the back of the captain's head where his neural implants should be.

"I don't understand" says the Chief.

"What?" says Keyes.

"It's just that after the way I got your neural implants, you shouldn't have a head" says the Chief. Captain Keyes looks at him in surprise. Thanoo then walks in and says

"Half of sterilizing Flood damaged tissue is replacing limbs and organs. A little of his DNA gave us all the intel we needed to recreate his brain".

"Amazing" said Cortana.

" We also recreated your armor and gave it to your friends, John" says Thanoo.

The Master Chief then looks at his fellow Spartans and realizes that they are all wearing Mark 6 armor.

"The armor and weapons were not the only things we recreated" says Thanoo.

"Oh yeah, these guys also made us an arsenal of all our old weapons" says Sgt. Forge.

"Why?" asks Cortana.

"Documenting purposes. We made them so we could see how they worked. Your friends kindly tested them for us" says Thanoo.

"Really?" asks the Chief.

" Yeah, every weapon and every vehicle. From sniper rifles to Grizzlies. Hell, they even made more ODST pods and gave the Spirit a more advanced FTL reactor" says Forge.

"I still can't believe the war's over" says Dr. Halsey.

A door opens. Another Forerunner walks in holding a hand held device.

" It's not" he says.

"Auknet?" says Thanoo.

"I'm afraid their war is not yet over" says Auknet.

"What do you mean?" asks Cortana.

"We picked up this signal. I'm afraid the creature in it bares grim news".

He then presses a button on the device which activates a screen in the room. The messages of the Prophet of Strength begin to play. After he says he wants to destroy what's left of humanity it shuts off.

"The sentinels on the planet he is on confirm it" says Auknet.

"Those monkey bastards" says Senior Chief Mendez.

There is a dead silence in the room.

" We have to help the Elites" says the Master Chief. Everyone looks at him.

"It's because of them that Cortana and I are alive right now and it's because of them Earth still exists. They helped us, now I think we better return the favor" says the Chief.

"Son, I understand how you feel, but the Elites are a strong race. They'll find a way to win. Our war is over" says Captain Keyes.

" I don't want to take that chance sir. I'm going" says the Chief.

" And I guess you're thinking of leaving without me. You left me behind once, you're not doing it again" Cortana says this with delight.

"Okay, you're coming with me" says the Chief.

"So are we" says Fredric-104. He steps forward with Kelly-087 and Linda-058.

"You're like a brother to us John and as a family we're gonna stick together" says Linda.

The three step to his side. Jerome-092 steps forward with Alice-130 and Douglas-042 at his side and says

"Before this is over I got a feeling you're gonna need every Spartan in the fight. We're with you".

The Spartan III 's step forward.

" We're with you too" says Tom.

They step to the side of the Chief.

" This is one hell of a team you got Master Chief" says Captain Cutter. He stands up and continues, "but it looks like you need a ship to get you where you need to go. The Spirit of Fire has enough left in her for one more voyage. My crew and I are behind you".

Sgt. Forge and Professor Anders stand at the sides of Captain Cutter as he says this. Senior Chief Mendez and Dr. Halsey stand up.

"We'll come along and assist in anyway we can" says Dr. Halsey.

Everyone in the room is standing but Captain Keyes. Everyone is looking at him.

" I guess there's no sense in being the only human on this planet. I think this is what my daughter would want. Besides, the last time I left you two alone I turned into a Flood. I'll do what I can to help" says Captain Keyes.

After saying this he stands. Everyone is proud with their decisions as the room stays silent. Serina breaks this silence by saying,

"Uh as confident as you all are, I don't think The Spirit of Fire will last long against an entire armada of Brute ships".

"No it won't. But I know what will" says Forge. He looks at Thanoo.

" Thanoo, those ships we destroyed on the Shield World, do you have any here?" asks Forge.

"Dreadnoughts? Not on this planet I'm afraid. But………….. there are some on Installation 02.…" says Thanoo.

"You mean another Halo?" asks Cortana.

"Yes, that is the closest construct to their world with Dreadnoughts on it" says Thanoo.

"There's a problem. I've tapped into your sentinels data on that world and according to them there are Covenant occupiers on that ring" says Serina.

"WHAT? The Covenant found another Halo ring?" yells Cortana.

"It would appear so" says Auknet as he checks his hand held device.

"Alright, this is more than about helping the Elites now. We have to go to Halo, stop the Brutes, and find those ships" says the Master Chief.

"We'll need the maps and data for this ring Thanoo. All we really need to do is get the Index. Then the Brutes won't be able to activate Halo" says Cortana.

"I will let you use our teleportation methods to get to the Installation as well as the planet more quickly. The gravity of the planet under attack is much stronger than you are used to. We will give you technology that will let you walk freely on its surface. I will also give you the data to control the Dreadnoughts" says Thanoo.

"Okay we have a plan. Ready The Spirit and lets get rolling" says Captain Cutter.

The next part is a sequence of the crew preparing to go and launching from the Forerunner world. The Spirit of Fire comes out of Slip space near Halo. It gets closer to the ring.

"O.K. we've made it. Chief ready your team, we're gonna drop you at the Library. Forge ready your team we're gonna drop you where Thanoo said those ships are. Be careful, the Brutes have forces in both areas" says Cutter.

The Master Chief, Kelly-087, Fredric-104, and Linda-058 board a Pelican which drops them at the Library.
This begins a level entitled "Repetition". The main objective is to find the Index before the Brutes. It is called "Repetition" because in almost all Halo games there is a level where you must find the Index.
The Master Chief takes the Index. Cortana says,

"I'll take that…" and it disappears in the Chiefs hands. Captain Keyes goes over the radio.

"Good work Master Chief. Sgt. Forge, have you secured those ships?" says Keyes.

"Negative sir, the Brutes have an entire army here. I've got men down. We need back-up now!" says Forge.

"Alright, Spartan teams are enroute to your position. Save their asses and secure those ships" says Mendez. The Chief and his team board a Pelican and make their way to Forge's position.

Exterior: Temple of Glenclataem. Planet Sanghelios.

The Arbiter is riding in a Phantom that is nearing the temple. It flies over the large barren field before passing over the massive gate that leads to the valley in which the temple lies. It passes over another smaller gate before turning within the narrow valley and passing over another gate that is the same size as the second.
It reaches the temple which is a small fortress all in itself. The Phantom drops the Arbiter in front of the temples main door then takes off. The Arbiter walks inside to see a group of Grunts standing within. He draws his Energy Sword and walks violently walks towards them. The Grunts scream and run away in fear. After they turn a corner, Senc "Vadamee stops them in their tracks.

"What are you running from?" he asks them. "Arbiter!" screams one of the Grunts and they all get behind Senc. The Arbiter turns a corner to see his father.

"Father what is happening here?" he asks.

"The Grunts and Hunters, they have finally given us their support" says Senc. The Arbiter looks at the Grunts cowering behind his father.

"Have they?" he asks as he turns off his sword.

" Yes, when Kronus crowned himself a Prophet they decided to join us. Some were sent from their home worlds to help us and some even snuck away from the Brute ranks" says Senc.

"This is good news, but what was so urgent that you made me rush here?" says the Arbiter.

"As anticipated, the Brutes are making their way here. Their army is massive" says Senc.

"We can easily defend this temple from the front gate" says the Arbiter.

"Yes we can defend our position from infantry, but my scouts report that they are sending Super Scarabs" says Senc.

"Are you sure?" asks the Arbiter.

"Yes" says Senc, "the attack is imminent, but there is a way we can at least weaken their forces. I'm sending you and a Special Operations team to sabotage some of their siege engines. You must also be aware of Grunt and Hunter Separatists within the camps. Many are remaining loyal to the Covenant so watch where you shoot. Go Arbiter, the team awaits you in the valley."

The Arbiter glares at the Grunts still cowering behind his father and returns outside to the valley and meets a group of Spec Ops Elites and Grunts. A Huragok is repairing a Phantom which hovers over them. The Arbiter shoos it away and the team boards the Phantom
The Phantom takes them to where the Brutes made camp not far from the temple. It drops them off at a distance from the camp so it is not seen. The Arbiter and his team make their way to the camps edge to begin their mission.

This begins a mission entitled "Sabotage". The main objective is to disable any Super Scarabs or normal Scarabs you come across. You must also help any Grunt and Hunter Separatists you see escape.
The Arbiter has disabled the last Super Scarab. As he walks to the extraction point, he sees a holographic projector activate. The Prophet of Strength appears on it.

"My brothers of The Covenant, we have once again fallen into the hands of salvation. One of my fleets has found another Halo ring! As we speak, they are securing this ring and retrieving its Sacred Icon. Once we have washed away the heretic filth of the Elites and annihilated the last of the humans, I shall light the sacred ring and cut a path into the divine beyond. We will take our places amongst the gods."

After the Arbiter has witnessed this he walks towards the Phantom which has just landed.

"Father" he says, "we have a problem."

"I know Arbiter. I saw it. No worrying now. He said he will light the ring once he has defeated us. But he will never defeat us. Return to me Arbiter, we must prepare for battle" says Senc.

Exterior: Battlefield on Halo.

Sgt. Forge is fighting alongside Douglas, Alice, and Jerome, as well as Team Katana. They are all taking cover behind a downed Pelican which was their only transport. A few dead marines surround them.

"Uh Captain, we could really use a little help here" says Forge. They are immensely outnumbered.

"Don't worry Sergeant, Spartan teams are enroute".

The camera quickly pulls back past a great battlefield. Hundreds of Dreadnoughts lie docked on their pillars in the background. The camera stops a good distance from Forge's position. Two Pelicans come into view. One is holding a Grizzly Tank. The other holds a GAUSS Warthog. They drop their cargo and land. The Master Chief, Linda, Fred, and Kelly come out of the Pelican that held the Warthog. Tom, Lucy, Ash, Mark, and Olivia come out of the Pelican that held the Grizzly. The Pelicans fly away. The Chief takes control of the Grizzly while the other Spartans take the Warthog. The Spartan-III 's ride on the Chief's Grizzly.
This begins a level entitled "Thermopylae II" . The objective here is to rescue Forge and his team. Once this is done, you must enter a Forerunner structure and defend it from the Brutes. It is called "Thermopylae II" because this small team, nearly all of which are Spartans, will hold off against countless Brutes.
The Spartans as well as Sgt. Forge are taking down many enemies, but ammo is running scarce.

"Spirit, we're running on our last mags. We need support now!" says Fred.

"Don't worry boys" says Mendez, " I'm inbound with air support."

Senior Chief Mendez arrives in a Vulture. He is accompanied by two other Vultures as well as five Hornets and six Hawks. The air units quickly take out all Covenant ground forces.
The team makes their way into the Forerunner structure which they fought like hell to defend. While inside structure the Chief puts Cortana into a panel which may activate the Dreadnoughts. It does. By using the data given to her by Thanoo, Cortana has taken control of the mighty fleet of Forerunner Dreadnoughts. The Master Chief puts Cortana back in his head. While walking through the halls trying to exit the structure, Kelly hears a noise.

"What's that sound?" she asks.

The rest of the team does not hear it. They stay silent, waiting for it to happen again. Forge hears it and quickly turns around and takes aim with his shotgun, but there is nothing there.

"What the hell is it. It sounds like someone's humming" he says.

Olivia looks up and sees a glowing light.

"What's that?" she asks.

"Oh crap" says Cortana.

Everyone looks to see a monitor floating. It is glowing white.

"Hello. I am 8635 Desperate Solitude. I am the Monitor of Installation 02" says the monitor.

"Everyone keep walking to the LZ, and don't listen to this thing" says Cortana.

"What is it?" asks Linda.

"It's trouble. One of these killed my friend and nearly killed us" says the Chief.

"Wait reclaimers, I can help you with these Dreadnoughts" says the monitor.

"Just get on the Pelican and lets get out of here" says Cortana.

Everyone boards the Pelican except for the Chief. Instead, he makes one of the pilots of the Hawks ride in it as he takes the Hawk. The Pelican takes off. The monitor follows it. The Dreadnoughts all are all launching as well. The Chief gets the Hawk airborne and follows the Pelican.

"I know what you're thinking Chief. Do it" says Cortana.

"I knew you'd agree" says the Chief. He locks on the monitor and fires. The monitor explodes in a single shot.

"Why'd you do that John?" asks Dr. Halsey.

"I just did all of us a favor" replies the Chief.

Exterior: First gate to The Temple of Glenclataem.

Senc 'Vadamee is on the front gate giving orders to his troops.

"I want you Elites using beam rifles to pick off any troops you can. Hunters use your fuel rod cannons to weaken their armor. Grunts, you use your fuel rod cannons and man the turrets. Remember, if any Scarabs come within weapons range do whatever you can to damage its main cannon. If this gate falls, fall back to the elevators and run to the second gate as fast as you can" he tells them.

A group of Phantoms then comes into view over the field. Senc then walks along the cliffside to a door at the end. He continued through the Forerunner structure to an elevator. The elevator took him to the ground floor where he exited the structure to met the Arbiter where the Phantoms dropped him.

"Did you weaken them Arbiter?" he asks.

"Yes father" replies the Arbiter, "I disabled many of their siege engines and rescued the Separatist forces within the camps.

"Well done" says Senc.

"Father" says the Arbiter, " they have found another Halo ring."

"I know, but we can only hope Kronus is true to his word. He plans to light the ring after we are dead, but we're not going to die now are we? We must focus on the task at hand" says Senc, " The Brutes will be here within the hour. We must hold the gate as long as possible. You know just as well as I do that it will fall, and when it does, we must be ready."

"How?" asks the Arbiter.

"One of the teams I sent to sabotage the enemy siege engines captured a Scarab. We will position it right here where we stand. In front of it will be a phalanx of Wraiths with Specters behind them to give additional fire. Once that gate falls we will use Shadows to transport our wounded and any other troops. The Scarab and the phalanx will have to hold long enough for our infantry to retreat."

"What of our air defenses, the Brutes will send air units over the gates" says the Arbiter.

"Our anti-air is limited, but it will have to hold. We only have four Vampires, six Phantoms, and twelve Banshees. In addition we have fuel rod cannons and turrets on the gate. We can only hope the Brute pilots are inexperienced" says Senc.

The voice of an Elite comes over the COMM channel.

"Commander, the Brutes are coming into view."

" So it begins" softly says Senc, "Alright get the Scarab and Wraiths into place! Turn up the gate's energy shield! And air units stand by for launch!" he yells.

"Arbiter get on that gate and command the troops."

"As you wish father" says the Arbiter.

"Be careful my son" replies Senc.

The Arbiter makes his way to the door in the cliffs. Before he reaches it, he is called by his father.

"Arbiter" he yells, "keep your blade ready. There will be much close-quarters combat in this battle."

The Arbiter nods and turns back to the door. He takes the elevator to the top and looks over the gate. He sees the massive force the Brutes have assembled as they near him. He only imagines what carnage would happen if the teams of Elites haven't disabled some of their siege engines.
The Brutes stop at a good two hundred meters from the gate. They howl and roar as they stop. In their army are countless infantry. They have many vehicles from their home planet as well as Covenant vehicles. In the front line there are four Loyalist Hunter Scarabs. Three Brute controlled Scarabs and one Super Scarab stands within the massive army. The Arbiter picks up a beam rifle.
This begins a level entitled "Besieged". There are two parts to this level. The first is to defend the gate from invading forces. Brute Predator drop ships will land troops on the cliff edges near the gate. The second part is to help hold the phalanx and fend off air units after the gate falls so the infantry can escape.
The Arbiter shoots down a Savage Glider. He is then hit by a Covenant Locust beam. He crashes his Vampire within the valley. He pushes himself from the wreckage and waves to a Shadow coming close to him. Another Elite backs up towards the Arbiter as he fires his Carbine rifle. He is hit with a Brute spike and falls. The Arbiter lifts him to his feet and returns fire with a Plasma Rifle. The Shadow pulls up next to the two. The Elite is hit with a plasma bolt and keels over. The Arbiter pushes him onto the Shadow's platform and then sits on it himself. The Shadow then dives away.
The Arbiter's Shadow nears the second gate when he hears a loud noise.

Exterior: Low Orbit of Planet Sanghelios.

The Spirit of Fire comes out of Slipspace followed by the fleet of Dreadnoughts.

"Serina, order the Dreadnoughts to engage the Covenant ships" yells Captain Cutter.

" Aye-aye sir" responds Serina.

"I've got a lock on the Prophet of Strength's signal" says Cortana, "I've also got one on the Arbiter's. They're very close to each other but it looks like the Arbiter's engaged in battle. Wait! No he's being backed into a valley, he's trapped. We have to help them."

"Helljumper incursion?" asks Captain Keyes.

"Roger, but we have to do it now. All Spartans and ODST 's ready for launch. Sgt. Forge load up a few Pelicans and follow them down" says Cortana.

"There's a very large Covenant presence down there. We should hit them with a carpet bomb or the MAC cannon" says Mendez.

"Negative sir, the Covenant ships are closing in on us fast. We need the MAC cannon and all fighters for the Spirit's defense" says Serina as the Master Chief and the other Spartans ready themselves within the pods.

"Pod launch in five" she says.

The ODST pods are launched. In them are the seven Spartan-II 's, the ten Spartan-III 's and ten ODST 's. They enter the atmosphere before the Brute ships have a chance to hit them.

Exterior: Planet Sanghelios. In front of the second gate to the Temple of Glenclataem.

The Arbiter looks up to see that the loud bang he heard was ODST pods entering the atmosphere. The twenty seven pods all land in the valley. The Master Chief's lands first. He bursts from his pod and draws an Assault Rifle. He looks to his left to see Douglas burst from his pod with a shotgun and Kelly from hers with two SMG 's. He then looks to his right to see two more pods land beside each other. Fred comes out of the first with a Spartan Laser and Mark from the second with a sniper rifle.
The Arbiter jumps off the Shadow and draws two Energy Swords. He runs to the pods which had all landed and goes to the side of the Master Chief.

" Spartan! How is this possible?" he asks.

"Long story" responds the Chief. The camera then zooms in on the Chief's faceplate.

This begins a level entitled "Rain of Fire". It is called this because of the ODST pods. You play as the Master Chief. The objective is to aid the Elites in defending the temple.
As hard as the battle is fought, the Brutes continue to overwhelm the Elites and humans. They retreat behind the third gate and wait for it to be breached. Kronus is sitting behind his army which has shrunk since the start of the battle. All that remains are several hundred infantry and vehicles including the Super Scarab which is the only Scarab left standing. It is to big to enter the valley so it sits in front of the remains of the first gate preventing any Elites from retreating.
High Prophet of Strength, Kronus has thought he has won. He lets out a low laugh. A powerful beam of energy then hits the side of the Super Scarab. The Scarab turns to the direction where it came from. It is hit in its main cannon by a second beam and explodes. The beams came from an Elite controlled Scarab sitting on top of a hill overlooking the battlefield. At its feet are over a hundred Wraiths, Locusts, Specters, and Ghosts. On top of the Scarab is Rtas 'Vadum.

"GO,GO,GO! HIT THEM NOW!" he yells while he continuously points to the Brutes.

Over fifty Seraph fighters fly over the Scarab and towards the Brute army. They drop plasma bombs which engulf every last Covenant life form.

"NO! IT CAN'T BE!" screams Kronus.

He lets out a vicious roar and runs to a Predator followed by his Chieftan guards. He enters the ship and leaves as the Elite reinforcements charge the first gate. The ship leaves the atmosphere. Kronus sees the fleet of the Dreadnoughts that are dominating his own fleet.

"The Fleet of The Ancients? How? Why are they attacking us?" he asks.

"Sir, reports from other ships are saying they came with the humans" says the Brute pilot.

"What? NO!" yells Kronus. He lets out a loud roar which makes the other Brutes flinch.

" Get to the strongest standing flagship! NOW!" he orders.

Meanwhile at the temple, Rtas "Vadum has just cleared the valley of all Covenant forces. He approaches the Arbiter.

"Arbiter, I hope I'm not too late" he says.

"You're just in time " says the Master Chief.

"Spartan, it's good to see you. I see you've brought friends" says Rtas.

As the Chief, the Arbiter, and Rtas continue to speak, Sgt. Forge sticks his head out of the Grizzly tank that he flew in with. He looks at the Arbiter and flashes back to when he put a knife into the last Arbiter's neck. He approaches them. He stands next to the Chief and silently stares at the Arbiter.

"Why do you stare?" asks the Arbiter.

"That armor, I've seen it before. I also drove an Energy Sword through it" says Sgt. Forge.

"What?" says the Arbiter, "You killed Ripa 'Moramee?"

"I guess I did" says Forge.

"Moramee was an incredible warrior. You must be a being to be reckoned with" says Rtas.

Senc 'Vadamee comes running towards the Arbiter and the Chief.

"Arbiter! What are you doing?"

"Talking of our victory with our allies" says the Arbiter.

"Our victory has not yet been won" says Senc.

"Kronus just fled from the planet."

"Yeah? Well he ain't gonna get far" says Forge.

"He's right" says Cortana, "we brought an entire fleet of Forerunner ships with us. There's no way they're leaving the system."

"If you say we have him trapped, then we must kill him" says Senc, "end this war once and for all. I want nothing more than to drive my blade into his hide."

"Agreed" says Cortana,

"Cortana to Cutter. Cortana to Cutter. Come in Cutter."

"Cortana this is Mendez. Cutter and the entire command crew are cut off. We've got a FUBAR situation up here on the Spirit. We've got Covenant boarders out the ass." says Mendez.

"Roger Mendez. Has Serina been able to destroy any capital ships orbiting planet?" asks Cortana.

"Negative Cortana. Last thing she said before going offline was that she was having trouble controlling the Forerunner ships and our security systems all at once. We really could use some help up here" says Mendez.

"Roger that Mendez we're on our way" says Cortana as the Chief and the other heroes board Pelicans.

Exterior: Spirit of Fire

Two Pelicans near The Spirit of Fire as a battle rages on. They each land in a hangar on the Spirit's aft section. Once they land, the Chief, the Arbiter, several other Elites, and all of the other SPARTANS exit the Pelicans.
This begins a mission entitled "Spirit of Fire". The objective is to secure The Spirit of Fire so Serina can disable Kronus' ship.
The hangar the Chief lands in is filled with dead and wounded Marines. The Chief, Fred, Kelly, Linda, Sgt. Forge, and the Arbiter all go through a door on the right side of the hangar as the Spartan-III's, Jerome, Douglas, Alice, and the Elites go through a door on the left.
The Chief and his team fight their way through several halls and are led by Forge to the barracks. Once they secure it, they meet Mendez. He explains that the Brutes have divided the forces within the Spirit in half by taking almost all of the ship's mid-section. Just as he finishes saying this, the team consisting of Jerome, Douglas, Alice, the Elites, and the Spartan-III's enter the barracks. They have just secured the ship's engine rooms. Forge devises a plan. He sends all the SPARTAN's to the airlocks on the top of the ship. He tells them to make their way across the Spirit's hull to an airlock on the its forward section. The terrain on this part of the mission would resemble that of the levels Cleansing and Repairs in Halo Wars. As the SPARTAN team did this, Forge, Mendez, the Arbiter, and the remaining Elites and Marines would hold the Brutes and start pushing them from the barracks.
Once the Chief and his team have made it back into the ship, they must fight their way to the control room. They reach it to find Captains Cutter and Keyes, Professor Anders, and Dr. Halsey desperately defending it alongside what is left of the command crew. The Chief arrives just in time. He sees Captain Keyes standing up against a wall shooting his pistol out a door.

"We have to find a better way !" says Keyes as he shoots.

A Marine standing on the other side of the door is shot down. His blood stains the ground at Keyes' feet. Keyes looks around to see several other Marines die. The Chief then goes to Keyes' side.

"You said something about our war being over sir?" says the Chief.

A Spike grenade goes off outside the door. The shrapnel is sent into the control room. The Chief looks at Keyes again.

"You were wrong sir. This war is ours" he says.

The Chief looks out the door and takes aim. This continues the mission. Once it begins the instrumentals from the song "This War is Ours" by Escape the Fate will play. Half way through the song it will fade out. This is like the part in Halo 2 when the Master Chief enters the Mausoleum of the Arbiter and the instrumentals to the song "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin are played.
The rest of the mission is to clear key parts of the ship from Brute control. The Chief then meets the Arbiter and Sgt. Forge in a hangar. A Phantom enters the hangar.

"Alright everyone, sorry for the inconvenience. You wouldn't believe how much attention the Forerunner ships need to be control" says Serina.

"I think I could've done it" says Cortana.

"Oh please, you would've short-circuited once the Brutes boarded" replies Serina.

"Cut the chatter ladies" says Cutter, "Serina have you disabled Kronus' capital ship?"

"Affirmative Captain. I've disabled the engines, weapons, and communications systems of the ship. He's not going anywhere" replies Serina

"A fish in a barrel" says Fred.

"Very good" says Senc 'Vadamee, " let us board his ship and finish the task. He will pay for his treachery."

The Master Chief, Fred, Linda, and Kelly board the Phantom and it takes off.

Exterior: Brute ship Orbiting Sanghelios.

The massive ship is completely surrounded by Elite and Forerunner ships. Phantoms close in on the Brute ship. Each contains a strike team. The Master Chief, Kelly, Fred, and Linda are Spartan Team One. Douglas, Alice, and Jerome are Red Team. The ten man Spartan-III team goes under the name of Team Saber. The Arbiter, Senc 'Vadamee, Rtas 'Vadum, and several other Elites go under the name of Team Guardian.
As the Phantoms close in on the ship, they separate to hit different entry points.

"How can we be sure that they won't self destruct once we land?" asks Tom.

" We can't. But I've already disabled their communications and radar systems. They won't know you're there" says Serina.

"Once we land you'll have to find a place to set me down Chief" says Cortana, "then I'll disable the self destruct."

"But why are we doing this? Why don't we just blow the damned thing up?" asks Ash.

"We have to be sure he's on the ship" says Senc, "besides, I want to watch him die."

The Phantom holding the Chief and his team then lands in a fighter bay. The bay is empty of all ships but there are several Brutes. They begin to fire on the Phantom. Spartan Team One exits their Phantom and the fight begins.
This begins a level entitled "Damnation". It is called this because the Prophet of Strength has damned himself. During this mission, Spartan Team one will have to find a place to set Cortana into the ship.
Team Saber will announce that they have found a place in the ships life support chamber but they are heavily outnumbered. Spartan Team One must find them and help them. Red Team will say that they have reached them but they are still outnumbered.
On you way to them Capt. Cutter will say that Serina is having trouble controlling the Forerunner ships. He says that she is rejecting many attack signals offered from them and she will soon loose control.
Once you reach Team Saber and Red Team, Chief Mendez will order that they fall back to The Spirit of Fire. After they are rescued, and Cortana is in the ship, they will fall back to an extraction point and leave . Guardian Team will announce that they are under fire.
On you're way to them the ship will rumble from fire from the Forerunner ships. You will meet up with the Arbiter and his father who have been separated from the group due to this. Rtas 'Vadum will say that they have the situation under control. Cortana will lead you to the ship's bridge where the Prophet is. Once there, you will meet up with Rtas and what is left of Team Guardian. Sgt. Forge goes over the COMM channels and says he as entered a fighter bay with a Pelican for evac.

The door to the bridge opens and the Prophet will be standing at the command station. He is guarded by seven Chieftains. He orders them to charge with their Gravity Hammers. The Elites will draw their Energy Swords and fight them.
The Arbiter, Senc, and the Chief enter the bridge as the fight continues behind them. The doors shuts once they are in. Kronus uses The Fist of Rukt to stun the Arbiter and the Chief. Senc then charges him with his sword. As he loads up for a swing, he says

"You will pay for your arrogance."

Kronus then stuns him with his hammer and holds him in place above the ground in a gravity field. He then says

"AND YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR LACK OF FAITH!" as he releases Senc from the field and sends him flying across the bridge with a mighty swing of his hammer.

As the Arbiter sees this he screams


He then rises and draws his swords, one in each hand.

"Arbiter" says Kronus, "I suppose I must thank you. With my cousin dead as well as the Prophet of Truth, I was able to control the Covenant."

"And you also destroyed it with your treachery" says the Arbiter as he slowly nears him.

"No matter. Soon my Brutes will activate Halo and I shall become A GOD!" says Kronus.

"I'd hate to break it to you, but that's not gonna happen" says the Chief as he gets up. "Where do you think we got that fleet of Forerunner ships?"

Cortana then appears on a pedestal near the Chief.

"And where do you think we got this?" she says as the Index appears in her hand.

The Prophet of Strength's eyes widen. He lets out a bloodshot roar.
"I WILL FEAST ON YOU!" he yells as an energy shield similar to that of Tartarus' appears on his body.

The Master Chief then spots a beam rifle on a weapons cache near a control panel. The ship then rumbles and a crack forms in the bridge, separating the Chief from the Arbiter and Kronus. He picks up the rifle and takes aim. Kronus charges the Arbiter and the final battle begins. This time you play as the Arbiter like at the end of Halo 2, but there is no three level arena to hide on and Kronus is much stronger due to all his armor. But, it works just the same. The Chief will lower the shields with a Beam Rifle and the Arbiter must hit him with his swords.

Interior: Bridge of Brute ship.

Kronus leaps into the air. He raises his hammer and is about to crush the Arbiter. The Master Chief then takes three shots with the Beam Rifle and lowers his shields. This makes Kronus hesitate. The Arbiter takes this opportunity and puts both of his swords into Kronus' gray hide. He uses the momentum of Kronus' leap and back flips with the blades still in him. He lands atop the brute and pulls his blades out.
The Arbiter stands over Kronus's limp body. The Master Chief jumps over the crack and approaches from behind him and stands at his side, looking down at the Prophet. The doors to the bridge then open up. Rtas 'Vadum is standing there with his sword. Next to him are Fred, Kelly, and Linda, all taking aim with their weapons. Body's of Brute Chieftains and Elites are behind them.
They then lower their weapons as Rtas shuts his sword down. Kronus then lets out a low laugh. His blood gargles in his throat. He laughs for about three seconds before the Arbiter raises his sword and drives it into the Brute's chest, silencing him for good. He then pulls the sword from the carcass and shuts it down. He looks at he Chief and says

"Were it so easy…."

The ship then rumbles violently. Serina will say she has lost control over the Forerunner ships and has no choice but to self destruct them. Capt. Cutter will approve this. The Master Chief and the Arbiter look out the bridge's main window and watch as The Spirit of Fire and all of the Elite ships fly away from the Forerunner ships. The Dreadnoughts then explode.
The Brute ship will rumble violently again, this time knocking the Chief and the Arbiter down. Cortana says that they are being pulled into the planet's gravity and need to get out. Forge will say that he is waiting in a fighter bay near by. Cortana then says that by the time they get there the ship will have crashed. She then tells everyone to make their way to Forge's position while she tries to guide the ship down. She looks at the Chief and tells him there is a place where he can retrieve her near the extraction point.

"I'm not leaving you behind again Cortana" he says.

"Trust me this will work John now get moving" replies Cortana.

The Master Chief and the Arbiter move towards the crack in the bridge. The Arbiter then stops and looks at his father's corpse. He goes over to it and just stares.

"Arbiter come. There is nothing we can do for him" says Rtas.

The Chief then jumps over the crack. His fellow Spartans grab him and pull him away from the gap. The Arbiter then looks back at his father. He has made up his mind. He grabs him and lifts him on his back.

"No Arbiter we have no time!" says Rtas.

The Arbiter then backs up and says "He is my father. There is always time." He then runs towards the gap and clears it with his father's corpse on his back.

This continues the level. You, as the Master Chief, must get to the fighter bay where Forge is waiting. On the way to the extraction point. Parts of the ship will explode. About half way there, Cortana will loose control and the ship willl crash. It is mostly in tact but Cortana says that its reactor is going critical. You must continue through the ship and get Cortana. Once you have retrieved her, you have to get to the fighter bay. Once there, Forge will be standing in front of the Pelican. The room is falling apart. An explosion sends shrapnel into Forge's leg and knocks him on his feet. Fred immediately picks him up and says

"There's no way your flying us outta here."

The Chief then runs into the cockpit while everyone else gets in the passenger bay. The doors close. You then must fly the Pelican out of the ships ruins. Once you are out of the ship, you must fly through a field while dodging debris of the Brute ship and the Forerunner ships.

Interior: Pelican cockpit flying away from the wreckage.

The Master Chief is piloting the Pelican over a field of debris. While in the passenger bay, the Arbiter gets out of his seat and looks out the back window. He winces at the light emitted from the massive Brute ship as it explodes. A huge cloud of dust is pushed away from the explosion and engulfs the entire field. The dust catches the Pelican and shakes it. The Arbiter goes into the cockpit and stands next to the Chief's pilot seat. They look at each other. The Arbiter then looks out the window and sees a large pillar of debris. He points to it and yells

"SPARTAN LOOK OUT!" The Chief immediately swerves out of the way. He gently lands the Pelican after this close call.
Captain Keyes is over the COMM channel.

"Master Chief are you there. Repeat, Master Chief are you there. John are you alive? Kelly, Linda, Fred is anyone down there?"

The Chief then pushes a button on the control panel in front of him and says

"This is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. We've finished the fight."

Exterior: Courtyard at Vadam Keep.

All are gathered around a funeral pyre within the courtyard as the sun sets. In the blaze is Senc 'Vadamee's corpse. The courtyard if filled. Many Elites are gathered as well as Grunts and Hunters. The command crew of The Spirit of Fire is gathered as well. Captains Cutter and Keyes stand next to each other. Cutter stands with his hat off. Chief Mendez, Dr. Halsey, Professor Anders, and Sgt. Forge stand side by side.
All the Spartans are gathered as well. Cortana whispers to them.

"I think you should loose the helmets. You know, out of respect."

The Chief looks at his fellow Spartans and nods. They all raise their hands to their helms. All of the Elites, Grunts, and Hunters anxiously watch as they are about to see the faces of the fabled soldiers that had given them hell so many years before. They all remove their helmets exposing their faces. The former Covenant species are all surprised. They were expecting something else but instead they see faces which look like normal humans. They are especially surprised at the Spartan-III 's who most of which are no older than fifteen.
The Arbiter is standing next to the Chief. He looks upon his face for the first time.

"It is strange" he says, "we all thought of you Spartans as demons and monsters when you are truly no different then any other human."

"Things like that can be strange. I'm sorry about your father" says the Chief.

"I thank you for coming to our aid. Even though we did not ask it" says the Arbiter as he offers a handshake.

The Chief shakes his hand and says "You're welcome."

The two stop shaking hands and look upon the pyre.

"If something like this ever happens again, can we count on your people for help?" asks the Arbiter.

"Can we count on yours?" asks the Chief.
The two look upon the pyre and remain silent for a few moments.

"This alliance….it will last" says the Arbiter.

"Your right……. It will" says the Chief.

The camera then goes aerial above the courtyard and slowly zooms out.